What the low low end of the market place was for Android tablets, so I went on the Amazon Movers amp Shakers page and I found this little guy. This is the pronto tech Axios, and it is only sixty two dollars: it’s it’s, like the price of a videogame, but you get a full fledged tablet here. It does have some horsepower. It doesn’t have a lot if you’re a hardcore gamer, but if you’re a casual gamer. I think it will work just fine, really, probably a good choice for parents of children who don’t want to have 500 top dollar tablets or more destroyed by them or stolen at school, or something like that has a cortex, a8 1.2 gigahertz processor on board. So I’m running one of these 3d marks and I averaged between, like 10 to 20 frames per second it’s, usually on the lower end of that estimate. As you can see, as more things come on the screen, it tends to slow down a little bit, but not too bad. It only has 512 Meg’s of RAM, so that will limit a lot of the newer and more advanced software from running on it. But a lot of stuff on Android will run just fine with it, so I don’t think you gon na have too many issues it has the official Google Play Store on there as well. The screen resolution is very low, it’s, 800 by 480. So it’s not good. For reading it’s gon na be some issues there and I’ll show you those in a minute, and it has four gigabytes of on board storage.

The battery life is about three hours, they say on their specs and I would say that’s probably about right when you really tacks it with this kind of stuff. It really starts to drain pretty quickly so you’re not going to get like an iPad or a samsung. Note kind of use out of it, but you’ll certainly be able to use it and I’ve been pretty pretty impressed with, just though its overall usability, especially for the cost so let’s take a look at the hardware on the screen. Here, as I said, is an 800 by 480 it’s, very directional, so you have to look at it almost head on in order to really get a good view of it, and I found when it’s in this portrait orientation text. It looks really weird on the screen. So when you’re on, like browsing the web, or something like that, it looks just a little bizarre, so I’ve been too impressed with how the portrait reading goes. It does look a little bit better when you’re in landscape, it just kind of gets. You get like these weird colors on there and stuff, not even with this this background, just when you’re looking at a white page it’s hard to show on camera, but it was not a very comfortable reading device, especially in portrait mode, but hardware, wise it’s got some Some ports on board it’s got a USB port here for charging. Has a USB host adapter and we’re gon na show you how that works with this Nintendo joystick in a second, I have a headphone jack.

You can put a micro USB card in there as well and there’s also an AC adapter for charging too. So you can charge off the USB or you can charge it via the AC adapter. It has a 2 megapixel camera on the back and a little VGA camera on the front which is in the corner here. So you can do video conferencing or Google Hangouts or something like that. You get the official Google Play Store, so you can use all of the Android software stores and a store in an official way, so it’s definitely useful in that regard. It has all the official Google stuff on it and beyond that it. You know it just seems to work pretty pretty darn well. I’M, not actually I’m. Actually, really surprised. You can get a useful tablet for 62 dollars and I think perhaps the low price also sets low expectations so I’m, going to now pop in this controller into this USB host port and this host port will support other USB devices. That Android would generally support so memory sticks would probably work you could probably plug in a keyboard all sorts of things. What I want to do real, quick, though, is load up this emulator here. This is a Nintendo emulator and I am a big fan. As you know, of retro video games – and I was curious to see if I could use my retro USB device and this Nintendo controller – I reviewed this earlier in a prior video, so you can check that out, it’s a really cool device.

Ok, I had hit the wrong key, so I just figured. I would speed this up a little bit, but here you go. You can load up Megaman 2, which was one of my favorites on the old Nintendo and, as you can see here, I’m able to control it via USB and get all that working so pretty pretty cool way to get a tablet going for under 65 dollars. It’S! Really kind of a neat device, and I was impressed that it works as well as it does overall, I think it’s a pretty good little tablet. If you’re, you know looking for something somewhat useful. This is definitely somewhat useful and I think you can run a lot of Android software on it quite effectively, certainly not going to be as good as the stuff you can buy, for you know a couple hundred dollars more, but for 62 dollars, which is what it Was going for when I bought it? I think this is a pretty good deal.