Now this is what i like to call as the successor of the voyager pro that was available in 2018. So i like to call it the voyager pro 2. mas é. It is officially called the voyager pro plus on the sides. You got some of the specs here, que é um 7 polegada. Multi touch display 1024 de 600 resolução, andróide 10, the go edition. É claro. It won’t have anything besides the go edition if it has less than three gigs of ram for android 10, so this does have two gigs of ram, which does sound pretty low, but for the price it’s, Nada mau. Quero dizer, claro, we’re going to test it out and see how it is 60 gigs of internal storage with microsd card expandable, um front camera. I wonder if there’s a rear camera, because they never mention that at all anywhere uh battery life is up to six hours. É claro, we’ll see how that is. É., probably not gon na be six and it’s compatible with google play there’s, really nothing else around the box here just want to let you know that this is a specific model number. If you want to pause right now and take a look at that, i got ta say: rca has had their packaging pretty much about the same since i first tried them, which was back in 2013, so seven years of seeing the same stuff but hey i like It simple i don’t, want anything too complicated got the user guide here, uh the charging cable, which is still a dc port.

Infelizmente, your dc cable. I wish they had usb c at this point, because a lot of tablets do this thing is like thick, but nice and small, easy to carry in one hand, not heavy either. I mean it’s a seven inch, so that’s what you can expect. I believe it’s a little over one inch thick and actually the tablet can be detached from this completely uh. Let me just got ta lift these up on top and it comes off. But one thing you should keep note is just be a little careful when you’re taking it out. Otherwise you might scrape the top like. I did here or i wonder if it was like that before but anyways we have the camera on top here now on the sides. We’Ve got a power button, 3.5, Milímetro, Auscultadores, jack micro, usb port dc port volume, keys and behind that is the micro sd card slot uh and then on back. Here is the speaker, and this looks similar to the previous years. Mas, de novo., a lot of the changes are internal and this does come with a screen protector, that’s pre installed on here on the bottom. You see the four magnet pins to attach and detach with the keyboard out of the box there’s a little over 11 gigs available or free 11.61 gigabytes free to be exact. Agora, that’s gon na go a little lower once you update all your apps, but nonetheless it seems like a decent amount out of 16 that they give youand one thing i noticed here is the keyboard seems pretty responsive i’m, just typing a bunch of random stuff.

Here back then uh back in the old days, i like to say like just even two three years ago, when you type uh, there is a bit of a delay, especially when you backspace. There was like a second delay and whatnot, and that was tolerable. Like many years ago, but now it’s not, but luckily this one does not have that problem. It seems pretty fluid and responsive and there is feedback when i press on this so that’s nice. It is a small keyboard, though not for uh adults really, but for more so for kids, maybe even teenagers. The screen itself here is fine. It doesn’t get bright enough to use outside in sunlight. o 10 24 de 600 display is totally fine, and unfortunately, this has a tft screen is what it seems like um. If you’ve been following me, you know that i hate tft screens they’re just awful, and that in and of itself is a deal breaker. When i say tft screens i mean that it gets too bright on one side or it’s too dark on the other, except when it’s two in one like this one and other tablets. The reason why that’s tolerable and, claro, depending on the viewing angle, is because, when you’re staring at the at the tablet or the two in one, you don’t really notice that issue much so that’s. Por quê? I give that give two and ones a pass like this? Um em que, but if it was just the tablet alone, i’d be like no, this isn’t worth it.

I kind of just probably even end the video around here but anyways it’s tolerable. Por isso, depending on your viewing angle, you won’t notice this issue and unfortunately this doesn’t go back too far, but it goes back. I guess a normal amount. I mean this is how far back you can go. So this is what the camera is like. É., nothing impressive, um, it’s tolerable for a video call it’s going to look better in daylight, especially the frame rate, but this is kind of what you can expect for it. Nothing special. So videos can go up to 720p on youtube, which is all right to see and the speaker is tinny on the back. The loudness is kind of what you can expect if you’ve had a 50 tablet years ago, or maybe in the last six or seven years. It kind of sounds the same besides that. I do also want to mention that this does not have any multitasking features, because it’s, because it’s running android go and android go is like the lighter version of android, so you won’t see any multitasking and if you’re watching a video and you um, you know when You go on the home button on android 10 Dispositivos. Normally the video will there will be a mini player that comes up. I don’t know if you heard me, but there will be a mini player that normally comes up that’s, not going to happen on here because of android 10 ir.

One good thing, Embora, is that performance seems to be pretty decent. You know just doing the basic tasks like just navigating around youtube: it was pretty pretty decent and on here just uh online. Looking through some articles, i didn’t really notice too much delays or too much lag on the antutu benchmark or not antutu, but this is geekbench here. It got some uh, pretty low scores here, único núcleo 72 multi core scores is 248. I think this might be the lowest i’ve seen but that’s, because i haven’t tested out a tablet around this price range. So there is that, but of course performance is the most important thing and just going into device here you can see some of the specs here. It’S running an arm mt 8167b cross cpu and the gpu is a power vr. Rogue ge, 8300, first came out. Checking out here is angry birds: 2.. This isn’t really graphic demanding or anything like that, but this is to show you that it’s going to work pretty much fine. I do notice some frame rate drops and maybe even hiccups here and there, but it’s not enough to affect your gameplay performance. I mean i’ll. Do one more here just so you can see uh overall to me it seems pretty decent. ó, i didn’t even get him uh, but that’s fine let’s, try again all right there. You go next game here is guardian tales and it seems to be working pretty well.

I do notice some just a bit of slow downs here and there, mas nada muito louco. That impacts game performance. I mean this is a 2d game, so can’t really expect. ó, no well, as you saw before the laptop just died out. I had it on for too long. I left it on for left it on overnight for like two nights, i think so i guess that’s what would happen never charged. It once either way. Uh next game here is runescape the old school runescape and it seems to be running fine, even the game before that which was guardian tales. I was just saying that i would expect 2d games to run fine for the most part, even low end 3d games like this. Maybe this is the limit. Finalmente, on roblox i’m checking out this um one game mode, Eu sou, not sure exactly which one it is uh. So far this seems acceptable. Surpreendentemente, it seems a little more acceptable than usual. There are some hiccups and stutters. I it is debatable whether or not that this is playable uh, like i said in my previous videos, if you’ve seen them, i don’t know what to do. Neste vídeo, besides just run around a little bit, i guess you can walk too, but you can see how it is. I know some game modes in roblox are like more demanding, so i guess it might not be playable in those aspects. Um yeah, i don’t, know really what to test out in roblox, mas no geral, going back to everything.

I think this is a decent choice for the price it’s at and being the cheapest two in one currently. As of at the time of this video, this makes it worthwhile for the price because, like i said it seems like a great gift to give to someone leave luck.