So yeah, I do uh appreciate Vision projects, foreign Music, foreign, Dental uh, uh Fight Club foreign. The fighting sequence is the assistant. Most of these films kind of looks like a very planned out when youre fighting press conferences, it looks like, but the tickets, the fighting sequence of this, this for the first episode. Okay, first episode: yeah. I love how most of the actors sumo um, with the performance of okay. Yes, for the first episode, is a stepping stone from them. Okay, hopefully, projects this. This is the true hero, remind you. I could I I think, like what the okay, okay, respect. Dont worry, Music, Music bully immerse into the problems that he had that much money they dealt with it wow. If this was just for an hour episode review foreign data um, the first episode its about theres a lot of um. First of all, the apps apps Astro go to acquaintances, foreign Instagram. Thank you so much anyway, back to the project High Council, it was so good was impactful was powerful. I I um. I hope that someday. I know everything yeah these boys. All of these boys will be in the in the film okay. They were so talented, yeah again anyway, back to the project High Council, this this first episode. Second episode, do hit me bro, Im open. This is this TV series, foreign, and this is just one episode only, but I do hope the the fighting sequence for the next episode for the 10th episode, some more episodes, okay, numbers, Music on demand and astrogo.

Then this is so yeah um, hoping that this will be a big step towards giving new faces um.