Em primeiro lugar, sensibilidade à pressão: there are a lot of factors that impact the quality of a drawing tablet. One of the most important factors is the pressure sensitivity. Drawing tablets come with pressure sensitivity, levels from 300 para 3000, the harder you press on the stylus, the thicker. The line will be going with a greater number of pressure. Levels is better because it allows you to make finer distinctions if you’re a beginner, you should look for a tablet that has at least 1024 níveis de pressão. Por outro lado, if you’re a pro, your tablet definitely should have at least 2048 níveis de pressão. Em segundo lugar, categories i’d like to mention that there are three different categories to be aware of. If you’re new at this tablet, computers, graphics tablets and pressure, sensitive pen displays the tablet computers can be adapted for drawing with an app on graphics tablets. You draw directly onto it with a stylus and the pressure sensitive pen displays are hooked up to a monitor next size. Size is another important factor make sure you don’t confuse the active area size with the tablet size, because the tablet size includes the tablet casing and the surrounding area as well. Bigger is better because a bigger active area will allow you to work on larger drawings. More easily next responsiveness, na maior parte do tempo, the responsiveness depends on the tablet’s drivers. This factor refers to the speed in which lines that you’re drawing show up on the display. The first thing that you should check is what type of software the tablet uses and also check out customer reviews, because they might be very helpful and, Finalmente, vida útil da bateria, something else that’s important is battery life.

You should look out for drawing tablets that have at least three to four hours of battery life. The battery life all depends on how you’re going to use the tablet, but don’t promise long hours of drawing without charging, but you should at least have an idea of the tablet’s total expected battery life. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our top five picks for drawing tablets in 2020 at number five it’s, the huion inspiroi q11k, one of the best graphics tablet. Manufacturers in the market is huion. Over the last few years, they’ve managed to produce some excellent drawing tablets. One of the best is the weon inspiroi. Q11K i’d highly recommend this drawing tablet not only to people that are experienced with tablets, but also to beginners. It has a pretty nice design and the working area is 11 de 7 polegadas, which is good enough. As soon as you open. The box you’ll realize that the company is serious about providing quality to its customers in the box. You’Ll find a tablet. A pen pen stand tablet, Cabo, usb type, a to micro, Usb, a wireless receiver driver installation, cd, 8 caneta, nib replacements and a user manual. The design of this one is pretty sleek and simple. The surface of the tablet is very smooth and it has enough texture to prevent you from sliding on the bottom of the tablet. There are four rubber feet and they do a pretty good job.

Moving on to the pen, which is made of full matte plastic with an interesting design that feels very comfortable to hold on the top, it has the charging hole for plugging in the pen charging cable. This tablet has 8192 níveis de pressão, sensitivity which deliver ultimate accuracy and incredible performance. It has a built in 2500 mah lithium ion battery, which can be used without being connected for about 40 horas, which is amazing, with 2.4g wireless connection, eight customizable shortcut keys, 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. This tablet managed to take place in our top five picks because it’s one of the best at number, four it’s, the weon 1060 mais, if you’re looking for a nice, looking large graphics tablet that comes at a good price point, the weon 1060 plus might be the One for you, this one has a very nice looking design and it’s made of textured hard plastic inside the box. You’Ll find the tablet stylus usb cable driver disk, usb charging cable for the stylus and the manual. It has a pretty solid, build quality and it’ll. Última. You for years, without a problem, it comes with 12 express keys that act as shortcuts to preset functions. Além disso, you should also know that there are 16 soft keys on the drawing surface, that you can access with a great stylus, something i don’t like about this. One is the position of the usb port. The usb port is placed in the middle and when you use the express keys, your hands will be over the wire.

Na maioria das vezes, no entanto, that’s a minor disadvantage, and i don’t think it’ll affect your work. The stylus, Por outro lado, is well built, and it has a slight texture to it that doesn’t slip. Este tem 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and you can enjoy accurate and smooth lines when using this one it’s compatible with windows, xp vista 7, 8. 10, mac, 10.7.4 or higher it has a 10 de 6.25 inch active area. Something else i should mention is that this one works pretty well with photoshop. Contudo, i noticed it didn’t mesh a hundred percent with photoshop. It may not be the best, but it still does a pretty good job and the best thing about it is. It comes at a very reasonable price. It has many more great features that you should check out and see if this is the one you were looking for at number three it’s, the wacom intuos ctl 4100. Seguindo em frente, we have an amazing tablet, this time from wacom it’s the into our ctl 4100. This one is a great drawing tablet for beginners wacom leads the industry in this segment and with the into our ctl 4100. The company has proven that it’s one of the best. This one has excellent pressure, sensitive pen, Controle, great size and affordable price, and many more great features that might help you a lot. This one has a screen free design. The drawing surface of the tablet corresponds to your monitor, meaning it works like a track pad.

This may sound counter intuitive, but after you use it for a week or two you’ll get used to it. The drawing surface of the intuos ctl 4100 é 7.9 de 6.3 inches large that’s, pretty generous and, on top you’ll, find five express keys that have a convex shape to dull its function for resting the pen. The middle button works as a power button, and it also is helpful for setting up the bluetooth connection. You can customize the other four buttons, depending on your preference and needs. The pen, Por outro lado, is just amazing. It feels great in hand and on its side, you’ll find two buttons that can be customized to your liking, é, a well built tablet and it’s made from a smooth plastic that feels excellent and will fit right into your office desk or home studio. Underneath you’ll find full rubber pads that’ll provide grip, so the tablet won’t slide around it’s a very great tablet, and i would highly recommend this one to you if you’re a beginner and want a tabletthat’s not very expensive, but has plenty of great features at number. Two it’s the wacom cintiq pro 24. Another great tablet from wacom is the cintiq pro 24. This one is the perfect drawing tablet, as it can also act as a standalone pc, thanks to its large size, excellent screen best in the industry, pen and wacom pro engine it’s, one of the best. Without a doubt, no entanto, i should mention that this product is pricey and is mainly designed and manufactured for professionals that require the best accuracy and colors, but if your job requires those it’ll justify its price, this tablet has a pretty cool design and the tablet itself measures.

26.65 de 15.5 inches and is designed to sit on a desk and be sure to have space for it compared to other all in ones. This one feels and looks very chunky, but it is a professional drawing tablet, so that justifies the decision of building it like this it’s very comfortable to work with, and it has a very solid build quality. It has a great rear stand that doesn’t move around the wacom cintiq. Pró 24 comes with a pro pen 2, like the cintiq 16, and it offers a perfect 8 192 níveis de sensibilidade de pressão, which is amazing. The pen delivers the best drawing experience in the market as it’s super accurate and is extremely versatile. Working with a wide range of software i’ve been quite impressed with this one it’s a very expensive drawing tablet. But if you want one of the best, you should consider taking a look at this beast and at number one it’s, the wacom intuos pro. As our topic. We have the wacom intuos pro for creating digital art. You need special tools and those don’t get better than wacoms. It leads the industry in this segment and it has set the standard for other companies. It has a wide range of drawing boards. I was particularly impressed with the wacom intuos, which was excellent for beginners. Thanks to its excellent pressure, sensitive pen, Controle, good size, good features and affordable price, if you want to get started with digital art, este é o caminho a percorrer.

It has a nice design with an active area of 8.82 de 5.83 polegadas. It feels really nice to use and it works well on a desk or your lap. It has a very impressive build quality and the tablet itself looks pretty good thanks to the sleek black modern design. The surface of the intuos pro offers a good amount of resistance, and it feels very natural to move the pen around. Além disso, the pen feels great as well it’s thin and very comfortable to use. I noticed that the grip of the pen feels comfortable over long periods and it won’t slip. The device has eight express keys and four have tactile. Feedback which is great buttons, are very smooth, and then one button has a raised line and the other has a raised dot. This is a minor detail, but it’s very useful because it allows you to distinguish between buttons without the need to look down. Moreover, the intuos pro delivers 2048 levels of pen pressure, sensitivity and tilt recognition. You can zoom pan and navigate, naturally with gestures on the multi touch surface of this one. It has many more great features that you should check out and see if it’s the one for you, because the intuos pro is, without a doubt, a worthy purchase thanks for watching. Espero que tenha gostado do vídeo., if you found it helpful, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this in the future.