We all know what a strange and difficult year 2020 has been, but it’s also been a year for technology to shine and become a huge part of how us humans connected now that the year is almost over. I thought i’d take the opportunity to talk about the tech gadgets that i acquired in 2020 and what role each of them played in my life, all of the gadgets mentioned, will be down in the description below and make sure to stick around to the end. Because i’m, giving away a chromecast with google tv to one of your lucky people let’s get into it, é, no secret that the lenovo chromebook duet has been one of the most exciting tablets to come out this year, but it’s not just any tablet. É., a chrome os tablet: this means you can run a full chrome browser on it as well as pwas and android apps. This is by far my favorite device to consume media Music. Another thing that makes to do it even better is its support of usi stylist technology, which i take full advantage of using the lenovo usi pen. This pen aids me with no taking and creative tasks that require a bit more precision than what a mouse pointer can offer. But when i need to immerse myself in a project, i prefer a more traditional laptop form factor, and for this i have chosen the pixelbook. Go just like the duet, the pixelbook go, runs on chrome os and has support for android, apps and linux.

This is my main production machine Music, no entanto, as good as the keyboard on the pixel will go is when it comes to being productive. I much prefer to use a full size, teclado e mouse. This is why i’ve chosen the logitech k580 keyboard and m355 mouse combo. They pair up with all my chrome devices perfectly without any lag and are very comfortable to use Music speaking of productivity. As a video creator, i’ve learned that having expanded storage is extremely important. Those videos and rough cuts take up a lot of space to expand the storage space on my pixel will go. I use the sandisk extreme one terabyte solid state external drive. It is super light and portable, not to mention fast. I edit and store my videos directly on it Music. When editing video, i like to immerse myself in the process, especially since there is music and or voiceovers involved to make sure i am not disturbed by what’s happening around me. I use the sony wh ch710n wireless noise cancelling over the ear headphones sure these are not premium quality like the very popular sony m4s, but if you’re on a budget, these cost almost 200 less and do the trick just fine. Agora, when i started this channel, i began by filming straight from my phone. Contudo, i quickly realized. I wanted my footage to have a more professional look as a beginner. The sony zv1 20.1 megapixel digital camera is perfect. Para mim.

I have learned little by little how to take better videos with it and its convenient point and shoot size allows me to easily take it with me anywhere. I want Music when i don’t have it with me, Embora. My google pixel 4a serves as my camera because, como eles dizem, the best camera is the one you always have with you and in that case it’s always going to be my trusty pixel. The pixel 4a is the most budget friendly price out of the entire pixel lineup this year, and i mainly chose it because i needed to go back to using a fingerprint reader now that we’ve introduced masks into our daily lives and needed something that, if i drop It by accident, i knew it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace Music, but what is having a smartphone and all this tech, para, if you don’t, have good wi fi. I recently replaced my wi fi router, with a google nest. Mesh router and i don’t think i can ever look back now. My house has coverage in every corner and i appreciate how conveniently i can manage all my router settings directly from the google home app Music. One of the nicest surprises we’ve gotten from google this year is the release of the chromecast with google tv, the next generation of chromecast devices, which sports a brand new ui and a remote control. I have one of these and all the tvs in my home it’s.

Very intuitive and the recommendations powered by google ai are always on point. As promised i’m giving away a chromecast with google tv to one of you, all you have to do to enter is go to the link right there and submit your entries.