This is eta prime back here again today, we’re going to be taking a look at the all new atari tabletop pong jr system by eunice. Now this is actually being distributed in the us by arcade. One up and i’ve actually had my eye on this for the last couple months, but when it comes down to it i mean basically, what we have here is a mini tabletop, two player pong system and that’s. The only game that’s pre loaded on here it’s got a built in screen. It’S got controllers for player, one and two it’s got a built in speaker. You can use this with batteries, but the batteries will be sold separately. It takes a single 18650 Célula, but it does have storage for two more 18650 cells in case your battery dies and you can’t get to a charger or wall power in time now. This will be going on sale december 25th, 2020. But i was lucky enough to receive an early unit from micro center. They were kind enough to send this over. So this video is sponsored by micro center, então sim. If you’re not familiar with micro center, then you really should be, if you’re a tech enthusiast, they have real brick and mortar stores that you can walk in. You can test out the panels. If you need to buy an lcd, you can see the cases you can put your hands on the product before you purchase it. They have stores in california, colorado, Geórgia, illinois, kansas massachusetts, maryland michigan, minnesota, missouri, new jersey, new york, ohio, pennsylvania, texas and virginia i’ve been planning on getting into one of the stores to do a full video from there.

But in the last couple years, they’ve really gotten into the sbc maker board market, which is something i’m really big into i’m, going to leave, links to micro, center’s website. So you can find the closest store and you definitely need to get in there, especially if you’re into tech and by the way micro center is running a promotion right now, where you can get a free 32 gigabyte flash drive and a free 32 gigabyte micro sd Card definitely check out the links in the description for that so first thing we’re going to do here is a quick unboxing and then we’ll get right into some testing because i’m really interested to see how this thing performs. Então, como você pode ver, you’re obviously gon na receive the pong jr tabletop system itself, you’re also gon na get a user manual and over here on the side, i believe we have our power supply. This is the us version, então temos um 3 amp 5 volt wall charger and a micro usb cable. Now this is going to power the unit from the wall. If you do end up putting batteries in here, remember it only takes one eighteen, Seis, fifty cell, we can charge it from the same connector and here’s the unit itself, it’s a very simple design, é, really lightweight. It is built to plastic. We do have our paddle wheel over here and a single action button. I believe this will just start the game up.

I mean it’s, definitely a cool concept when it comes to a single game like pong on the bottom. Here we do have a single speaker. It looks like, and our battery compartment we’ll go ahead and pull that off in just a second, but let’s go ahead and take a look at the sides here, because there are some buttons and inputs on this unit. So over here we do have a physical power button, menu button and volume wheel, plus our micro usb input for powering up the unit and charging the optional batteries over. Do outro lado, they’ve left the full size, usb port and i’m, not exactly sure what this is for just yet, but we will try to connect something to it at least the keyboard, to see if we can navigate the menu with that i’m, not sure if We’Re going to be able to do much with this, except for play pong as it sits right now out of the box, but it’s still worth a try. Now most likely they’ve left this here, just kind of as a free usb port to charge your phone while you’re playing as you saw in the beginning. We have a single action button, Isto é, the launch button player 1 player 2 and our paddle wheels. Taking a look at the bottom, it does have these rubber feet on it, so it won’t slide around on the desk or table, and we also have this battery compartment for optional 18650 cells.

I kind of wish they would have shipped at least one 18650 with this or just added a lithium polymer battery to the unit itself. But but once i remove this battery cover you’ll see that there are three slots in here, but only one of them is live. So you only need one 18650 cell for this to run, but it does have storage for two extras just in case it runs out and you can’t get to a charger in time. So let’s go ahead and power it up. For the first time i’m running on battery power, i just need to hold that power button for about two seconds, and the unit should start booting up. No total, it takes a maximum of about 12 seconds from completely off to the main menu and there it is now one thing i can say about the sound here: is it really isn’t great? It does get loud, but it doesn’t sound the best because it’s a single speaker on the bottom of the unit and it’s totally encased in plastic. So it does kind of have this muffled plasticy sound to it. If you press the menu button on the side, it’ll bring us into the options menu. We have three options here: the ai skill level volume and point so points to win. We’Re set to five here i’m going to go ahead and lower the sound down. Just a little bit and like we saw we do have that physical volume rocker on the side, and i can tell you right now that this is actually running an older version of android.

Just taking a look at that on screen volume, notification, OKEY, so that’s about itfor the settings let’s go ahead and get into a little bit of gameplay to see how this thing performs all right, so we’re just going to start a one player game here. I do have the difficulty on the ai set to 10, so we’ll see how bad he beats me here. Global, i mean it works great it’s pong we’re, going back and forth here, they’ve added some pretty cool effects when it hits the paddle and the walls. Como você pode ver aqui, we don’t have a lot of spin in this paddle wheel, but keep in mind i mean it’s, not meant to be a spinner. I think it works great for what we have here, but i do wish there was a sensitivity setting now with this here would have been nice jacket all the way. Up that way, i didn’t have to move it so much to get to side to side, but this does make it a little more challenging to play this game. So overall i mean the way it’s set up right now. It does work great for pong and that’s. Exactly what they were going for here, another thing i kind of wish they added was at least one extra game, at least a single player game like something similar to breakout. Por ali, we had something else we could do with this, but i completely understand that this is supposed to be a little tabletop pawn unit and for that it works great now.

Na minha opinião, this is priced a little high for what you’re getting here anywhere from 129 para 150 é, definitely kind of a collector’s item, mas, novamente, novamente, i really do think that this plastic here could have been higher quality for the price. The screen looks great, gameplay is fine, the spinners work, Bem, all the buttons are great, but the plastic here just doesn’t seem top notch for that price point, but really, quando se trata de que, i think most of the people who are going to be picking One of these up are mainly collectors. This might sit on the shelf, it might sit in the box for a little while, but it’s definitely meant to be played. I mean these spinners aren’t, going to wear out anytime soon and it’s, actually a pretty cool little conversation piece, but i really do think they should have focused on the build quality itself. And i think at this price point it should have came with a rechargeable battery. Already in there now, given they’re, pretty cheap on amazon, make sure you get a high quality one lg samsung or sony, but that’s gon na add another ten dollars on top of everything you already spent on the unit itself to make it battery powered and speaking of Battery power, we do get that little battery icon there giving us a percentage left in the battery so like we saw. We have that free, usb port on the side and this unit is running android.

So i wanted to see if i could get into the operating system. I tried a few different things here. Basicamente, the only thing that i could get to on my end right now is the launcher menu. I can’t get into any of the settings. I’Ve tried with several different keyboards several different controllers, but since this is running android and we can tell by the icons here at least the volume icon, this is definitely an older version of android. It should be fairly easy to side load, different applications on this unit, either over adb or if i can get into the settings, we could do it over usb and add something like retroarch here different emulators, so we can play different retro games on this unit. Então, se você está, really interested in seeing this thing hacked just let me know in the comments below another thing, i’d actually like to dois a quick teardown on this thing, então sim, even though i like the idea and the concept behind this, i do think it’s Overpriced eunice should have came out of the box at like a 69 price tag here, ao invés de 129 para 150, depending on where you get it, especially given the fact that we just have a single game which is pong you have to buy and add your own Battery, if you want to make this truly portable, and like i mentioned the plastic here, doesn’t feel like the highest quality, so that’s going to wrap it up for this video really appreciate you watching.

I just wanted to give you a quick look at this new atari pong jr unit by eunice. If you’re interested in adding this to your collection, i will leave a link to micro center in the description.