So much guys, thanks for joining me on another video today, uh in today’s video. What i’m gon na do is i’m gon na show you guys how you can make uh eight thousand dollars or up to eight thousand dollars a month play testing games uh, you don’t really need all that much all you need is a phone, whether it’s apple android, Um mac macbooks tablet, ..., pc or laptop whatever you have available um. As long as it can record your audio, you should be great um, it doesn’t record your face. You don’t have to to be a popular streamer. You don’t have to have all this glamorous recording technology or anything around you. All you need is a phone. You just need your phone and uh record with that, but yeah without any further delay. Let me show you guys how to do this, bem caras. So what you guys want to be doing is you want to be going over to this website right here um play test cloud, then you want to go to the right hand corner over there. You want to say, become a taster, so you click on that and then what you do is you fill out your information? What type of game you want to be playing whether it’s mobile, whether it’s on any platform as you can see, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of options right here for your iphone for older generations, ipads imacs, whatever not a big apple guy.

So i don’t really know all the products. If you’re going to your android, then what you can do is you can actually search for your device it’s not going to take this one all right, so we need to select galaxy. I believe it if, because i have a samsung galaxy, so i’ll type it out let’s see all right so i’m going to choose this one. Está bem, you can choose multiple, you can choose an iphone. You can choose pc just want to remove one. So there you can see that’s my first device, then other you can go to your pc, your laptop, your computer, whatever i’ll only be playing on these two devices right there, mas como você pode ver, there’s xbox one there’s a lot of platforms all right. So let me quickly just take you through the steps, so what’s gon na happen is after you’ve plugged in your details and everything they’re gon na be sending you a link, saying, bem vinda, you’ve, joined and then they’re going to send you a link um to install a Certain game, or certain apple uh, either on your pc or the platform that you guys chose after this, you install it. You allow a granted permission stuff like that. It is safe. It’S no worries no concerns about that and then what they do is they actually give you a qualification test and during this qualification test, vamos, Dizer: é, a five minute game that you have to play.

Then you talk about the game. You follow the instructions. Do a couple of tasks you play the game for let’s, say roughly five to ten minutes: é, just a test game you don’t actually get paid for the test, um it’s, just a qualification test. You talk over the game step by step. How do you do this? Do you like this, you rate certain things on a scale of one to ten and then afterwards, when you’re done your five minutes, you followed all the instructions and you did the tasks. What you do is you close the game as soon as you close the game automatically the upload gets sent to playtest cloud and they will let you know if you have been successful. If you haven’t, you can always retake the qualification test. There’S no limit on how many times you can actually take it. So uh feel free sign up all right. Next let’s uh have a look at what you can make actually play testing these games so uh there you can see. This is what you can actually earn. Então, for every 15 minutes that you play test the game uh, you can earn up to nine dollars for every 15 minutos, which is actually quite insane. I’Ll do the math for you guys right now, um just on a daily basis, so um. If you take 15 minutes nine dollars per 15 minutos, let’s open the calculator quickly all right and then, if you look at uh 15, all right now, it’s not 15 or no we’re gon na be using the nine dollars.

So if you take nine dollars times by four, because you can do four games in an hour, Isto é 36 dollars an hour if you times that by eight uh eight hours a day, you can essentially be making 288 dollars a day. Play testing a game. And if you times it by 21, let’s say you do it for 21 dias, then you make about 6 000 dentro 21 dias. If you times that by 30 dias, which is a month, you can be making eight thousand six hundred dollars play testing a game. That is insane all right guys. There you have it. You are now all set up to start playing games, earning money and uh becoming a gamer uh. Obrigado. So much guys, thanks for tuning in uh, please feel free leave a like on the video. It does help uh out the video get to to to more people so that it helps more people and leave a comment down below if this actually works for you. If this is something that you consider doing and if uh you guys are actually already doing it, let me know guys but yeah.