They come in a brown recycled, cardboard box with minimal packaging. They have the serial number and details on the outside of the box and they come with windows, 10, pro better warranty and some it friendly security and configuration options that are different to what you can get on a surface pro at retail. But this new surface, pró 7 plus is a business model, upgrade only the existing surface. Pró 7 will stay in retail stores, at least for now that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it. You just have to find a surface commercial reseller to buy it from, and there are plenty of those around just like us here in australia. What’S new in the box might not impress the average retail shopper, Embora, but it sure has some big implications for microsoft’s business and government customers. Em primeiro lugar, there’s lte advanced available as an option on the i5 models of the pro 7 mais. At last, we have an intel powered surface pro with lte. Again i loved the surface pro 2017 lte. It was so handy to have an always on connection on such a mobile work anywhere device now granted. This is not a 5g device, but lte advanced is way faster than the average broadband connection, at least here in australia, so it’s plenty fast enough for video calls streaming and keeping your files in sync for reference, the surface pro 7 plus uses the qualcomm snapdragon x20 Modem that has a peak download speed of 1.

2 megabits per second and 150 meg upload, so it’s no slouch back in 2017. We used to travel a lot and having that fast, always on lte connection, was a huge mobility advantage and hopefully, within the life cycle of this device, we might get back to being mobile again. But even if we don’t it’ll be a great backup for working from home, the surface pro 7 plus lte version comes with a physical sim slot and an estimate which you can use to get online pretty much anywhere in the world. And since it has an esim, the surface pro can be automatically assigned a data plan by your it department, without them ever seeing or touching the device it’s worth noting that the sim card slot on the pro 7 lte model replaces the micro sd card slot. It’S unlikely to be a major problem for business customers, but you could always use a usba to microsd adapter if you needed to get around it, and that leads me to the second feature that might not impress the average retail shopper but has huge implications for microsoft’s Business and government customers a removable ssd over the last six years. I’Ve worked with many organizations that have significant surface pro fleets in the government sector. The surface pro could be problematic due to the fact that you couldn’t open it up and remove components like the ssd one very important, australian federal government agency that i worked with had to destroy every single faulty surface pro that they had because they couldn’t send them Off site for repair it was incredibly wasteful and unfortunately, they ended up having to use another device.

But this simple little hatch could put the surface pro back in the hands of a customer like that, because the i.t department can now make sure that sensitive data never leaves the building. Para além de que, little hatch on the back you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference between the surface pro 7 e o profissional 7 mais. The screen is the same size as other bezels. The touchscreen and digitizer have been compressed and upgraded, Embora, to save some space internally leaving room for a slightly bigger 50 bateria hora watt, but the inclusion of the usb a port seems to dictate that the overall chassis design remains the same, maybe they’ll. Finalmente, let the usb a port go on the pro 8. Who knows the lack of chassis changes is good news for business customers, Embora, since pens, keyboards and docs will remain compatible and interchangeable with the pro 7 and earlier models going all the way back to the pro 4. internally, Embora, things have changed a bit, the motherboard Has been flipped over to accommodate that removable ssd and there is a new and improved thermal cooling system, there’s also 11th generation intel core processors. There are i3 i5 and i7 options. The i7 model can now come with 32 gig of ram up from 16.. Microsoft are claiming double the performance with these new chips and significantly better battery life. The previous model tended to struggle a little bit under the load of back to back teams, calls with screen sharing and things like that.

So much of what we do these days, thanks to that inefficient, electron app framework that sits underneath teams, so a little bit more performance would be a very good thing for what we’re doing these days and of course, the pro 7 mais, like its predecessors, comes with The same exceptional quality webcam and the dual mic setup. So if performance on a video call can match that of the arm, powered pro x, we’ll all be very happy. Also like its predecessors. The pro 7 plus will charge in around 2 hours flat and it will charge to 80 in under 1 Hora. It can also be charged with industry standard pd charging over usbc, which is super handy, so that’s the new surface, pró 7 plus for business.