So in the beginning of university i got an ipad because i thought a tablet would be enough to get me through school and while theoretically, that’s true. For many reasons i switched to the latest m1 macbook air and here’s. Por quê? The biggest reason is because the ipad pro in the end is a tablet. Some of the functions like opening slideshows managing files and taking online quizzes or exams work a little differently and for important things like school. This leaves room for a lot of technical difficulties and inconveniences. Since most things, universities tend to use like ppt university websites, file management and video conferences are more optimized for laptops than for tablet. Os’S, the macbook air is a little more suited to school. Use than tablets are now, although this might change for the newer tablets coming out this year, older tablets are usually just not worth. The trouble at all. Tablets are also mainly for writing. Your notes and i didn’t use that function as much as i thought. I would quite a few of my friends actually felt the same way and ended up selling their ipads. So if you’re new to tabletsand you don’t already write your notes like this, i recommend you get one used or refurbished or you can go for a hybrid. Like the microsoft surface, that way, if you do end up changing your mind, you’re not losing as much now if you’re worried about price, the macbook air was actually cheaper than my ipad pro, because with the ipad you have to consider peripherals such as the keyboard, the Apple pencil, each of which costs hundreds of dollars a piece and if you want to go for third party items they’re, not as reliable or comfortable with the apple ecosystem, you could also downgrade the specs.

But in the end, from my opinion, é. Not that much cheaper than the macbook apple’s education pricing is okay, but in the end, apple is still apple and it’s still going to be incredibly pricey compared to a custom, pc or almost any other brand. You could probably get better specs with less amount of money. If that’s, what you’re going for so that’s, Por que, se você está, not getting apple for the product ecosystem or for the flex, just stick to something else, gaming now, the reason i went with apple was because you can’t play many games on the mac os. I wanted to use this device strictly for school and productivity, and even though i already had my own computer, i got a separate laptop for my work, o que significa, if you care more about playing games than being productive, then shame on you and you should rethink your Life choice i’m kidding, if you want to play games, don’t get apple it’s that simple now keyboards, nothing beats gaming keyboards, but as far as laptops go, i actually quite like the macbook air’s keyboard, a comparison. The old ipad pro’s folio wasn’t that good at all and i’ve heard good things about the new ones and the magic keyboard, but those cost hundreds of dollars a piece battery life m1 macbook. By far, i found that my ipad ended up draining really fast during lectures, and i also drained quite a bit more in idle than i thought it would so, even though it can theoretically last 10 horas.

It definitely doesn’t feel that way at all, but the m1 macbook can definitely last a whole day for sure there’s no question about it. The battery drain, both in idle and when i’m using it has been pretty minimal just today, i’ve only used it for a couple hours, including a one hour. Video call and it’s only drained my battery down to 82, which is pretty good. So the conclusion is that i currently prefer the macbook air for university over the ipad, but i could change my mind next year when new tech comes out.