? O GS66 está disponível em diferentes configurações. Meu modelo tem um 8 Intel sobreclock do núcleo, cpu i9 10980HK Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Max Q, graphics and 32gb of memory running in dual channel so expect different results with different specs.. You can find updated prices for this and other specs linked in the description. O ar vem de baixo, in through the vents above the keyboard and is exhausted out of the left and right sides towards the back and rear left and right. Corners. Dentro há 7 heatpipes in total 2 shared between the CPU and GPU, com 3 fans., The MSI Dragon Center software lets you select different performance modes which, do mais baixo para o mais alto, são silenciosos, desempenho equilibrado e extremo.. Only extreme performance lets you enable coolerboost, which sets the fan to maximum speed.. It also applies a GPU overclock, which can further be adjusted here too, but Ive tested with the default overclock.. The fans can be customized a bit in the user mode.. I also need to note that undervolting was disabled. In my unit the option was greyed out in the latest version of XTU and Throttlestop didnt work likely as a mitigation to the plundervolt vulnerability.. You can also quickly set the fan speed to maximum by pressing the function and F8 keys. As térmicas foram testadas com um 21 grau Celsius. Sala ambiente, temperatura. Resultados ociosos para baixo. The bottom were on the warmer side, but no real issue with that. Worst case stress tests were done with the Aida64 CPU stress test, com CPU apenas verificado e o benchmark Heaven em configurações máximas.

Ao mesmo tempo e o jogo foi testado com Watch Dogs 2. Como eu acho que para usar uma boa combinação de processador e gráficos. Ill start off by noting that the CPU was thermal throttling at 95 graus Celsius, which we can see happening in just under half of these worst case tests., The GPU was thermal throttling when it Was at 86 graus, but this only happened with silent mode enabled which, as youll hear soon runs the fans very quiet. So thats, expected., Balanced and extreme modes are the same from a temperature perspective. Then enabling coolerboost mode offers some improvement and removes thermal throttling.. I also tested the stress test with the lid closed and the temperatures didnt rise up too much higher, so even under heavy load that should be ok.. The cooling pad only helped improve temperatures a little in the stress tests, but offered a larger improvement while gaming.. Estas são as velocidades médias do relógio durante a execução dos mesmos testes.. Tenha em mente. This is an 8 CPU núcleo. So the fact that we can surpass 4GHz and approach 4.2GHz is quite impressive. When you consider I cant undervolt. The speeds in silent mode arent as low as other laptops, Testado ive, so gaming with quieter fans may be possible, well check a game. Shortly., Balanced and extreme modes performed basically the same for the CPU. Contudo, the GPU does see a clock speed bump due to the overclock extreme mode. Applies. Performance improves with coolerboost enabled, as thermal throttling was the limit, and this removed it and closing the lid didnt have too much of a negative effect.

. These are the average power levels from the same tests.. Despite Intel, XTU reporting the PL1 as 65 watts at all setting levels. I found the power limit. Would dynamically change over time based on the temperatures. Fora do modo silencioso? o 2080 Super Max Q had no issues running at its 80 limite de watt. Contudo, considering the GPU was fairly cool outside of silent mode, como vimos anteriormente, perhaps a 90 watt option for Extreme mode could have been possible. With cooler boost, enabled and the thermal throttling removed power limit throttling was the next limitation. Contudo, I couldnt adjust this with XTU, as mentioned it seemed to be dynamically controlling itself, regardless of what was set.. I didnt even bother attempting manual overclocking as MSI already set the all core turbo boost speed of the i9 10980HK to 5.3GHz., Given best case in my tests we reached 4.2GHz on all cores, which is still a good result. Theres no point modifying this.. I think this is a good move for the most part, its just one, less restriction on the CPU.. If thermals and power limit allow, it will just clock higher if possible. Vamos realmente ver como os jogos se comportam com essas diferentes configurações. Testei Shadow of the Tomb Raider com a maior predefinição de configuração usando a ferramenta de benchmark de jogos. With silent mode down the bottom. The results are still pretty decent. Like we saw earlier, there was still alright CPU performance there. So gaming with the fans quieter is possible, though I will note.

After a while, the WASD keys started, getting quite warm.. Extreme mode sees a 5 FPS boost over balanced, as it applies a GPU overclock. Then the higher fan speed raises things up further. Contudo, I didnt find the cooling pad to help further in this specific game.. If you want to see more gaming benchmarks from the GS66 check the card in the top right, onde eu testei 21 jogos em tudo, definindo níveis. Agora vamos dar uma olhada em uma CPU. Apenas carga de trabalho com a GPU ociosa. Here are the clock speeds while running the Aida64 CPU stress test with all the default options. Checked. Higher speeds are possible as higher power limits are being hit as we step up to higher performance. Modos. Mais potência é igual a mais calor. Contudo, with the GS66, the fans get louder as we increase through these modes, so we actually see a small reduction as we boost performance.. This is why workloads in silent mode perform better than many other laptops. So as long as youre fine with higher temperatures, you can certainly run with lower fan. Velocidades. Here are some Cinebench results to give you an idea of CPU only performance when the GPU is idle. Modo silencioso, wasnt too far behind the others and balanced and extreme were basically the same matching. What weve seen previously., Enabling coolerboost only improved the multicore score by 2.6 Heres, how the GS66 stacks up against other 8 core laptops, Ive tested in the past.

, Its close to the 9th gen 9880H for multicore in a similar sized chassis. Although the higher single core speed of the 10th gen i9 gives it a better single core score., O Ryzen 9 4900HS is outperforming the 10980HK in the GS66, despite being in a thinner and smaller 14 Máquina. Caso contrário, the reason the 10th gen i9 is behind. So many of the other i9s comes down to power and thermal limits of the specific machine, its placed in.. Quanto às temperaturas externas, onde você vai realmente estar colocando as mãos em ocioso, it was in the mid 30s. So a little warmer than many other laptops, Testado ive, mas sem problemas. Com os testes de estresse funcionando no modo silencioso, the center was actually hot to the touch. In balanced mode. Its performing better and also cooler in the center. Agora, due to higher fan, Velocidade. Extreme mode seemed the same as balanced, o que faz sentido, given it performed equivalently. With cooler boost mode. The wrist rests actually felt cool. Now they were warm before, but not hot and the middle was now only warm. Contudo, as we'll hear now, the fan is quite loud to achieve this.. The fans were only just audible in silent mode, but they would spin up ever so slightly from time to time., With the stress tests in the same silent mode, its still on the quieter side.. Both balanced and extreme modes were about the same, which explains why the performance in these modes was basically the same and then coolerboost is about 10 decibels louder and is quite loud.

. Although max fan speed is loud. I see this as an advantage. Rather than being locked to a lower fan, speed and being forced to run hotter. The user at least has the choice, and there is some basic fan control available. So it should be possible to find a mix of noise and thermals that works for you., Considering that the GS66 is just under 2cm thick and is paired with the top end i9 10980HK and RTX 2080 Super max Q. Graphics in the configuration were looking at here. Im pretty impressed with the results, especially when you remember that undervolting is locked. Its a shame about the lack of undervolting, but so far thats been the case for 5 10th gen laptops. So far., Not only were we hitting good clock speeds, the exterior of the machine in extreme mode was fairly cool and even more so with coolerboost enabled. Contudo, as we heard it does get quite loud at maximum.. This is important to note most laptops that have all metal bodies conduct the heat, much easier than plastic and usually feel warmer, but that was less noticeable here, especially with higher fan speeds. Fora do modo silencioso. The GPU was running cooler than I expected. I guess because its capped to 80 Watts. Im guessing MSI didnt go with 90 Watts, even if the GPU would be fine as it would contribute more heat into the shared heatpipes and, as we saw CPU thermals were the key limitation in most tests.

, Apesar do estrangulamento térmico. Being hit simply enabling coolerboost mode was enough to remove it without any further changes, even in these worst case stress tests, though a cooling pad was able to help further. For gaming. The task the GS66 is advertised for honestly, most people probably wont even notice a difference between the i9 here or the i7 model, which will be cheaper and presumably be easier to cool.. Essas diferenças no desempenho mostradas não são regras duras e rápidas. Existem diferentes fatores que variam resultados, principalmente a temperatura da sala, seu executando em aplicação de pasta térmica, e até mesmo o hardware específico que se resume à loteria de silício.. Pode ser possível melhorar ainda mais as temperaturas trocando a pasta térmica. Contudo, como esta é uma unidade de revisão que eu tenho que enviar de volta Eu não sou capaz de mudar a pasta, Caso contrário, o próximo revisor vai, sem saber, relatar resultados diferentes. Devido ao que eu fiz.. Let me know what you thought about the thermals from the MSI GS66 gaming laptop down in the comments and if youre new to the channel youll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming full review to see everything.