So if you watch that video thank you uh, but this one will be much better and more in depth so with that let’s get into it. Okey, so one of the first things that i want to show you guys is your ability to uh or your ability to use a case like this. Agora, como você pode ver, Você sabe, the board is only about right here where these handles are and then it’s got this power bank on top and now i’ll show you guys the inside of here right now, so you can see that there’s, multiple uh inputs or Outlets available for us to plug in uh just about anything, so you can plug in a couple extension cords and then route that, to you know a sure or sennheiser wireless rack, and then you also have the ability you know to plug in your router directly into This so everything stays you know combined into one thing now. You don’t necessarily need something. This big uh, you know the the the person i’m borrowing this from uh. You know i used to contract for their company and uh uh michael. Thank you so much for letting me borrow this for this video, but you know you don’t need a huge. You know pelican or uh skb case like this. The board is pretty small, so you could rack it or mount it into a smaller version of this and i’m sure you can find a smaller power bank as well.

That will allow you to do exactly what i just mentioned, so what’s really cool about this. Is your ability to you know bring it to wherever you want to bring it to um? You know it’s it’s sturdy and you know nothing’s going to happen to your board inside of this, and it also has you know the front and the back uh to keep it all protected. So if you did a lot of traveling gigs uh, this is definitely something to to consider. Maybe you want to get a smaller one. I i think i think this is actually the biggest one they have. They have four of these behringers and i was i was hoping to get the smaller one, but i think this is the biggest one that they uh, that they have mounted um, probably because of this insane power bank here, which you know shows you all of your Voltage levels and other things so so i just wanted to show you guys, what’s possible with this board and how you’re able to to mount it into you know cases like this to use if you do a lot of traveling, OKEY, so starting here on the face Of the behringer we can see, we have all of our inputs and outputs. Now on the top or well the mid section. Here we have 16 inputs, as well as an additional two inputs which allows us a total of 18 inputs, para que o 16 inputs are xlr as well as quarter inch, while inputs, 17 e 18 are only quarter inch.

So what i usually tend to do with input 17 e 18 is use this dual quarter inch two headphone jack or quarter inch to eighth inch and use this as my music outand you know, i’ll go further into that connection or into this connection, when we Touch on the x air app in my next video as this video is going to be a quick overview of the hardware itself. So next you can see inputs, one and two say hi z, so you might be asking you know what what are those? What does that mean so? Bem, typically, when you have an instrument like a guitar or a bass, you would take your cable, your your instrument, cable here and you plug that into a di box and then take the xlr out and plug that into the board. Agora, the reason why you would do such a thing is because of the impedance level of that instrument, so the di box will actually convert that into a lower lower impedance load, so the mixer can handle it. Okey, so the hi z inputs allows you to forget about the the di box altogether and you can plug your instrument directly into the board itself, but only on inputs, one and two. Então, depending on how you like to set up your mix, you can either plug the electric guitar or bass directly into the board or route them through a di box or an amp now down on the bottom.

We have our aux sends one through six and also our main left and right so for the aux ends. This is what will be used for you know, monitor wedges or in ears or to an external recording device such as a zoom h6. You know we. We also have the headphone jack uh next to that, but you know i i think you all have an understanding of what that’s used for okay, so going back to the top, we have the control or connection center. Now some of you may be wondering where the faders are on this board and well. You know i hate to break it to you, but they don’t exist all right. So now i don’t know the reason why they don’t, but since they’re not here you know we’ll have to use. You know a tablet. You know such such as the samsung right here or even a computer or even using the x touch control surface. To actually do our mixing so in the top left we have our ethernet input, wi fi network and the access point, which is the built in wi fi and now as far as i’m concerned there’s. Nothing special about this ethernet input, so any cat5 or cat6 cable will. Do you just fine now. You also have two options here when it comes to uh the ethernet and that’s your ability to connect to a router, or you can simply connect directly to your computer without the use of a router.

Agora, for me personally, you know i i haven’t gone uh the the computer route and have only used um, a router uh like this one and now i’ll go further into the ethernet connection to router in the x air. App video, but all you need, is a simple router like this belkin, which will cost you somewhere. You know around, i don’t know somewhere in the ballpark of 25 para 40 dólares. Okey! Próximo, we have the wi fi. So if you wanted to use uh the wi fi client feature, you can toggle this switch over right here and what it does is it allows you to connect to any available network. So if you have a specific network in the venue, you’re working in all you would need to do is connect to it inside the app are you kidding. Then we have the access point, which actually turns this board into its own wi fi network. Using this antenna right here and the built in wi fi chip, so we can create our own network you’ll grab our tablet set up in the app and then you’re able to connect into the board using that feature now, one thing to keep in mind is that You know when it comes to the fact that this board is solid metal and you choose to use the built in wi fi. Your reach is most likely to be limited. Então, depending on how far you’re wanting to be from the board, you know you could run into some connectivity issues and you know before we continue.

Você sabe. I just want you to be aware that if you do choose to use the built in wi fi or make this its own network, you do run a chance of having additional issues when it comes to high interference areas. E, firstly, you know that’s, because everyone and their grandmother has a cell phone these days, and the second reason would be you know if you live in a larger city. So the best way to overcome this issue is to connect is to use the ethernet connection uh with your router, OKEY. So moving over after that, we have a midi in and midi out. So if you want to plug a musical instrument in, you can do so and then moving over next to that we have the usb and what’s super cool about this port. Is that when you plug into this, you now have an 18 in and 18 out user interface and if you’re, a pc, builder or user? Como eu, uh just a reminder that you will need to install a driver to allow that interface to work, whereas on macs they already have those installed. Okey, Então, on to the ultranet now, just not now, just to you aware this isn’t a normal cat5 input, you know you will need a shiela cat5 cable to plug into this port. Now you know i don’t have that cable available. So you know i won’t be able to show you that, but you know i’m sure you can easily find one online or at a local store.

So once you have that you can plug the other end of the shielded cable into any alternet, enabled series as an output to monitor your mix. Now personally, para mim, Você sabe: i’ve never used that feature, because i would always monitor my mix through a recording device. Such as a zoom h6but you know it’s, always nice to have that feature available. If you wanted to use it well, Bem, everyone so that’s my brief overview of this board and all the features it includes on the hardware itself. Agora, there’s lots of cool features available for you when it comes to your events and definitely something to uh uh. You know definitely something easy to carry around if uh. Bem, if you don’t have a huge case like this one, so no i’ll be diving deep into the x air. App in my next video well i’ll actually be running some audio uh through this and showing you guys what you can do and how to set it. All up, so you know if you made it to the end here. Thank you so much for watching um. If you found this video valuable in any way, please consider subscribing. As you know, i do plan on doing more videos in regards to audio uh lighting. Microphones, Câmeras, lenses, Pcs, you know all that different kind of stuff. So if you’re interested in that in that world and that kind of information you know please consider subscribing so once again.