This is a 15.6 inches USBC full HD portable monitor that has two speakers inside they are built in each is one Watt. It has a very reflective screen, but its very smooth – and one thing that I really liked about it – is that the edges or the frame itself around the monitor does not stand out. So you will not get any dust or anything stuck in between as we open the box. We see that we get a USBC cable, two sides. This is a main cable and we get a user manual. I find it helpful because um it might be a little tricky in the beginning to know how to control the brightness and stuff reading. The manual is really helpful. We get an HDMI cable to a mini or micro HDMI on the other side, and this is the side that goes inside the monitor the other side goes inside your laptop or your TV or whatever youre, trying to connect. Here we have the charging, I mean its a power cable, its not really charging, and we also get a USB a brick charging brick inside this box um. I will not be talking much during this video Im just trying to show you what the monitor itself looks like what comes in the books and were also going to turn it on and connect it to. My laptop were going to play some music in it so that we can test the speakers as well.

You will see how reflective it can be. Sometimes I didnt find it a big problem myself, just because I have it on most the time and I dont use it outside that.