The io neo can go much higher than this, and you do get added benefit from doing so, but you’re obviously going to take a huge hit to battery life when i’m benchmarking. These games for myself i’m trying to reach 30 fps, while also maintaining at least 2 horas de duração da bateria. This is a completely different situation if you are docked, mas na minha opinião pessoal, it’s not worth spending the money that any of these devices cost in this generation to have only around one hour of battery life out of all three devices, the win3 charges. By far the fastest, but even that device takes over an hour to charge back up to 100, so it’s not worth it on the topic of changing tdp on the neo, it is very easy to do and i’ll showcase how it’s done on the fly right now. You just change these three values and click set and you’re good to go. I also want to mention that the win3 campaign has now launched and barring any unforeseen consequences. You should start to see some initial videos of it on this channel this weekend and i will say that the device packs a ton of power in this tiny body. I had planned on doing head to head videos with the gx aya and the win3, but there is an unbelievable amount of drama going on right now that i really don’t want to be in the middle of so we’re gon na stick to standalone videos.

For the time being, the first game that we’re going to take a look at is witcher 3, and i have to emphasize that the footage that you’re watching right now is at a lower internal resolution than the win3 clip that you just saw. Aya cannot run this game better than the win3 at this tdp and i’m, not trying to claim that it can so. Please don’t attack me when we move over to dark souls 3. We don’t quite have enough power to reach a solid 60 fps at 2 horas de vida da bateria, and even if we bumped up the tdp more than i have it here, you’re still not going to quite be there and you will have to deal with the added heat And loss of battery life, the clip that you’re watching right now is the resident evil. 3 demo running at 720p, with everything set to the lowest value. The neo can perform better than what i’m showing here. But this is what you’re gon na get at around two hours of battery life. We’Ve got to get that train moving. Just like dark souls. 3. We can’t really reach a solid 60 fps com 2 hours battery life at 15 watt tdp. So i typically play this at 11 watts for added battery life while staying in the 40 para 30 fps range. I mentioned this in my tiger lake video with the gx pro, but i’ve wanted to play destiny 2 on a decent handheld for a long time, but there are currently some big issues with intel drivers at this point.

They are supposed to be working on it and i am looking forward to seeing how well this runs on tiger lake when it doesn’t crash as much for far cry new dawn, i’ve bumped up the tdp to 18 Watts, which can get you close to 60 fps. But i typically play this game at 8 watts with a resolution scale of 50 for a solid 30 fps and close to 4 hours of battery hear life. I got you, you think you’re big moving over to assassin’s creed odyssey and we are having to bump up the tdp to 17 watt to reach over 30 fps in big fights. This game is very demanding on amd and intel, and even if you resorted to using resolution scaling, it still takes a ton of battery life to play this game well head. You instantly rise of the tomb. Raider is an oldish aaa game, but it’s also one that’s. Bem, optimized and it isn’t that demanding you can play this game at a lower tdp than the one that i have here for a solid 60 fps, but i just didn’t change my tdp between the games. While i was filming to make things easier, there was something in dad’s research about this. It was said the prophet’s tomb was hidden in the cliffs above one of the forgotten cities. Legend speaks of an oasis where the prophet was laid to rest. The secret entrance here’s. Outro 2015 aaa title with fallout 4 and it’s, also one that many people requested from my last video.

I have my tdp set to 15 Watt, which is enough to get two hours of battery life, with the footage that you’re seeing now out of all the games. That i test in this video monster hunter world was the one that impressed me the most, because the game runs very well at lower tdp levels. The footage on screen now is what two hours of battery life looks like on the ayah, and i will say that the numbers are good, both in this area and inside the arena, but you can get around 3 hours of battery life with this game. If you lower the tdp to the point where you are reaching a solid 30 fps Music, the last game that we have for this showcase is cyberpunk 2077. And i don’t really have a whole lot to say about this game. Because i haven’t had a chance to play it, yet i bought this game originally to run on the gx pro, but this game is still not compatible with intel gpus yet so for now, this is the best you can get in a handheld, and this is also What two hours of performance looks like just waiting. I hope you enjoyed this showcase if there’s anything else that you’d like to see on the neo or any other device feel free to leave those comments below and i’ll try my best to get to them. Happy gaming.