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If you set your expectations to the price point of the inexpensive Prontotec tablet, you won’t be disappointed. In fact you might be a little surprised.

I was curious about what the low end of the Android tablet space looked like, so I picked this up to play around with it. To my surprise most of what I threw at it worked. Casual games ran nicely, all of the Google official apps (including the Play store) are accessible, and it has adequate expanded storage capabilities with the SD card slot and USB host adapter.

I did have some trouble loading in a large game, Asphalt 8, that just got stuck in the play store download process. Other apps I tried installed correctly and ran surprisingly well. The tablet response was relatively snappy and it doesn’t feel underpowered.

The screen isn’t spectacular and is at a low resolution compared to other more expensive tablets. I found that it was hard to look at while in portrait mode given the very narrow viewing angle of the display. Because of the screen’s low resolution web pages don’t look that great and you’ll be doing a lot of zooming around to properly see text on the screen.

Battery life isn’t that great either but you will get a couple of hours out of the device.

I do like the USB host port which will let you plug in USB devices like memory sticks, keyboards, and even game controllers. It has WiFi built in but I don’t believe it’s equipped with Bluetooth.

Overall ? It’s a good tablet at a really great price. I was surprised that it’s actually functional and usable.