I just wanted to come on here because somebody recommended that I do this because I have been raving about a whole new product that has been super useful for business and also for personal. So I dont know if you guys have heard of this. Yet it just kind of looks like a folder, I dont know its probably backwards, but it says remarkable. So this is a digital tablet, um and uh. I it comes its super affordable. I mean its like 299 dollars and if youre in business like its uh, its amazing, because its essentially a place where you can write all your notes for all the things ever, you can put multiple notebooks. So if youre like me and you like to write things down because thats how it sticks in your head, then um you end up with tons of little notes or notepads laying all over the place. And then you cant remember what note you wrote In what notepad and then you cant find the notepad or its not where, where it is, when you need it so anyway, this solves the problem. So the neat thing is that you can buy a case for it and its magnetized, so itll stick in here and keep it nice and covered. There is a stylus pen and this particular other one has a special eraser top. So that means I can write something down and just erase it so Im, not sure how well this is going to show up, but I wanted to show you how this kind of works.

Basically, you can pull down on it right, so you can pull down and go to your menu. You can pick filters or you can just go to your files and so for me, Ive got things for my networking groups. I have things for my clients. I have things for leads. I have a whole file Here For Real Estate and then I can come under my 2023 goals and oh, I need to look at my business plan, its such a great tool and I have been raving about it. So I take it with me pretty much everywhere I go because well, I just know my memory doesnt work all that well anymore, and I do better when I write it down. The neat thing about this particular product is that it doesnt really connect to the Internet. So if youre, a writer or you just really need to focus and youre constantly getting pinged by notifications or emails, or you know social media, this doesnt allow that to happen, so you can really commit to whatever it is that youre writing now it does have a Wi Fi connection that will allow you to upload and pull from some cloud based servers, so I have like OneDrive and Google Drive on here. I dont know which other ones it actually um connects to, because those are the only two that I use. But that means that I can pull a contract from the cloud put it on here.

You can sign it here and I can upload it back up where it needs to go and its already in a PDF format. So for somebody in my line of work, this is super useful. That means I dont have to actually have use a real pin to sign something and then go scan it and which is an extra step and were also busy anything that can help automate and streamline a process is to die for so I wanted to show this To you, because somebody recommended and a fellow realtor said you should do a video about that you, like it a lot and so heres the deal in three days. I will have had this for 100 days and at 100 days I will have fulfilled the 100 day. Satisfaction guarantee time frame that the remarkable program has, and after that I will get a promo code that gets you and me an extra forty dollars Im. Sorry, you want forty dollars off your new product. I think this might be worthwhile. So if this is something youre interested in, you have any questions, let me know, but Im going to give you just a quick um if I can get myself to the right spot so that I dont Mark over everything. So I just opened up a sheet and lets see here. This ones got lines on it. I dont know if you can see that super well, but you can change the template.

So if you are an artiste and you love to draw, there is a template on here for um being creative, so I dont know. Maybe that strikes some of you as something you would use, but they have a work life organized like weekly, planner storyboards. I mean theres things that youre going to use here, but Im just gon na doodle a little something for you, so you can see. Oh help, someone Im on the erase part okay, I love and now Im going to change the font to a um and change. It to a thick and Im going to change it to calligraphy, see if I did that right, thick, okay and now I can make it fancy its just as simple as that and yall. This shes, just like Etch A Sketch technology who would have thought that things we played with as kids, were, going to turn into things that we play with as adults um, but guys if you are having a hard time getting organized youre, writing notes. Youre trying to keep track of it all and you just wish you had one place, you could put it all the remarkable. Is it so that being said, Im gon na, let you go enjoy the rest of your day. If you have questions feel free to reach out, if in three days you want the promo code Ill, have it then, and I will give it to you and you may go and get yourself one in total with extras and accessories.

I think I spent about six hundred dollars and I think that included some shipping so um, because it does not come from the states. I think it comes from, like Sweden or something anyway.