, what an ambitious name for a product. This has, of course, nothing to do with the playstation. It is in fact a small retro gaming stick plug it into any hdmi tv or monitor and enjoy over 10 000 retro classic arcade games built in now. You can play from a whole bunch of different systems like cps main arcade, snares, nes, ps1, gb, gba and lots more, and you can also add your own games to this unit. Now the ps3000 is powered by a cortex a7 dual core chip, so it should run all the included games, nice and smooth. Now this little console stick is priced only 52 and for that price you get two wireless game controllers which are powered by two aaa batteries and they function via usb dongle. So this single usb dongle will function both game controllers at the same time for some multiplayer gaming action. So quick, look at the gaming stick. I’Ve got no idea why it says 4k on here, because it’s definitely not going to be 4k. Now, on the side, we have a power button, a micro usb slot, and that has a 64 gig card already installed on the back. You’Ve got a micro, usb power port and a standard usb a, and we have nothing on this side. So that is pretty much it hdmi port, plug it directly into your tv. If your tv is already crammed with hdmi ports – and you can’t fit this in and that’s when you would use this extension cable to plug that in and then this regular cable goes into your tv now, i’ve already got my small monitor over here waiting the connection For that monitor is here, so i can just plug that in plug in the power cable Applause and plug in the single usb dongle, and that is it you’re ready to play all right.

So here we are when you first turn on the unit. You will see this gaming list. Our controller is ready to go and you can see over here the format so the game format cps page one of 930, and if we hit the back button once you will see 10 227 games. Now you got some subcategories at the top class history collection and search, and you change between them with the top l1 button over here you can see all the formats. So if there’s a certain format you want to play like ps1, for example, you can hit the a button and it will load up just the ps1 title. So we have three pages of ps1 titles. Let’S go ahead and play some games on this and see how it handles so. It looks like this is the player 2 controller, so i’m on this side, pretty smooth gamepl there’s no lag at all. Oh 13 hit combo on me. There you go just switch to player, one controller, so keep start and select pressed. You will see a main menu where you can save state, restart, load state check out the controls or you can quit game. So if we quit the game that will take us back to the games list, so let’s keep testing out these games Music soon, all right, so that was ps1 we’re, going to try a few arcade titles. Now, Music, ready, you’re, not limited to small monitors. You can hook this up to your main screen as well, so here’s, some big screen gaming for you guys, so there you have it guys.

That was the latest ps 3000 arcade gaming tv stick now. This was just simply super fun to review and play around with. I just can’t believe how many games they managed to fit on such a compact device and all the games i tested played super smooth with no lag or overheating issues, but that being said, this product could have been much better if it was actually running android and Allowed you to use it as an android tv stick for streaming, your movies and videos, but instead this is predominantly a gaming. Stick it’s running linux with retro arch, and if i try to power on without the sd card, it will simply tell me to insert the card to continue now. The game controllers are pretty decent. They remind me of the old ps2 controllers, but feel slightly cheaper in quality, but they are still very comfortable to use and the games play great with them. I didn’t have to map any controls. Everything is mapped for you now. You can pick up the ps 3000 for only 52 or 41 pounds in the uk and for that price. This is easily great value for money and it will certainly bring back some old school memories that you guys can enjoy on any hdmi display, and it supports two players. Now i will leave the links in the description in case. You guys want to check this out for yourselves and if there is any coupon discount code, i will chuck that in for you that’s all for this video.

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