It does come with a little instruction pamphlet here. That is quite helpful. The first thing youre going to want to do is charge it up. There is a charging port right here. It comes with a USB cable, it does not have a wall plug, so you will need that and then this switch here is your on and off button. So youre just going to want to depress that okay, so there are several modes here, so Im going to go through them one at a time. So the first thing you have here is just a 50 that shows one out of 50., so it has 50 equations that the children are going to go through. So you have your 8 minus five, so theyll put in three and then the okay great and then the eight minus six lets say they missed this one. So well say: eight minus six equals three. So that shows you the little buzz that they uh, that it was incorrect and then the correct number will flash so now well move forward. So you just push this little return here to move on to the next equation. Im sorry youre going to push it! Okay, pardon me so now seven minus one equals six great. One plus eight lets say well, say seven now, youll see once again it had the buzzing and then it flashes the correct number, which is nine. So you have those uh thats. Your first um function there, and then you have all of these up here, so lets go through some of those.

So this first one here you have games. So let me go ahead and press the number, so this is basically memorization, so it flashes a set of numbers and then they uh well go ahead and put in what they remember all right so and there is a little timer a 50 a little timer up Here now I wasnt paying attention. So I honestly dont remember what those numbers were so lets. Do this and Ill show you what happens when youre wrong, so it tells you to move forward press ok. So now we have the numbers again. So once again, nine six, eight great all right. So now we can move on to the next game. Okay, so now you have your digits and you have the time going and I didnt do it press? Okay, so I didnt do it soon enough, which obviously would have been number two, so the largest number is number eight great. Please find the largest number out great. Please find the smallest number out Bingo, please find the largest number all right, so you just go back and forth there. So lets go on to the next. Please observe and draw the pattern of numbers. What is the next number? So now you have a pattern of numbers, so we can see and theres a timer going so two plus seven equals nine plus seven equals 16. So 16 plus 7 is 23. press okay to start over, but I didnt get it quick enough because I was explaining.

So lets do it one more time serve and draw the pattern of numbers. What is the next number, so you have three five, seven, which is two five: seven nine please observe and draw the pattern of numbers. What is the next number, so you can see, itd be two plus four. Six plus four is ten. Plus four is fourteen. There you go, please observe and draw the pattern of numbers. Lets go forward here: strategies, one plus zero equals one. One plus one equals two. So this is just gon na go through for you and just keep going through three subtraction strategy. Now we have subtraction one multiply and it goes through again. Now we have the remembering the numbers. Now you have. These sponge uh function buttons here Marathon. So this is a number comparison, so four minus 3 in that equation, we know, is one which is less than four so youre going to push your appropriate buttons here, which that would be less than four. So we have 8 minus one, we know is seven, which is greater than one so were going to push the greater than sign right. Okay, so we have two digit question and subtraction. Now we have a little bit harder, um basic math here all right, so you have all of those function buttons so thats this side. Now, on this side, youve got a little drawing board and theres a little pencil right here that comes out of this slot.

Here. On the back, all right, so you can draw, you can write equations on here for them, if you want to, or they can even use it just as a drawing pad, so you can draw or you can do three plus three equals and you can ask them What that means – or they can take the pencil if theyre able to at this point, if theyre old enough and write that in there and then you have a button down here. So this is your actually right. Here is your erase button? Okay, but if you want to lock the screen so that it cannot be erased, you can go ahead once again and if you press this button its going to freeze that so it wont erase. So once again you just push that button there and push that button to erase or lock it. That is about it, lots of great features here, great teaching tool. I would definitely recommend this and I hope the review was helpful thanks.