Good sound quality with a real surround sound the fit is not that comfortable due to the big leathery pads, but overall it’s good it’s recommended for those who are looking for affordable, yet good quality, Muito bom, looking headphones, sound quality is great. Microphone sounds good for people. On the other end, i ended up liking the continuous changing colors of the sides, rather than the rainbow they shoe in the photo very comfortable as well. My kids and i love this headset it’s, really nice it’s loud and it looks really awesome in the dark. The microphone works great and is clear. I really recommend this item. I see nothing bad about it even comes with an adapter. My kids want another set tilde pro comfortable over the air, cushion audio quality, no audio lag cons, poor packaging microphone, muffled usb is for led power only. I have mixed feelings about this headset. There are some goods and there are some bads when this headset arrived. I am surprised that it was shipped directly i, the box was damaged slightly during shipping and terry snow security ceiling tape. So there is no way for me to verify if it was used, se não, but after opening it again not in a sealed bag, but at least it looks new. The first thing that caught my attention is how big this thing is, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it’s over the ear design, the cushion is high quality and it is very comfortable to wear.

The sound quality is also amazing for listening to music. Isso é perfeito.. I always listen to music at work. This reminded me of the headphone i used in the media studio in college now for the microphone. I gave it the ultimate test by trying to record a song with it using a karaoke app. Infelizmente, i had a false start: my phone has no aux input, so i used a usb otg adapter. This is no good found out the hard way that the usb is only for led power. There is no audio interface built in that’s disappointing. Bem, at least the leds look cool, so i switched to the tablet with a normal audio jack. It works with no lag. Infelizmente, the microphone recorded quality is no good, is sound, harsh and muffled. In conclusion, este é um 30 headset. It offers a lot at that price point with decent sound quality and very high quality over the year cushion the microphone is a little disappointing, but it’s not like. I am going to use it to record music for real Music. I got this and a game card for my techie nephew as gifts foreign, his birthday. He has been a fan of video games since he was three and said this is one of the better gaming headsets. He has had clear, audio and voice also blocks out the background noise really. Bem. I like this headset for gaming. The voice clarity is excellent. The wire is braided, so if it gets pulled, it still, won’t break.

It comes with a very long cord. The mic goes in and out, if you don’t want to use it, it has usb plus mic and speaker connection it only lights up with usb connection. I love these headphones. Not only do they have awesome, rgb lighting on the side that you can turn off and on with the control, but they are very comfy. The large ear cuffs make for a pleasant listening experience when listening to music and the built in noise cancellation works perfectly for zoom or microsoft teams meeting, both of which i have been in far too many of due to the pandemic. It connects via usb or the microphone slash, headphone ports and the retractable microphone was a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend these headphones for anyone, as they are especially great for the price. I recommend this gaming, headset, professional and quality sound. It provides the ear pads are good cushion.