Welcome to a brand new video. I am hinzi and in this video we’re gon na talk about this beauty right. This is the hp spectre x, 360 13 polegada 2020 model and they are pretty much the king of aesthetics. In the world of two in one laptops, so i’ve been using this for the last five or six months. So this is my in depth. Review about everything about this laptop is pros and cons, so yeah let’s get started and yeah, probably it’s getting cold. Para você, também, so might as well grab your own cup of coffee sit back, relax and enjoy this video, starting with the exterior. The spectra comes in two colors, the nightfall black and the poseidon blue. We have the nightfall black, which is basically a black body with copper, luxe accents. The color scheme is uniform, the hb logo, the tag, the dual hinges, all have: the striking copper accent, the all aluminium chassis weighs only 1.27 kilograms, and this dual hinges here are strong and sturdy, and they help fold this laptop in all possible angles and also helps It switch between the laptop mode and the tablet mode. The keyboard is also consistent with the chassis ebony color scheme, and the glass touch pad also has the subtle, copper trim now, both the flanks house, the quad speakers by bang and olufsen, which i’ll discuss in a moment. These edges are angular, which are the spectral lineups iconic gem cut design and the bottom has the air vent to dissipate heat now this luxurious, aesthetic and coherent design is something hp has perfected over several iterations of the spectre lineup since its inception in 2015.

. de fato, if you do a simple google search of the world’s sexiest laptop, the result, as you might think, is the hp spectre. X360, no surprises there. The attention to detail in this thing is immense, and if you’re carrying this around, it is bound to turn heads talking about attention to detail, we should discuss the box in which it comes in. It has the same black and copper finish now. The box is very premium, it has a specter written on top and at the bottom we have this hp logo here and two hp logos on the side, it’s a very sturdy box, and when we open it up, we are of course greeted with a laptop. Even the interior has a foam finish on the box, which is really cool. So apart from the laptop we get the tilt hp tilt, pen inside which is hp’s on stylus, which is really cool. But one of the gripes i have is that this stylus works with this 4a battery. I would really like to see usb type c charging instead, which is coming on the next gen or the hp spectre. Now the battery obviously goes inside like this and on the pen. You have two buttons which you can customize to whatever you need it to be. Para além de que, we get this leather pouch, which is really really nice and premium. You can obviously house your laptop inside and also there’s a compartment to hold the pen like this, so this is really cool.

Now you also get this 65 watt ac power adapter, which charges the 60 watt lithium ion polymer battery, and this type c cable. You also get this small three pin plug and also an extended three pin plug with this wire. You can fit in either of them. I obviously prefer the smaller one, because my switchboard is really close to my bed or my table. Let’S start with the one hand, opening test and, como você pode ver, the spectre, in spite of being lightweight successfully, opens with one hand now coming to ports. Na mão esquerda, side we get this 3.5 mm headphone jack yeah. The headphone jack is also becoming a rare commodity, even for laptops, and also we have another type. A port and the angular edge surprisingly fits a power button which is really cool and we can switch it on like this. This is really great uses of space. Buttons are pretty tactile as well, so you can see our laptop powering on just like that and on the right. We have the sd card reader, a webcam kill switch, which i will discuss in a moment and two type c ports uh, one of which is a thunderbolt 3 port which helps in quick data transfer and the other for charging. The charging cable fits in such a way that when we fold the laptop while it’s charging charging cable does not obstruct it again attention to detail at its best. The battery life on this thing is decent, Eu diria que, hp claims 22 horas de duração da bateria, i’ve been getting roughly 16 horas de duração da bateria, using it at peak brightness uh, this i5 model.

Obviamente, now for security and biometrics, we have this fingerprint sensor right there. So switch on our laptop those two flickering rights is the world’s smallest ir webcam used for windows, Olá. I have no idea how hp has managed to fit that in in that small bezel. The fingerprint sensor works like a breeze, como você pode ver, and the ir webcam of course supports windows, Olá, which is really cool and very, very reliable, so i’ll just show you the face. Unlocking there you go works like a breeze. Now the spectre lineup takes privacy. Very seriously, with one flick of this webcam kill switch the webcam. The camera goes off, no matter which application you’re using and also there’s a dedicated mute button built on to the keyboard, which turns off your microphone instantly and it’s very useful, like in zoom calls now. Finalmente, let’s talk about this gorgeous display. Agora isso 13.3 inches display offers 90 screen to body ratio and one of the narrowest bezels you can find on any laptop. Now i have the 1080p full hd led brightview display. While you also have an option for a 4k oled display with a peak brightness of a crazy 1000 Lêndeas, the panel is also vesa certified true black hdr panel, and you can also you know, tweak the display to your liking. The hp display app offers you five options now. It also has eyesafe technology, which basically means filters blue light. This display is really a treat to the eye now coming to the keyboard.

This is a full sized edge to edge island style, backlit keyboard with adjustable brightness, and my tapping experience has been really positive. The tree travel is great and the keys are clicky and tactile. I have not faced any problem whatsoever and obviously not forgetting that this is a multi touch, supported touchscreen. So when i don’t want to use the keyboard, i can use the touchscreen to do anything on the screen and the touchscreen works great it’s, very responsive and works. Both on laptop mode or when i fold it up into tablet mode, the hinges work great and they instantly turn the laptop in the laptop mode to the tablet mode and yeah. I can use the tablet mode without any problem. Touchscreen is great, como eu mencionei, and even the weight distribution on this thing is great. Você sabe, so i have no problem holding it uh or for long hours in the folded tablet mode, ..., cooler stage v for the weight management next uh. The hinge is also, Você sabe, instantly folds this up into one of my favorite modes as the tent mode it’s, my favorite most of media consumption, because the speakers are firing right towards me. So yeah we’ll have to watch some netflix or youtube. I fold it up into this very cool tent mode. Além disso, i want to mention uh the trackpad. The trackpad has improved greatly. I mean earlier maxwell way ahead of windows, laptops in terms of trackpad experience, but ever since uh the windows position, drivers came in instead of the synaptics one, it works great and all the gestures supported the three finger swipe for the recent applications or a four finger.

Tap for the uh control panel or the three finger tab for the awakening core, toner, etc. Now coming to the performance, i have the intel 10gen core i5 processor, coupled with 8gb of ddr4 ram and 512gb of ssd. You do get the option of 16 gb ram and i7 processor, so yeah the performance is decent for an ultrabook. I have had no problem doing video, rendering keeping multiple tabs on my browser open, running instagram spotify on the background performance is really decent for an ultrabook and for the graphics part you get the intel integrated, iris graphics, which is not meant for hardcore gaming, but yeah Running some light games is really not a problem in this one. I played several titles which are not so demanding so yeah it’s, pretty decent for light gaming. Coming to the speakers, the speakers are quad speakers by bang olufsen and yeah they’re decent, but they are not great, like the ones on the mac. They are a bit teeny, mas sim. They do the job. Here’S a speaker, sample Music. Agora, coming to the stylus, the stylus is great. You can use it as a secondary mouse for scrolling or basically for signing documents uh. You can attach it magnetically at the back of the laptop like this yeah, and also you can obviously sketch with it, and there are pretty great illustrations online or you can use it for taking notes. Agora. This is a pretty decent stylus.

Você sabe, given that it is provided free of cost and there are some options in the uh. You know hp command center, where you can customize the pen for your particular need. There are some really good options there now. A few other things that i should mention is that uh, the spectre has uh support for wi fi six, so in case you have a router, they can take advantage it’s great. It also has bluetooth 5.0, então sim. That is great as well now. One thing i didn’t like about the spectre is its webcam it’s, a 720p basic average webcam, which does the job but it’s not great, but kudos, to hp that they could fit into almost non existent bezel now. Finalmente, we have to talk pricing, so the hp spectre starts in india at rupees 990 for the base model, basically one lakh rupees and goes up to 2 lakh 36 000 rupias, which is basically for the i7 model uh. The all leather i7 model, which is called expected folio, so you have pretty steep pricing, but it is one of the best looking ultrabooks that you can get in the market and also it really really delivers on almost all fronts. So definitely one of the best ultrabooks available in the market, so that’s it guys for this video please like comment and share this video and all your feedback is welcome. Thanks for showing all the love in the last video and yeah, please try to show the same love for this video as well, even better, se possível.

So yeah please subscribe if you haven’t and share this video among your friends now i know 2020 has been kind of a depressing year for all of us, então sim. This is one of my last videos of this year. I have two more videos: the ipads in my head before the year ends and yeah here’s uh, wishing all of you all a very happy new year. Esperança 2021 brings glad tidings to all of us until then stay safe, stay.