So what is a 99 tablet? Look like what we’re going to take a look at this one from pronto tech and the folks from Excel sent us to the show to review they’re an Amazon seller and it’s, not too bad. Actually, out of all the cheap tablets, I’ve looked at over the last year, or so this one is actually ranking pretty highly. I think we’re, seeing all the technology on the really cheap stuff, starting to catch up with the more expensive stuff. Now I want to set some expectations before I get into this review. This will in no way compete with any of the Tegra based Android tablets out there. It doesn’t look as good. It doesn’t feel as good it’s, certainly not going to perform with games as well, but it is a 99 tablet that is actually quite useful. So it’s got a 10 inch screen here, it’s 1024 by 600, so you’re not going to have any high DPI Retina displays here the viewing angles: aren’t too bad on it. It’S not certainly an IPS display that will be on more expensive tablets, but you can actually look at it from a couple of different angles, at least within reason, without losing image, clarity and even functions quite well in portrait mode as well. Even though it’s a bit narrow here because it’s a very narrow, 16 by 9 display so it’s, actually a little bit more usable than some of the cheap tablets I’ve seen from other manufacturers, you got a little webcam in the front here inside it’s got a gigabyte Of SDRAM, eight gigabytes of flash storage, 802 11 and Wireless and a four hour battery, it is running Android, 4.

4 KitKat, so it’s relatively up to date with its operating system and the manufacturer says they will update it on a regular basis. They actually give you a one year warranty with this as well. I don’t have a lot of experience with the company, so I can’t really speak to the quality of that warranty, but they do say they’ll back it up for a year after purchase, which is a lot for a cheap tablets a lot of times. These manufacturers tend to disappear on board. You’Ve got a one of these all winter. Chinese chips it’s a quad core chipset. I can support 4k out the HDMI they claim. I don’t have a 4k TV right now to test it with, but they do say it’ll do that. Maybe we’ll give it a shot with some blu ray 1080 movies in a few minutes to see how it fares there, but you’ll see the performance isn’t. All that great, when you look at it, stacked up against some of the more expensive tablets out there. A one thing to note, though, is that on the Amazon page they claim it has a 1.4 gigahertz processor and all the specs that I ran against the actual hardware here, it’s only running at one gigahertz, oh it’s, even slower than they claimed it to be. But again, this is a utilitarian device on the back here, we’ve got a few little buttons and some other features. You’Ve got a 2 megapixel camera back here for taking still images and video on the front.

It’S got a little VGA camera for web chats and that sort of thing has a built in microphone here. You’Ve got your power button here and the home button. They both feel the same. So you have to kind of know where to look for them here. You’Ve got a TF card slot and in China they call these TF cards in other parts of the world. In the United States we call them micro, SD cards the same pretty much the same card. You can expand the storage there if 8 gigs is not enough for you. It’S got DC input for regular power, as well as a USB input here that you can plug in for power, and it also comes with an OTG cable. So you can use this as a USB host adapter for plugging in game controllers or memory sticks and that sort of thing as well and of course, you’ve got HDMI out here and a headphone jack plus a speaker. So that is the overall hardware. Let’S. Take a look at a couple of popular Android games, maybe one popular Android game and then we’ll. Look at some of its other performance features as well, so when on the Google Play Store tonight to try to find a popular game, that would be a good example of a real world game running on the device. So I found FIFA 15, which just came out from Electronic Arts recently, and it actually runs really well I’m, actually surprised by how nicely it does run.

Considering how low end this hardware is and I’m not sure, if maybe EA turns down some of the settings based on what it’s detecting for hardware, but this is playable, it is smooth it’s, really functional game and that’s, pretty cool that you can. You know get a more recent tablet game and actually run it at a decent clip on a 99 tablet. Now that said, when we started to look at the benchmarks involved, it tells a different story. So it’s really, you know fun to see the difference between, like a real world application and a benchmark, the 3dmark benchmark came in at 3494 that’s. You know much slower than the HP slate that we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. That runs a Tegra 4 processor by 15000, 280 and, of course, it’s a lot slower than that k1 based Nvidia shield, which clocks in at 30000 271 on the same tests. But you know for a lot of the Android games that are out there and functional right. Now this one really works quite well and is quite playable, and I think you’ll find a lot of good success, running a lot of tablet based games on this device and, of course, some of those retro emulators. I would say everything from like the 16 bit era. Backward will probably run nicely on here as well now, where a device like this really shines, is it more of these kind of utilitarian tasks like remote control, apps and email, apps and web browsing apps, and that sort of thing and a viewer of my youtube channel Veronica Burgos wrote in and wanted me to check out how this Yahtzee controller works with XBMC.

As you can see here, it works really quite nicely. This is probably the biggest remote control you’ll ever use, but it’s certainly great for those kinds of things. Maybe a 7 inch tablet might work better in this regard, but this gives you a sense that whatever runs on Android will likely run on here and because it’s running KitKat, it is fairly up to date for a lot of what might be out there. Alright, now we’re going to have some fun with this device, I installed XBMC directly on we’re, going to try to stream some stuff over my network. The first thing we’re going to try is connecting to my HD homerun, which is a great little cable tuner, that it basically takes your digital, cable and streams it over your local network. So we can get live video right to our device from my cable system, so we’re going to hit that it’s going to scroll all the way down to my HD channels, I’m, going to tune a 720p broadcast from my local Fox affiliate and just get a sense. As to how well it might be able to do that, I’ve seen this work actually quite well on iPads and other devices. This is an mpeg 2 stream, so it might be taxing the processor a little bit harder than other things might, but it is playable it’s. A little bit jumpy, the framerate is kind of breaking up a little bit. My Wi Fi access point isn’t very far away, so I don’t think this is a Wi Fi issue.

I think it’s more just the overall capabilities of the device, so not too great there. Now I did try to play back a blu ray MKV on the device it really wasn’t too good. It was a little bit jumpy on the video and the audio was really stuttering. So really is not a device designed really to playback those heavy duty files. Maybe it has something that’s like transcoded down to a more reasonable bitrate. I think it’ll actually do quite well Netflix and that sort of thing should run just fine. Unlike other tablets at this price point, it does have Bluetooth built in so I’m able to use my game controller with it, and it does work quite well when I’m trying to actually concentrate on the game and not talking to you and one thing I did find, Though is when I plugged in a Bluetooth keyboard, it was printing, nothing but Arabic for some reason, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to default back to English. So that was one issue I found with the Bluetooth, but it might have just been the keyboard. I was using, it may have just been a problematic keyboard or something like that. So but overall I have to say this: is you know for 99? This is not a bad deal.