It is a convertible type like we can use it as both the tab or type of laptop as well. So i am very excited so when we usually buy a new gadget like a new mobile or a laptop, so the first touch is a great touch, so i’m very excited now to open my lenovo laptop. It is a customized laptop, por isso é. I would give a description how i added and customized laptop. This is particularly designed for us, and this is active, lenovo digital pin and i would like to prefer a digital pen. So i opted this type of laptop in the flex. 5 14 inch type, and since it is customizable, you can opt your type of charger as well. I opted for a two pin type round pin and you can opt for a type c charger as well. In the description, i will give the link how you order a customized laptop. It took around close to three weeks to reach the laptop. Usually they mentioned seven to eight weeks to get a customized laptop. I got it in three months andand here comes this beautiful, shiny, Maravilhoso, minúsculo, laptop and the manuals usually, i will just have a first look and then keep it, and where does it go even i don’t know so i usually play and learn the actual gadgets Than working with the manuals, so in case, if you like to learn and play and then work with the laptop, you can use this manual, and i opted for an extended warranty of two years than the usual one year.

It comes with triple nine, and that is also added to the customized and it’s overall, a very good packing, Eu diria que, como ele, has come to the destiny with the complete patch, so the shiny laptop now has a very comparatively thin than the one i earlier Had so, i would see like the packages delivered the purpose and it was a wonderful packing as overall now the windows comes embedded with the motherboard itself and you can opt for the type of os, so it comes pre installed the screen protector and the keypad protector Came with this, so you could see the printing of the ipad flexpay and the barcode to have the lenovo service and the touchpad, and also the fingerprint sensor are the side speakers. Eu diria que, the fingerprint center comes as a customized and also the type of processor. You can customize, i opted for i5, it is available with i3 and i10 as well. You can select it and also as a privacy shutter to the webcam, so that is also customized in the customized one. We get it in the option. I am not sure in the normal once we get it so i’m, just searching for this power on button. So so usually the laptops come with charged, but i have to charge this for the first time to make use of it. I’Ll jump into the usage section. Now so i’m the first switch on. So i would wait for the booting time, so you could see like once it switch ons.

It has a beautiful white glow in the button. So since it has not come with the charge, so i have to plug and play so i would say like so keep on configuring, so so one by one. I gave all the details so finally and high key okay, that’s fantastic. So meanwhile, while it gets started since it takes some minutes, i would take you through the other, so this digital pin is one of the most important reason i’ve opted for this, so i would just configure this pin and we’ll just attach the batteries to them. So i will just uhi have not seen the manual so i’m just struggling to find like we have to keep the batteries in so first time i’m going to use a digital type of pin and most of the times with the galaxy notes. Samsung galaxy note: we get the pin attached. I haven’t used that type, so this is the first time i’m going to use a active pin in the tablet. Desculpa, of course the laptop so here comes so i’m ready with the pin. eu sou, i couldn’t wait to try out in the screen of the laptop it’s like. Entretanto, this configuration has done so since it has a touch screen now, this mouse click and the usual conventional mouse clicks not required all the time. Even if we use the tablet mode or the laptop mode touch will be available and you also have a type of idea, flex file type without the touch also coming up in the model.

So it depends what feature you want. So it’s a beautiful screen paper made out of the multiple panes scattered away. So usually i try to have a same conventional laptop with the one without the touch i have used. But this one with the touch is quite pleasing and also i’m excited to use the feature and it’s very responsive. I would say so it’s like so so one by one. I would like to go through these things, so am trying to use the paint to sketch the use. Okey, the first touch and the graphs was running in my mind, with the stock market, so it is reflecting here then, como de costume, like we got the trial version of the office in this. So in case, if you need you have to purchase it, doesn’t come with the the the current customized version. Doesn’T come with the thing, so i try it with the other screens it’s, not working with the pin. So i would try with the paint or a word is not installed, so i will try with the other 3d paint, and this will be useful when we make a signature, so it’s a smooth and nice pen. I will give a try with once. I install the pdfs, so i can just try out whether i can sign in the pdf papers. It’S most important feature i would see so the digital pin has uh two clicks like similar to the mouse clicks. You can configure these buttons like how you want to use it so, and another holder comes up with it, so sometimes we misplace the pin away.

So this you can just get it attached to the laptop itself. By using this, since i have not used the manual, so i am just going to give a try: where does it fit in the laptop so so located specific uh? Finalmente, after configuring, so i could see the other features so i’ll try to scan here and there. Então, just to check like how the thin settings i’m more excited with the pin first like so i to give have given a try with word, so i can make a signature, so it works well with the word file as well. Então você, you have an option: how to make this button in the pin can be configured like. You have a lot of feature whether you want to have a back button like you want to go back or if you want to erase the one which has been written. So i will try to give erase feature in one of this and and i will try to give right click or left click in one of the options from the mouse. Além disso, i can use it off, so both i am just clicking with. It is feature you can see like now. I have configured one top barrel button, for there is another one is for the search, and if you want to have a battery indicator in the specific type you can just stop for it. I am just trying to settle the sensitivity of the pin.

I would give it as default what, as coming the one, so i am excited to see the other options as well. So what could be the one most useful, then the one percent is there i’m just checking. So i am giving a try of how to attach the pin to the laptop. So this there is a dedicated slot is given, so you can use it to attach the pin to the specific side, so other two usb ports are available. So i could see the beautiful touch screen and this is a privacy shutter provided in the webcam, so it’s a kind of slight movement. So if you open the slide, it can give it, and if you you can keep it the slide closed. So once if you don’t require it, so there is a specific slide is given, so you can just move that slide so that the shutter closes the total window. So here this is the moment that can help you now where red dot is available at the cam. So that’s provide the privacy, so this is customizable option given if you need a specific shutter or not, you can opt in or opt out of this. Então, basicamente,, this has a flexibility to use both as a laptop and the tablet. The important feature you will get a pop up, whether you want to use the tablet mode, that we will use the keyboard at the other end. So here the touch this will be used now, one you can get the another pop up keypad once you want to type the things so so as a overall, i mean i’m bit excited like to move this kind of mode.

So mostly when i travel, i would like to have a tablet, but carrying both laptop and tablet together is a difficult constraint. So this comes handy thanks for lenovo, on bringing this a quality product and it’s completely a smooth touch response, so i would say, like i expected, both touch and laptop type. There is also the flex. 5 comes without the touch option as well, so it depends. So if you want to exit the tablet mode like now, you can move it with the usual keypads. Now we move on to the actual tablet mode and you could see if you Music, complete a rotation, and there is a specific you can make it stand in the table, so it’s another mode. They have fortified so so to keep it out of hands and then auto rotation would help you out with both the modes so that’s a fantastic feature.