This is a prototype tablet from 2001 and it works though it needs a hard drive. It has very little information on it if you’re curious, there’s, all the information you can find about it, i’ll even tell you what the model is. It is a model t tab, dash b, 10 there’s, no pictures of this on the internet. There are no record of this existing. There is um none for sale on ebay, so good luck, finding one um! Apparently this one is designed to run windows. Xp tablet edition it’s got an intel, pentium mobile processor. In it it has a fingerprint scanner right here. It has two stereo speakers right here and stereo microphones up here. It has a anti glare coating on the display. This is the kind of tablet that needs a um stylus to actually work with it, because you can’t do anything else. Otherwise, um i’ll show you around it. This bottom port here is a docking station port, so apparently there’s a docking station made for this right. There is your power in jack. I have tested this, it does work, but i don’t know what happened to the power supply. I don’t know where it is so over here we have uh, ethernet and modem. We have here. We have audio in and out and over here we have one single, usb and mini vga. Some of you may remember the mini vga from apple computers. So i guess i’ll give you a bit of an idea as to who probably made this.

Whoever made that for apple made this as well and i’ll, get to who made this in a bit: um there’s a single firewire, another single usb, probably 1.1 um. It looks like we have a compact flash slot and a what is that one. So we have a compact flash and we have, i think, that’s a card bus, one and uh so like back to the uh thing back here: here’s your model and um. So this is made by a company called tatum that’s uh. What it says says it right: there t a t: u n g company. This was made in 2001.. Like i said, it’s even got this little weird nubbin thing here. I guess that’s, where you’d hook a lanyard or something, but i don’t know maybe it’s – for a kensington lock of some kind, no wait, there’s a kensington lock. So i have no idea what that’s for maybe it’s a no, because this is a control. Stick right here. Anyway, um here’s, where the battery is dead, completely dead, um one of a kind battery. Of course, can’t can’t buy a replacement for this look at fingerprint scanner, so i bet you’re wondering so. How did i get this? How did i get a prototype tablet from the year 2001? Well, it wasn’t hard. You see, i got it from a surplus store in portland, oregon and um that’s. All i can say about that. Really i got it from a surplus store for 50 cents or 10 dollars.

I forget how much i paid for it wasn’t very much and it was sold as being not working, but i think the only thing about it that doesn’t work is the fact it doesn’t have a hard drive in it and i’ve actually taken this thing. Apart and it’s built exactly like a like a laptop of the era, so it’s got a laptop motherboard in it. It’S got a laptop fan. It’S got a laptop cpu. It’S got basically all laptop hardware inside of it, and actually, if you wan na tap into this and use a keyboard and mouse with it, you can because it has usb ports on it. I just wouldn’t recommend it. I mean you’d have to lay it up like this and then you’d have to find uh. Oh well, apparently it used to have a kickstand, but it doesn’t anymore, but um you’d have to have some way to hold it up, so you can use as a monitor. Well, the whole all in one computer thing there really isn’t much. I can say about this. Besides what i just said about it: it’s uh i don’t have an operating system for it. I don’t have a hard drive for it. I have no way of putting an operating system on it. I don’t have a stylus for it. I have no way to use it. I don’t know much about it. I haven’t been able to find any information on it. I haven’t been able to find a manual for it.

I haven’t been able to find any information on it whatsoever, so i know it’s a prototype. I know that much so this is a very early, very, very early tablet pc. So for those of you who think that the ipad was the first tablet, pc well you’re dead, wrong, you’re, very, very wrong. This is the this is probably the first, if not one of the first tablets to ever be mass produced and this one wasn’t even mass produced. This was like, i said it was a prototype. This yeah, if you look up the model on this thing, you won’t find anything on it. Um it’s all made out of metal too the uh the frame of it. You would think this is plastic, but it’s not it’s, like some kind of magnesium um composite and then the back of this is also some kind of magnesium composite but yeah. This is a prototype. Um tablet pc. Sorry, i can’t show you it booting up um.