It was about this big and you could stick a screen onto it so that the PlayStation basically was a screen as well a bit like a Nintendo DS. Well little did I ever expect that they would do the same thing, but for the PS5. This is a monitor that you can attach to your PS5 console and lets not forget just how insanely big this console is. Lets say that youre in the very very specific situation where youre a student youve got only the space on your desk and everything else is for like clothes and pot noodles. Well then, maybe this is the monitor that you should be looking at this space. On top of the PS5 is completely wasted. You cant really put anything on top of it. I mean you can put a controller. I cant even really balance this. This well, actually, its fine, actually its not so bad lets see. If this g story 15.6 inch monitor, is actually the one we should to be looking at looking at getting, I dont know what Im saying this was sent to me directly from Gs story, but if you are buying this at retail, this goes for 270 dollars. For the HD version and 370 dollars for the 4K version or the 2K version with 120 hertz, you would think that if youre monitorable 4K, that you would put a sticker on the box, but I dont know – maybe they just sent me the wrong one.

So this is the box for the G Story. The model is the gs156pu, obviously, because its a 15.6 inch monitor, also its not for PS5 its for P5, so or maybe PS. I dont know what its for get it out of the box and Im going to be kind of gentle with it, because it is a monitor its not like control. Usually, when I unbox controllers on this channel, I like to throw them across this the room before I even use them. I think this is like some kind of AC power adapter. No, what is this? Okay? This is the actual little adapter stuff that were going to need to plug it in take off the polystyrene or styrofoam. I dont really remember what this is called. It kind of looks like someone cut a PS5 in half and only gave me half of it. Lets open this up like so and all right, not bad. It has got very, very PS5 styling. You can see the speaker. Placement is a little bit strange because actually theres not enough volume for a speaker on this side. So theyve got a speaker here where theres enough volume here and then another speaker over here, because then theres actually space to put the innards of the speaker underneath the plastic weve got all of our function: buttons here, menu Source, enter, left and right power buttons. Two headphone jacks on the front. Aha, it apparently is a 4K monitor.

It says 4k on the plugs, but for whatever reason it doesnt say 4k on the box. So, as you can see here, weve got HDMI port. One is 4K at 30 Hertz and Port 2 is 4 okay at 60 hertz. This is nice. An infrared, remote control for a gaming monitor its kind of unusual Im, actually really grateful that this sort of thing exists using on screen displays using the buttons built into these monitors is always a faff like you have to like press the menu button to go back. Im really glad that theres a remote control included in the Box, because I can use it a bit more like a TV weve, also got this HDMI cable. Oh I see I was like. Why is this such a short HDMI, cable included in the box and its because, obviously, when its sitting on top of the PS5 you havent got very far to go, Ive got one very specific plan that probably no one else is gon na bother doing, but it Involves my PlayStation 5, this Monitor and my car lets see how successful it goes. Remove the upper cover of the gate. I thought I was just gon na dig these spikes into the top of the console, but it says right here: you need to remove the top cover of your PlayStation in order to install this. This is the most nerve wracking thing Ive ever done. Do you lift up and then pull lets watch a YouTube.

Video remove PS5 cover, oh my okay! Well, that was terrifying, and I never want to do that again, and this is the monitor it looks like its just going to slide on top like so and really you cant get it wrong, its just kind of aligns itself and then oh nice and easy thats. Actually, crazy, all right lets open it up. So now we can have a look at our monitor, installed. Ps5 wow, it looks like someone overfilled like a Subway sandwich with like too many things, its a PS5 Monitor and, as you can see, it is built in so well that I cant actually figure out, which part is original console and which part is just the new Monitor so lets go ahead and plug this on here we want 4K 60. I cant really think of a reason why we would want 4K H uh 4K 30, but they have given it to us as an option for some reason really that trees not included. If you do not already have a stand for your PS5 to lie it down flat or maybe through yours away, theyve included this in the Box Im, not 100 sure which one is which all right everything is plugged in now lets go ahead and turn it on. So PS5 go by the way. This is actually the first time that Ive ever played my PS5 in 4k, because I dont actually own any 4K monitors, thats ridiculous, its kind of crazy, but I just havent, played anything in 4k on my PS5, even though thats kind of one of the main features Available on it, Im so used to seeing this screen in HD – and you know I can usually see the pixels here and there oh yeah.

This is this – is so much nicer than using ons. You know on device buttons, Ive got it at maximum volume. Now lets see how this feels: okay, whoa its quite a reasonable speaker, its really sharp, which Im kind of Blown Away Im not going back to full HD after this racing games are so much easier on YouTube on a dual sense: controller driving of the wheel. So much harder, whoa right up close Im Im desperately searching for pixels, but I cant see anything even right up up close, I cannot see a single Pixel. I would like to drive the ND MX 5 in real life, but not so much that I would kind of sell my current car a bit of a glitch. But when it sees the mute Mark here in the corner, it wont bring up any other things on screen. If I press the menu button here and take that off the screen, then I can access the menu from here.