Was that a good idea to buy this laptop, because i bought it specially as my daily driver and for also editing purpose of my youtube channel i’m, using this laptop for past more than one year? And today i am going to tell you how i feel about this laptop before getting into the pro and cons of having this laptop. I will quickly go through the specification of this laptop. It has an ips 4k touch panel, with micro edge, design of hp and 178 degree of viewing angle. The size of display is 15.6 polegadas. This laptop contains intel core i7 8565u processor with base lock speed of 1.8 gigahertz gigahertz, which can be boost up to 4.6 gigahertz by using intel turbo technology. Tem um 16 gb ddr4 ram hard disk capacity is 512 gb and it is m2 ssd variant. It also has a dedicated graphics card by nvidia geforce and its type is mx250 with size of 4gb ddr5 for wireless connectivity. This laptop includes intel wireless ac, 9560, wi, fi and bluetooth 5 combined. Tem um 55.6 watt hour battery with 4 number of cells, and it weighs approximately 2 kg. Ok now the specs are done so now on to the part for which you are watching this video. The screen on this laptop, na minha opinião, is stunning. The colors are warm and it can get very bright. Infelizmente, i cannot tell you the exact brightness in nits, but it is very bright panel.

I am saying this because i am also using lenovo thinkpad x1, as my daily driver for office work, and if i can take a guess in percentage, this laptop screen can get 15 para 20 more brighter than that here you can see the comparison of both laptops. Very bright and colorful panel excellent to watch movies, seasons and my videos on youtube, as you are already seeing sample in background Music, the keyboard in this laptop is backlit and each key has some nice click with good travel. The keyboard is nice for daily use. Na minha opinião, i cannot say anything for office or heavy usage, and anyway, each person has its own taste in this matter, how he likes the space between the keys and travelling of the keys, etc. This laptop has a separate numeric keypad, which some of you consider nice and some of you not. I do not mind having something which i can use time to time, and it does not bother me. The mousepad on this laptop is most of the time working smoothly. There were hiccups few times, but i think they are very less and i usually ignore them, because no major issue has ever happened like it has stayed stuck for more than 4 5 seconds or stopped working. I will consider this nice wide and responsive mouse pad now to the connectivity part. The wifi module on this laptop is pretty standard and usually has no issues with connectivity.

I always use bluetooth headphones for connectivity and it has a smooth connection without any problem. The range is also good, at least for my apartment size. I found the speaker on this laptop decent. They are from bang and olsen. They can get very loud, but lack of bass does not give you the enjoyment of music which in actual you want, but maybe you like them this way. It also depends on personal choice. You can hear the sound of the speakers with 50 volume at hundred percent. My neighbor will come for party, which i am not in a mood right now: Música, the fingerprint sensor on this laptop is not so good. I tried to use it in the beginning, but it was not working so great as we used to on our mobile. Sometimes i can log in in one attempt and sometime, multiple attempts were required, so i don’t use it anymore. The overall build quality of this laptop is good and it is a nice looking laptop, but on this side of the laptop you can see, i can squeeze it, but it is not causing any problems and also no sound on the back side of the laptop. There were rubbers on top and bottom for the grip of laptop on smooth surface, as you can see in my other videos about this laptop and if you have not seen them, please go and check them. Link will be in the description. Rivers are not there anymore, because one of it was detached after 4, 5 months and second one soon after that, as you can see now i never put them back, and now i can see the screw is resting as it should be covered underneath that rubber for Editing purpose: this laptop was good for me because i use shortcut software for editing, which is a lightweight and did not cause me any troubles afterwards.

I use powerdirector 19 and it is also handling it pretty well. This laptop comes with no touch pen, but you can buy one from hp because from other companies you might run in compatibility issues. The battery of this laptop can last four to five hours. With 4k resolution and 100 Brilho, the power button on this laptop is on one side, and i really don’t like this, because i have accidentally pressed it many times and put the laptop in sleep mode on hp laptop on this side. There is a power cable place. Ao lado dele, there is a usb 3.1 janman type a and then we have a power button, and here we have headphone mic combo port and we also have full size sd card slot. On the other side of the laptop, there is hp new feature which is manual switch to deactivate the camera. If you think that someone might access your camera, then this is an excellent option included by hp. Then we have usb 3.1 gen1 type c port with usb 3.1 gen1 type airport, that supports hp, sleep and charge, and we also have an hdmi port next to it in general. This is a nice laptop with only minor issues for daily use for entertainment, purpose and also for mid range editing purpose for students. I think this might be a little heavy to carry to schools or universities, but if you like this, then maybe try 13 modelo de polegada.

Global. I am happy with the performance of this laptop because it has not caused me any issue and fulfilled the purpose for which i bought it, and i will definitely recommend anyone who want to buy this. If you are interested in buying a laptop, then watch my other video about lenovo thinkpad a15 and if you have not yet subscribed my channel.