6 inch 1080p ips usbc touchscreen monitor in this review, i’ll be taking an in depth. Look at this monitor its display quality and characteristics, Funcionalidade, projeto, build quality and more special thanks goes to wimaxit for providing this review unit. Let’S start off with the design and build quality. This portable touch monitor has a black aluminium body which gives the device a premium. Look and feel the device is well built and feels very sturdy when handling it. Na mão esquerda, side we can see the left speaker and several input methods more on that later, na mão direita, side we have the right speaker, osd controls and headphone jack. The back of the device has two points in the top right and left corners and four points in the center. The two points in the corners are used for mounting the useful included wraparound monitor, cover accessory, which functions similar to a tablet folio case. The four points in the center are vasa mounting points. This is something that is great to see, because it means that, if you wanted to, you could even use vase amounts with this monitor and make it a part of your permanent stationary desk setup. The front of the device consists mostly of the display panel itself. Bezels are thin around the top left and right edges with the chin lining the bottom now let’s take a look at the display, panel’s characteristics and quality the device sports a 15.6 polegada.

16X9. 1080P 12 bit ips touchscreen display the display has a 60hz refresh rate and 250 nits of maximum brightness. Subjectively contrast, colors and saturation are great. Blacks are deep, with no noticeable backlight bleed and colors are vivid and nicely saturated. Viewing angles are also pretty good, which is characteristic of an ips panel. This panel also has 12 bit color support, which is nice for those looking to use this monitor for photo or video editing. The panel’s 1080p resolution is also great for the 15.6 inch size offering good pixel density and image sharpness, even when placing the monitor at a close viewing position. Brightness is one area that could use improvement depending on your user’s scenario. 250 nits is more than enough for indoor usage, no entanto, in outdoor direct sunlight, this may not be enough if you primarily aim to use your portable monitor outdoors and especially in direct sunlight. I recommend getting a portable monitor with a brighter panel like, por exemplo, the wemaxed 14 inch portable touch, monitor, que tem 400 nits peak brightness. This portable monitor is also capable of touch. The touchscreen digitizer is very accurate and has no issues handling complex touch, gestures and movements. The digitizer is also capable of registering multiple finger touches simultaneously. Conectividade, Sábio, the wimaxit portable touch, monitor, is equipped with two usb c ports: one hdmi port, one micro, usb port and one headphone jack. The first usb c port labeled type c allows for video audio power and touch input to the monitor through a single usb c.

Cable: this is super useful because it means you can use the monitor directly with your phone tablet, laptop desktop or other usbc device with just one usbc cable. This feature allows for some interesting use. Cases like turning your phone into a makeshift tablet when connected with android desktop mode or samsung dex or easily expanding your screen real estate on the go with your laptop, the second usb c port labeled power can be used to solely provide additional power to the monitor. Por exemplo, when connecting the monitor to usb c phone, the womaccent monitor will be limited in terms of maximum brightness. Neste caso,, if you want to be able to use the full range of brightness, then you can either provide additional power through the power usbc port or through the micro usb port. Por outro lado, if you want to connect the wimaxit portable touch monitor to a device that does not have usb c, then you can still do so. Por exemplo, if i wanted to connect the wi maxx monitor to my desktop, which doesn’t have usb c, then i must use hdmi and the included usb c to usb a cable. This allows both power to pass to the monitor and enables the touch capability. Even when connected to my non usb c desktop located on the left and right hand, sides of the portable monitor are the stereo speakers they get loud and are fine for things like watching videos, but the speaker’s sound quality is mediocre, so you can expect it to Sound just like what you’d hear from a mid range tablet.

If you want a better audio experience, you’ll need to connect some headphones or speakers through the provided, headphone jack on the right of the device or directly to the device that the monitor is being connected to. On the lower right hand, side of the wimaxit portable touch monitor are the controls for input, selection and osd. If you single press the exit button, the input selection menu will show up which will manually, allow you to switch between usb c and hdmi input or leave it on auto select, which will choose the input source for you. We can open up the osd menu by pressing the navigation nub inside. This opens up the picture sub menu which allows you to control brightness contrast, black level, equalization and game mode. I could not find any documentation on game mode, but what it seems to do is slightly boost brightness or colors, depending on which game mode profile is chosen. If we press the navigation nub inside once more we’ll enter the sub menu and be able to make changes. If we don’t press the nub inside, we can push it up or down to cycle through the other sub menus and settings. The next sub menu is osd setting which allows you to change osd position, transparency and timeout after that is color effect, which has controls for saturation hue and sharpness. Next is temperature, which allows you to control your portable monitor’s temperature shift, which is useful if you prefer a cooler or warmer screen or want to balance your portable monitor’s color.

Reproduction next is option which has some miscellaneous settings, then there’s advance, which has a couple of interesting features: ultra hdr mode forces the display into hdr mode. This display does support hdr input, and this may be a useful feature for those looking to watch. Hdr content on this portable monitor eye protection makes the screen warmer and is essentially the night shift feature that you can find on your phone. 3D. Sound applies, some sort of spatial sound effect to all audio and, Finalmente, is the reset menu where you can reset or auto adjust your settings. The maxed portable touch monitor also comes with a couple of included accessories in the box. Há, the pre attached collapsible folio case a usb c to usb a cable, a usb c to usb c cable, an hdmi cable, an ac adapter and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the glass. This concludes the review of the 15.6 inch with maxxit portable touchscreen monitor thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed this review.