C journey is well actually python for windows, e and i’m don’t have at all experience with python. I’Ve done only very basic things uh, but i installed it and i think interesting is to go through the installation folder to see what we have there here. So in email. There are a lot of libraries here for parsing. You know data and so on, yeah, and if you go to encodings same you get a lot of code pages here, so you should be able to run. This was before unicode was privacy that this was from 2004. So, basically, you can support almost all the most usual character sets and you even get like mac, iceland and mac relic and so on tom os. So you are very good to go um in regards to running python. You know scripts or software written for different platforms and dealing with different platforms. Hotshot. I don’t know what that is in lib. You get the application right and the dll is quite big for a windows c. The application 1.17 megabytes is humongous in a device that has four devices that usually had eight to 32 megs of memory, um leap old, then you get, you know, grep create directory and so on. If you go to lib tk or there’s, a dialog create or your color chooser, so i think you can create yeah. I think sdk applications with you know some rudimentary interfaces. Some logging folder here in xml, some parses, oh expert huh, and you get.

I don’t know what it is, but you have an xml reader here and if you go to dom i don’t know what this is and down. Here you get another socket to work with the register, probably base http server, so you can probably run a http server in python cgi server. Here the compile all uh library dll, you can create threads get tested. The glob gopher see some time types, let’s see posix application again and there’s a copy of the same folder here, which is kind of crap, because it’s no using storage for nothing the readme file let’s see if i can open it somehow. So i can associate ah because it’s just a plain file, can i duplicate it: okay, i’m gon na move it to the desktop Music. Readme.Txt let’s open it with word so we’ve got a pocket. Word let’s open it here, so use the source provided by dave, cartier and click to view the windows c 2000 and used power pc apis, some window, resize don’t work, it doesn’t view doing 32 and basically what doesn’t work yeah. So in the name of the developer, his email let’s see Music setup register. Probably it finishes the installation. Okay, double clicking python files will work, no idea if, but we can try. Anyway, again, i have no experience, but it seems that we have a lot of libraries for comparative zip file with a medium thing, so let’s just go to bin.

We have a bin folder there’s, a lib folder let’s go here, let’s run it from here. So let’s go ahead, find python. So when you load it, you get the python version when it was built and the version and the platform yeah. So let me make the screen a bit darker, so you can read and let’s write help because i don’t know what else to do help. So you should load. Some interactive helpless is going to work um. I just got another. So first i’m using python, should take the tutorial through Laughter, so let’s see modules for the available modules should i do help modules? Well, as i said, i have no experience with python, but there you go. You have an idea of what i can try to do to test this.