Please stay safe as we have the more furious second wave coming in now. Coming to the topic, we have a new graphic tablet to the studio, and that is the huion, hs64 and let’s go right check about this. This is boring right, Música. So now let’s go to the unboxing. So the front view of the box is quite good. Looking because you have a great looking picture of the tablet and then a few branding which is huion, make your inspiration, reality: okay and then turning right, você vê 64 and then a few barcodes and as usual in the rear, you get specifications and then the seller’s Information, so the listed priceor maybe the printed price for this product is 4990 rupias. That is very expensive, but i got this product for only 2799 rupees through amazon, so it’s a quite good deal, i would say for this kind of product and then the left side of the box says create more, create different that’s. True and in the box, you get the tablet itself, a graphic pen to work with the tablet and then a pin, nib remover and extra pin nibs, because these pendants just wear off after a long time of use. And then you get a usb to micro. Usb cable, a right, angled cable, so you can connect it to your tablet easily and then two otgs, which is like. Is it like otg otg, Cabo? Esperar. I didn’t forget yeah.

It is the usb to micro, Usb, cable and then usb to type c cable. So you can connect it to your smartphones, also and then a few paperworks in the box. Como sempre, now let’s talk about the tablet itself. With the tablet i mean in the tablet, you get four customizable buttons you can like control them for using control, z or pressing shift, alt control, plus or minus to zoom in or zoom out, and then this can produce 8100 or this can work until 8192 pressure Levels, so you get smooth thin and thick lines in your image or any sketches, and talking about the pin which comes with the tablet, you don’t need to worry about adding batteries or charging this because it’s a battery free pinand this is the one which is Going to give you that huge amount of pressure levelsand you also you get two customizable buttons in the pen, so it comes in very handy while using the tablet with photoshop or any other sketching devices. But then one major flaw with this pen or with this product is that you don’t get a stand for the spin, so you can keep it like in a particular place because it’s quite thick and it’s circular it just rolls over your table and also another flaw. Is that this is quite thick and hefty, you can feel the heft or the thickness of this after using it for an hour or two.

Maybe we didn’t look about the features of the tablet and the pin now let’s talk about the usable area of the tablet. Você obter 6.3 into 4 inches of usable area with this tablet and you may think that’s small, but then it’s more than enough, if you’re starting out in the world of graphic tablets. The tablet feels good in build quality, but it is built. It is fully built with plasticquite um, average quality plastic, but then plastic doesn’t add up weight to your tablet, so it is easy to carry on if you need any extra accessories with this tablet like an extra pen or extra nibs. If you, if you have used up all the names given the box itself, then you can go, Comprar, purchase extra nibs or the gloves screen protectors. Anything else in the huion website itself links in the description box below but they’re quite expensive um for reference. If you need a screen protector for this particular tablet, it will cost you six dollars converted. It is like 440 indian rupees, so i made my own screen protector, so you can see this thing. Esperar. I’Ll show you. So this is a screen protector that i made myself. I made this with a a4 sheet car cover the plastic a4 shield cover which goes around for five indian rupees converted like 10 centavos, maybe wait, oh it’s less than a cent, so that is interesting and it gets the job done.

But then it’ll look ugly with this. If you take some time to make it good, then it may look good, so that’s it. If you are interested in spending 400 rupees for the screen protector, then go ahead. You get the best quality and the good looking one, but if you need to just get the job done, OKEY, Não há problema! This is fine for me. Por enquanto, connecting the tablet to pc is very simple: take the cable out of the box, connect one end to the pc and the other end to the tablet. sim, that’s the process and then windows does the job after it downloads all the drivers and stuff. You can use the tablet as you are using a mouse, but then with your hand, i mean like this. In your hand, if you need to customize all the buttons available in the pen and the tablet, then you need to go download huion software, which is available in their website, links in the description box below so that you can customize the pressure levels. You can customize the customizable buttons and all those stuff if you are looking for a software on which you can write on your pdfs and for free with all the features then do go download draw board pdf. That is awesome software for free and you get all the features. If you need the pro version, you can still go. Do that the conclusion my final thoughts on this guy is: if you need the cheapest possible, but still a good tablet like me or, if you’re, just starting out, then you can go with this tablet.

I got this for 2799 rupias. You also have a cheaper version in the same model, which has only 4092 níveis de pressão, but it is only 200 rupees cheaper. So this is quite worth it that’s. My thought there are some alternatives for this priced tablets, which i’m going to tell you now number one. This huion h640p, which costs here on 3000 para 3500 rupias. It can vary anywhere between this and then number. Two is huion h430p 2299, which has um less features than this guy and then xp pen, star g640, 3000 para 3500 can vary anywhere between that and then wacom ctl 4100, the small variant 5700 that’s quite expensive, but then an awesome first quality product. So these are a few few alternatives that i thought you guys can choose between these so that’s it thanks for watching. This is nitish krishna signing off for this video.