. The Windows handhelds that handle PS2 games well are easily in the 600 to 1000 price range and actual PS2 portables are just as expensive.. I get asked a lot about why I dont talk about PS2 emulation on Android or why I have negative statements about PS2 emulation. Whenever I do talk about the subject. Today, we are going to take an in depth. Look at PS2 emulation on Android, where it is why it sucks and some cheaper alternative options. First lets go over the two emulators that currently exist. On one side, you have the Play Emulator, which is free and open source.. It has low to non existent compatibility with most games, but it does receive regular updates. Based on the Github page. The most recent changes to the emulator came this week., Even though the emulator doesnt run well on Android right now, as youll see in a moment, all the work done by its development is to the betterment of everyone. Since the code is open source., It takes a lot of time and effort to do something like this, and the developer is only bringing in less than 100 per month with the support of his patrons.. Just to put this into perspective, the Citra emulator brings in 3x. This amount and the Wii U emulator brings in 27x it.. Obviously with that last one, there is a clear and added benefit to immediately supporting the project, but it still illustrates the point.. On the other hand, we have the DamonPS2 emulator known more commonly as PS2 Emulator DamonPS2 PPSSPP PS2 PSP PS2 Emu.

. The Best part about this thinly veiled attempt to steal traffic from the PSP emulator is that Damon can’t even play PSP games.. This emulator is free with a ton of ads and limited options or with no ads and a one time fee.. It costs 10 on the Google Play Store or 6 here in China. Scummy naming practices aside its completely closed source has online only DRM and requires a ton of invasive permissions to run.. Until very recently. It also saw almost no meaningful app development for years. Theres. Also, a whole side point of the developer, stealing his code from the PCSX2 emulator that Im not even going to bother going into in this video since the Damon team denies it every time someone talks about it, even though it is most likely the case., With the Popularity of the app the developer has probably brought in a quarter of a million or more from app sales data packages for downloading ROMs and ad revenue from free users, but none of the app development that comes from that money benefits anyone else, except for the Damon Team. Now that weve got that baseline out of the way, I have a very exaggerated example to illustrate the performance gap between these two emulators at this point. On phone number 1 Im using the Play Emulator running on a Snapdragon 888 processor in the Red Magic 6 Phone. On phone number, 2 Im using the Damon PS2 emulator version 4.

0 running on a Snapdragon 636 processor in the Redmi Note: 5 Pro.. I picked this phone because its the weakest Android phone that I have access to.. The 636 is by no means a bad processor, but the difference in power between these two phones is enormous.. I have a total of 4 games that we are going to examine for this section and we are going to start off each game using the Play Emulator on the Red Magic 6. For our first game lets take a look at Final Fantasy 10, since that is A game that has traditionally always been able to run well on Damon., The FPS counter is cut off in the Play, emulator, so focus instead on the FPS counter from the phone itself.. Okay, now lets take a look at the same game on the 636.. The game still isnt running full speed, but it is running a lot better.. You can see the FPS counter on screen with this phone, but you should just ignore it, since its bogus. For the second game lets. Take a look at Kingdom Hearts, 1 on the Red Magic 6.. Unfortunately, this game crashes. When you get to this point and doesnt progress further. Before this point, it was running very slow. Here it is again on the 636., Its running a little slow, but it is at least playable. Now for something where the gap isnt as large heres Kingdom Hearts. 2. On the Red Magic 6.

– Here it is again on the 636. And finally, I was able to find one game that ran worse on the 636. Heres Odins Sphere, on the Red Magic 6., And here it is again on the 636. Whats, the big takeaway from this Test, Basically, even with the most powerful processor, you can currently buy the Play Emulator isnt at the point where it can compete or be a viable option against a budget Snapdragon processor running the Damon PS2 emulator. Thats, the reality of the situation.. With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the DamonPS2 emulator itself to see what it is like to use both versions of the emulator before finishing up with what I believe is a far superior option.. When you first install Damon PS2, you are going to be greeted with some of the harsh realities of using this emulator.. It requests location access as a way of serving you ads and phone access for who knows what reason. The ads that you see and the severity of the ads themselves also varies depending on where you live.. If you install the version 3.3 from the Play, Store, youll get ads from Google that are fairly harmless and can usually be dismissed immediately or after a few seconds. On the Chinese version. The ads are way worse in severity and in length., Since version 4.0 isnt out. Yet and version 3.3 is utter trash that should not be used. You will see this through the experience of using this in China.

. After you accept the app permissions, you will be prompted to do a bunch of extra nonsense that will cause you to watch a ton of ads.. Whenever you want to play a game, you will need to generate a coin from watching an ad.. If, for whatever reason you get the desire to load a save state after you just started up the game that will also cost you one more ad.. If you switch over to another app on your phone and come right back to the emulator thats, going to cost you another ad., Even exiting out of the game, will cost you another ad.. This repeated bombardment of ads is supposed to ultimately get you to fork over the 10, but you dont really get anything else for that money over the free version.. There are a lot of options that are not accessible unless you pay money, but none of them really do anything.. If a game doesnt load with the default settings, it wont magically work from using the available presets for best compatible or fastest frame rate.. The one setting that does matter over everything else is the default, rendering resolution. For some dumb reason. This is set to 2x out of the box, which requires a really powerful phone to use.. As an example, heres KH1 again with the rendering resolution set to 2x., And here it is with the 1x setting.. Fortunately, you can change this on the free version of the app, but this is only if you use the app with 1x from the get go.

. If you have started to use the app with 2x and later change, it youll notice that it wont actually use the lower option.. If you have the paid version, it also wont go any higher.. This will happen for any game that you open. The game parameter, settings window and afterward hit, save and exit. Fixing. This awesome feature is going to require you to reinstall the app and eat 5. More ads. Just make sure you dont use the game, parameter settings option and you wont ever have to deal with this. Before just recently. None of this trouble was even worth going through, since the emulator was trash even on high end phones.. The 4.0 update makes the emulator somewhat decent even for low end phones like the 636., The only other downside, besides the ads in the free version and the crazy permissions is the always online DRM.. If you are going to be forced to always have an active internet connection to use the emulator, you are better off going with the alternative option that is free for better performance and compatibility.. For this method, I am going to use Steam Link to stream PS2 over from my headless mini PC.. Youll need to be on the same network as the PC or have a VPN connection to your home internet.. If this isnt an option for you, there are plenty of streaming services that will allow you to stream the PS2 emulator to your Android device, but thats beyond the scope of this video.

. The first step that we need to handle is adding the emulator to our Steam. Library. Click, add a game at the bottom and then click add a non Steam game. In the next window. That comes up click browse and find the EXE file for the emulator. On your computer., Then click add select programs.. After that the program will be listed in Steam and it will be available in Steam. Link. Back on your device launch Steam Link from the app store.. It should scan and correctly find the computer running Steam on your network.. Select the computer and complete the pairing process., It will conduct a network test after the device is paired.. If you are using a 5GHz connection, you should not have issues getting to 100.. If you do, you can head into the streaming settings and change the quality of the video. Im going to set my video quality to beautiful.. You can also configure the controller that youll be using or go with the touch controller. If youre lucky, the emulator will pick up your controller without any extra work.. If not, you will have to configure them on the computer. And thats. All there is to it., With this method, youre only limited by your connection, speed and the computer that is emulating the game.. As long as your phone has the ability to connect to a 5GHz wifi signal, this will give you the best compatibility and performance possible at this. Point.

Damon might be a lot better than the Play Emulator with the current 4.0 release, but it is nowhere near as good as the official emulator. As long as Damon has online only DRM. This workaround makes perfect sense to use.. Hopefully this video helped. You learn the ins and outs of emulating PS2 on Android.. If you have any other questions, leave them down below.. I did a larger video showcasing how to set up a bunch of other emulators for Android that you can see on screen now.. If you have any questions, leave them down: below.