So then i can finally use it and it also come with three cases: Não é. If you liked the video drop a like and subscribe to more content, let’s get into it all right, let’s get this unboxing all right. Então, on the top we got the tablet itself nicely: a porter got a nice weight to it. It’S quite thin. Muito bom. Put that to the side for a second. What else have we got all right, so we’ve got charging wire, which is usbc, got plug usb a plug it’s five volts and two amps, a 10 watt charging might take a little bit of time to charge, but it should last quite a while let’s pull in That side, this side we’ve got micro, usb usb a i’m guessing. Isto é, for the charging, duck simple instructions, but we don’t need them. This is the charging dock that’s, quite nice and sleek. Eu gosto disso, is it micro, usb yeah, so the charging dots micro usb, if you can see that it’s got a nice little channel for uh excess wire. If you happen to know the appeal tab there we go. sim, Isto é, impressionante, sleek and then we’ve got a free case with it as well. So we’ll unbox that as well it’s. Quite a nice feeling case. It feels pretty sturdy. Oh we’ve got screen protector in there as well and cleaning cloth and some foam yeah it’s got a hard back plastic back. God stand it up, Isto é.

Quite nice, it’s kind of like a almost a levery, but quite grippy feeling tablet itself. That looks nice it’s. Quite a decent sized screen, so we’ve got volume buttons, that’ll, be power. Sim there’ll be microphones, one speaker usb c for charging that’s for the dock, fone de ouvido. Second speaker, metal design, narrow bezels 10.3 polegada, full hd display octa core chip and 5 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rear let’s turn it on. So this was a christmas present from my girlfriend’s mom and dad for both of us, but obviously i thought why not do a video on it so quickly go through this setup it’s a very nice screen, because it will have some sort of update. Espero, de qualquer maneira, it doesn’t look like it’s got any updates. Yet uh we’ll put this as a fresh tablet. Eu acho, because we’re both going to be using it, sir all right logged into google proof that it’s christmas day, Está bem, so you can enable raise to wake so we’ll. Try that why not open in that’s just a pin for now all right let’s do me face that’s it first recognition set up. This tablet does emphasize, unlike uh google assistant as well, especially when you’ve got it docked yeah, or do that. That should already be set up as well yep. It is a very nice screen. It’S got dolby atmos as well. It’S gon na be an up and down scrolling i’ll. Just give it a second to update and get itself ready, just while it’s updating, Eu acho, Tecnicamente, they should give you two plugs.

I know you do. You are going to generally use the charging station or the dock to charge it but realistic. You should have two plugs one for a charger, then one for the docking station, Está bem. So just a few very quick first impressions um seems pretty snappy, no fairness. Everything is fairly quick back loads pictures, quick that’s, not on full wi fi, either so yeah, no zaps, Rápido, i’m quite impressed considering, is well. Acho que foi. 180 pound that’s not too bad to be fair, então isso é, just quick. Primeiras impressões, uh let’s, have a quick look on the dock. I don’t know how what angle it’s going to quite be at, but i think you can set it so it comes up with, like all your photos, and it apparently uses google assistant as well what’s on the dock. If we lock it, i think it’s called ambient mode or something like that. Okey, Google, all right so that’s the ambient mood. Turning on to exit swipe down from the top okay got it so it’s a complete tablet as well and not tablet: yeah yeah smart homes like a google nest screen as well. At the same time you tap it, so it can turn on turn kitchen light off. Get your light on. I think we have only got smart lights in three rooms. I know actually i’ve got the dining room as well, so i don’t know i’ll never mess around with anywhere, but google turn the kitchen light on, got it.

Turning on kitchen light, will it then go back? Do we have to do that manually because that’s not ideal? If you do yeah, it looks like you did. Oh sim, it looks alright, ah there’s, the other lights. Oh so it’s got every light individually and it’s got also got the thermostat. What is that actually set to uh we’re gon na have to get the nest up for that i’ll, Google, him yeah! That was just my quick first impressions uh. Obrigado por assistir. If you liked the video drop a like on, -, drop more content like this subscribe and if you full review will be coming up soon.