Então, na verdade,, this art i have done for a friend of mine and the purpose of itis that my friend needs to gift it to another friend of hers from college. So actually they their concept is to have a bit of a fantasy and a little bit of magic inside this cartoon. So usually, when i do a cartoon, i take two of these people’s uh actual photographs, and i try to sketch it on a piece of paper. In my sketch pad so for this one, i have done a sketch like this and also like this, so i had to do uh several sketches till i satisfy myself that this is going to be the final uh. The final uh sketch that i’m going to draw on krita so after finalizing the sketch, i have scan it and put it to my computer and use krita to draw on top of it. So the importance of this video is that i wanted to share my experience in vk 1200, because for this commission art i have used wiki 1200. My new pen template. So this is like my third commission art that i have done using wiki 1200. So this is the vk 1200. So if you have gone to my youtube channel kalatistra youtube channel, you can see that there are several videos and reviews i have done on weekend. 1200. So since i have been um using this for quite some time, i thought of doing a small uh experience sharing video with this.

So and beside this you can see the speed art i did for the commission as well. So the first thing is, Eu sinto, very comfortable in using vk 200 Music now Music. If you have seen my previous videos on vx30 pen tablet, i have seen that there are several buttons on the left side of the pen tablet, but i’ve never used it because i’m so used to the keyboard, shortcuts and mouse, but in vk 1200. The importance is, this is a display tablet and all these keys are very useful for me, Música, so even i’m surprised for myself the way that i’m, using these keys so often so all the necessary uh keys and short cards. I have assigned to these six keys, especially the undo key and the brush sizes key and hand tool and move tool, and also zoom in and zoom out. So these are very useful, so i’m hardly use the computer keyboard or the mouse. Now i always try to use these six keys and it’s actually working for me very well, Música. The other most important thing is the pen, so this is the pen that i got for vk 1200. I also got another pen like this and few nibs, so this is the first name that i’ve used from the beginning and after about three commission knots, this uh pen is still the same like this, so it didn’t wear off and i didn’t want to use another Nib for this pen, so actually the grip and the feel of the pen is really good and it’s really easy for me to draw on the pen tablet screen.

There are two buttons which i can allocate another two more shortcut keys, so this actually comes really handy for me, when i do the commission, arts Music do Music, so i hope you have enjoyed the speed art that i’ve done for my friend, so i hope that She will like this very much and also her friends would love this uh. So i hope to do some more videos on my commission art, because there are some nice uh commissions that i got to do so there’s all that lined up so i’m planning to do some speed arts uh for you to enjoy.