So just how well does it run in games? Testado ive 21 different games at all settings and compared it against some other laptops to find out and Ive also got a little give away more on that later in the video.. Ive got the highest end GE66 here, but it is available with different specs. Você pode encontrar exemplos e preços atualizados vinculados na descrição., The MSI Dragon Center software lets you select between different performance modes. Ive used the highest performance mode with coolerboost enabled which maxes the fan speed for best results.. The software also lets you disable optimus, which will give us a performance boost. Contudo, theres no G Sync. By default Max Q, Dynamic Boost, is enabled meaning the GPU can boost higher when the CPU doesnt need the power I was seeing up to 105 Watts.. Bem, só estar cobrindo o desempenho dos jogos neste vídeo, so if youre new then get subscribed for the upcoming thermal testing and full review, Vídeos. Let's start out by going through all 21 games at all setting levels then afterwards well see how other laptops compare. Testado ive. The new Marvel Avengers game as its been getting a lot of attention, lately. Its still in BETA, so the performance will probably improve over what were seeing here.. The performance would also vary a fair bit based on what character youre playing. As in my testing near the start of the game, there are plenty of explosions and various effects which may explain the 1 lows either way, though it was still definitely very playable, which youd expect.

With this level of hardware. Morto-vermelho, Redenção 2 was tested using the games built in benchmark tool and its close to 60 FPS em configurações ultra, which is a very good result for a laptop most mid range options are in the 40 range for comparison.. Campo de batalha 5 foi testado em modo de campanha, and the performance at ultra settings is one of the best Ive ever seen from any gaming laptop well see how other laptops compare in this game and others a bit later. O controle foi testado com e sem RTX ativado. Ive got The results with RTX off in purple RTX on in the green bars, which was much worse but still fairly, playable, em seguida, RTX on com DLSS ativado, como mostrado pelas barras vermelhas, que estava correndo muito melhor, while also looking good. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested With the built in benchmark and again, some of the best results Ive ever seen out of any gaming laptop but well see how other laptops compare in this title. Logo. Apex Legends foi testado com todas as configurações no máximo ou todas as configurações nos menores valores possíveis. As it doesnt have predefined setting presets. Minimum settings was getting use out of the 300Hz screen and it was still running well. Maxed, fora. Obrigação. Modern Warfare foi testado no modo de campanha com configurações max ou min pela mesma razão, the difference isnt as big between the levels here, but its still running around 100 FPS com configurações máximas.

Fortnite, was tested with the replay feature and medium settings were getting higher Average FPS than the screens refresh rate while low settings would push even the 1 low near this and, claro, no issues playing at max. Configurações. CSGO foi testado com o benchmark fps ulletical, and this game sees big improvements with optimus disabled compared to other laptops that are stuck with it. 500 FPS at minimum settings is an extremely good result for a laptop. Dota 2 wasnt much different compared to far lower specced laptops, so lets keep on moving. Overwatch é outro jogo menos exigente e foi testado na faixa de treino. Sem problemas atingindo o 300 FPS frame cap between low and high settings. Rainbow Six Siege foi testado com o benchmark embutido usando Vulkan. There wasnt much difference in average FPS between high and ultra settings.. Entretanto, the averages at medium and below would better utilize. The 300Hz display. Metro Exodus foi testado usando o benchmark embutido. A maioria das partes do jogo tem um desempenho justo melhor do que isso, so dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game, its more of a worst case.. A Divisão. 2 também foi testado com o benchmark embutido.. Near 100. Fps at ultra is a very good result for a laptop, though not too surprising, given the other results. Weve seen so far. Monster Hunter World was tested running through the main town, and I had no issues with the highest setting preset.

It felt quite smooth and the 1 low wasnt that far behind the average, which is always good to see., Borderlands 3, was tested using the games built in benchmark and once more great results from a gaming. Laptop generally, I think making it to 60 FPS at max is a good result here, but were passing that no problems with this one. Ghost Recon Breakpoint também foi testado com a ferramenta de benchmark. Novamente, excellent results for this test, its another where 60 FPS at ultimate is considered quite good. Assassinos. Creed, Odyssey is another that was tested with the games, benchmark Im, getting sick of saying it, but great results again easily surpassing 60 FPS maxed out.. O Witcher 3 was playing fine at ultra settings and although we can improve frame rate, a fair bit by stepping down from ultra to high settings over 100 FPS maxed out is a great result.. F1 2019 was tested with the benchmark tool and sees similar behaviour, while minimum settings would push us closer to the screens refresh rate., Far Cry New Dawn also tested with the games benchmark. Good results again from our 21st game 100 FPS at max is hard to achieve. Para um laptop. Now lets take a look at how the GE66, com essas especificações, compares against other laptops use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers. No Campo de Batalha 5 Ive got the GE66 highlighted in red. Its giving A great result when, compared to others beating the thicker GE75, with higher wattage non max q, graphics below it, which would be a result of the faster DDR4, 3200 memory and option of disabling optimus.

Were only seeing better results with even larger machines, with desktop tier processors. Inside., Estes são os resultados de Far Cry 5 com configurações ultra no embutido em benchmark. Novamente, the GE66 is doing extremely well here, actually offering the best 1 lows out of all laptops shown here and again, not far behind the much chunkier and more expensive options. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark tool and again, the GE66 is in the same position in relation to the other machines tested near the top, and only behind the thicker more expensive, Opções.. Novamente, the fact that its ahead of the GE75, which is thicker and has a higher wattage GPU, really goes to show the benefits of being able to disable optimus.. Global, the gaming performance from MSIs GE66 is excellent, though this is the highest specced version of it, but even with lower specs Id still expect it to stack up well against others with similar hardware based on what were seeing here.. The combination of faster memory, option of disabling optimus and Max Q dynamic boost allows this thing to run very well in games.. Here are the screen response time results for the 1080p 300Hz screen in my unit., The average grey to grey response. Time was 7.4ms, so not too bad, but not ideal to get the most out of a 300Hz panel.. When we look at how it compares against others, the ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 uses the same panel but has faster response time, and this is because that one lets you enable overdrive.

Other MSI laptops offer this, but the GE66 does not, which is why? Its not also around 3ms. Tudo bem, now for the give away, MSI have sent over three loot boxes for me to give out., As these need to be shipped to winners. This competition will only be open to my Australian viewers.. Details on entering can be found on my Twitter page in the pinned, tweet theres a link to it in the video description. So good luck if you enter.