Like this guy uses a middle finger, you will enter the pc mode and you can fully take advantage of the inner screen and that’s. The new feature that i haven’t seen on other foldable phones. Interessante, hey what’s up, sami here it’s. Finalmente, here please see ted and i will be showing you the first re unboxing of xiaomi’s, first foldable phone, the mini mix fold. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please consider subscribing because we are always the fastest one from china doing this kind of interesting tech, unboxings and reviews in english. The mixed fold adopts this folding box design. You have to unfold to open it isn’t that fantastic. The first thing you see when you open the box, there is one card that has xiaomi ceo legends, determination and signature. It says on the road to innovation, i will keep investing keep trying keep making breakthroughs, keep giving with this phone for free. If you subscribe, let’s just keep unboxing and that’s the phone. Do you want to hear some noise Applause anyway for the phone it adopts, the classic xiaomi design, which is on the right side? It has a power key and a volume key long price to power on where we are waiting for the initiating for other accessories. The midfold has is a usb type c, Cabo, a phone case and a 67 watt fast charging adapter, sim, Isto é. Basicamente, what box has so about the phone? My first impression is yes, it’s heavy.

It weighs a staggering 317 grams and the total thickness is 17.2 Milímetros. Basicamente, two phones. There we unfold it’s 7.62 millimeter for each set and both sides have exactly the same thickness. Just like huawei’s mate x2, it has an inner and outer screen at the same folding design. Xiaomi says the display is able to withstand being folded two hundred thousand times. If i fold one hundred thousand times a day, then i will break you need two days yeah. Just kidding the inner screen is an 8.01 polegada, 4×3 oled panel with 2480 de 1816 resolução, a standard display brightness of 600 Lêndeas 900 peak and support for dolby vision. Hdr. One thing i really like about this mix fold is the inner screen is a complete screen. Without any cutouts also, the bezel is slightly protruding for screen protection and now about the crease. I will just let you see in different angles. From my view, it’s yeah obvious, but acceptable. Wonderful phone doesn’t have crease you’re, not rollable phones. Além disso, i found you cannot fold in an angle like a huawei. You either fold it or unfold it completely. Agora, let’s take a look at our screen. Our screen is 6.52 polegadas com um 9 hertz reference rate it’s an amoled panel with 840 de 25 20 pixel resolution, really nothing normal aspect ratio. You can also see a selfie camera here, Isto é, basically the design. What do you guys think about it? You like it? Let me know in the comment section not about some: just you can choose.

One of the interesting gestures is the pc mode. You swap with three fingers. It will enter the pc mode under this mode. You will fully take an advantage of 8.01 inch in your screen and it looks like a windows pc desktop. You see the start apps here right, you open in the drag apps like how you would do on a tablet. You can also open much apps at the same time and if you use the stand to support the mixed fold on the desk and you use the keyboard, then a mini pc is born the same gesture to exit and you are back to your familiar mobile phone Interface, the pc mode is a new feature that i really like to be honest, for the gestures is basically the same as your mobile phone for other horror respects. It supports a qualcomm snapdragon 808 paired with 12 gigs or 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigs or 512 gigs of storage battery capacity is 5 000 20 milliamp. Hmm says the 67 world fast charging system should get you the full charge in 37 minutos. As for the camera that this reminds you of the me 10 archer, especially the upper 30 times zoom lens here anyway, the mix fold is the world’s. Primeiro, liquid lens technology in the telephoto camera it’s made out of a flexible film filled with transparent liquid. It can change its shape, just like the lens in the human eye, thanks to the precision motor.

This allows it to adjust its optical magnification ratio from 3 times to 30 vezes. The lens has a minimum focus distance of just three centimeters, which allows it to photograph. Far away objects and take macro shots for the specific specs i just list on the screen. Xiaomi is also making big claims about the mimic’s folds or the capabilities with four harman kardon tuned speakers, and what the company describes as 3d. Panoramic sound let’s check it out. Music last for the pricing and the availability we just put to the description. You can check it out all right, Isto é. The video huge thanks to my content partners, eva’s tech life and kojido hua from chen i’m the only channel to be authorized for translation of the videos. If you see any other similar footage like this video and other channels. Please forward to me, and i will start copyright drug to you too thanks for watching.