This is their ek01 Advanced, ergonomic split keyboard, and this keyboard can support up to three different devices: two Bluetooth devices and one via a USB dongle and 2.4 gigahertz. It does have backlighting to it and a bunch of other features that were going to check out right now: laughs, foreign okay. So this is everything that you get once you get everything out of the box. Of course, youre going to get the main keyboard itself, its got a split ergonomic design to it its got an integrated wrist rest, which I really like as well super comfortable uh. So lets take a look at the user manual that comes with this. Now you can hook up three different devices, one via 2.4 gigahertz, uh, USB dongle and then two of via Bluetooth, a low energy. This is written in English, well laid out its not micro print, so youre not going to need a magnifying glass to read it and had a lot of good information on how to get everything set up and take care of your device. So I would hold on to this: if you do need it for a reference, you do get that in the box. Now you also get a charge cable for this, its a standard USB, a type, a two USB type c cable, and you can plug this into any laptop or USB port on your PC to recharge the 1100 milliamp rechargeable battery thats in this or you can just Charge it up using an AC to USB charge power adapter, if you want to now it has an 1100 milliamp battery in it, and it will last up to 100 hours of usage on that 1100 milliamp battery.

This does have three levels of backlight brightness as well. I will get into that in just a few moments. You can see with the layout of the keyboard that your hands are more natural in this state, so its going to take a lot of cramping off of your wrists here, you can see with this wrist rest. It does have some memory foam in there feels very nice. Its got a kind of leather at type covering over it super comfortable to use, and I didnt have any problems in my testing on that. You do have a some media controls in the middle here. So theyve made some use out of the way that the keyboard is designed and, of course, all your function, controls that you would normally find are up top now. On the right hand, side it is a full 106 keyboard. So, of course, youre going to have your numpad on the right hand, side you are going to have three mode switches here, one for 2.4 gigahertz, one for Bluetooth, one and one for Bluetooth. Two now on the bottom, weve got four uh flip outs here, and this is important because normally on most keyboards you, you just see them at the top and it kind of angles the keyboard, the back of the keyboard up. But this one will actually angle it and raise it up from your palm side, so say youre using a standing desk and you need a little bit more height or you just want to elevate that up uh in the back.

You can as well – and this will give you a five degree angle on that as well, so you do have your 2.4 gigahertz dongle that can be stored in the bottom of the keyboard. This can plug into any uh PC or Mac laptop. However, you want to hook this up and you can use this for that. Youd have a dedicated on and off switch here. If you do need to turn it off. For any reason, you can do that as well. These are scissor switches, Im going to give you a little typing test to hear what it sounds like foreign okay. So, as you heard, they are scissor switchers, theyre, not mechanical switches, but they do have a nice feedback to them when I am typing on them. So I have no problems with this. In my typing tests, it was very comfortable to type on uh and overall, an enjoyable typing experience. Now the ek01 has three levels of backlight brightness to it, and it is just white, so youre not going to get crazy. Rgb colors with this, but you do get three levels of back lighting here and it is evenly distributed through. The keys looks very good when its on uh it will eat into your battery life a little bit if you constantly leave it on, but it does have some ways of saving that by timing out when youre, not using the keyboard and the keyboard itself, will time Out after 30 minutes of not using it now hooking, this up is pretty simple using these utility buttons at the top.

First one is for 2.4 gigahertz, which youll just have to plug into your USB, but pairing it to a Bluetooth device. You just have to hold down one of the Bluetooth buttons until you see a quick flashing light, there means Im in pairing mode, so Im going to hook this up to my Galaxy. Tab S8 plus well go into Bluetooth and it should come right up as the Proto Arc ek01 and it does so there you go, you just click on that. It will ask for a pairing request and it is super fast to pair. As you can see. I am now connected and ready to go, so if I do want to tap out some notes or something like that on this device, I can easily do so. Just by going to my notes, app bringing up a note and then I can type away and no problems whatsoever. I didnt notice any latency using this via Bluetooth, so this works out really really well and what I like about it is the fact that I can have this hooked up to two other devices. So I can just press another button to go back to my PC or the third button on the right there for a second Bluetooth device as well. So overall that has got some great utility to it. So, overall, as a split keyboards go and its taking me a little while to get used to it, this worked out really really well for having your hands in a position that isnt going to add a lot of strain, of course, on the front youre going to Find your USB type c port, where you can plug this in to recharge your battery, but it shouldnt be an option as long as you plug it in once every couple days or something like that to top it off or maybe before you go to bed at Night or something pretty simple to do there overall, I really like how it takes the strain off my hands.

From being you know straight forward towards the keyboard and theyre angled in at a natural level. I like the fact that you do get four levelers for the back and the front of the keyboard. So if you have a standing desk or something like that – and you need to raise the Palm portion up as well its also going to give you a more things just to make get a perfectly comfortable for your individual hands overall, I think protoark did a great Job with the ek 01 and if youre looking for a split style keyboard, you may want to check this one out. This was Luke from Galaxy tech review.