I want to talk to you about and its actually one of the most exciting products Ive used in some time so, a few weeks ago, just before the holiday, I was sent this its called the shrimp mechanical keyboard compact mechanical keyboard. It is made by Nordic game Supply out of Denmark, which is also part of thunderfool games and theyre. Basically, sending these out to you know various People, Like Us outlets channels to test out as they prepare for launch of this product and getting feedback, and things like that. So Ive been using this for a little while now and Im gon na uh break all the details down for you, but Ive been very, very impressed with this, and I think that if you are someone who not only games on PC but travels, uh goes to Events goes to you know, cons and all those other things coverage, Pax, E3, Etc uh. This could be very, very helpful for you. So let me reconfigure. The camera here Ill talk about all the details and give you a closer look at. Why Ive been so impressed with this piece, all right, so heres, the shrimp keyboard boxes. I just showed you flip it over, gives you all the details. Some of the keys 20 size of a normal keyboard, obviously space saver, easy to travel with, etc, etc. But you dont want to look at the box right. So heres what comes in the box – and I must say it was neatly packaged.

Obviously you get your user manual, the unit itself, which Ill put here the wrist pad which is actually magnetic here, so it just goes boom and clicks together, which is really nice. You get a nice travel bag and its actually really nice quality. Its kind of like a velor suede, I dont, know what material that is, but its nice and thick and padded, and then you get your braided USB cable Ive been using a longer one, but this is the one that comes in the Box, um, so theres a Lot of things to break down on this, but let me talk about the actual features as it designated by Nordic game Supply. So it is a 25 key 20 size keyboard. It has gadaron G Pro mechanical switches, it has Cherry profile, keycaps has RGB illumination multimedia controls, it runs on USBC here, and it also has other things like FN function, so it has secondary functions on a lot of keys that you can use its got. A sound dampening so, instead of your standard, mechanical Clickety Clickety, this is more of a padded quieter sound, which I really really like. Hmm, the wrist pad is uh kind of gel. It says, eat sleep game over and over again and its a nice size. So when youre sitting there gaming like this its not only comfortable, but the angle is nice, it just its very ergonomic um and I you know I just really enjoyed kind of the uh making it easy.

It doesnt take a lot. A lot of space on your desk gives you more room to you, know kind of adjust your mouse, so you dont normally have to have your mouse over here away from your keyboard. If you want to move it closer and play like this, you can. The other thing I really like about this is just build quality um. One of the big things for me, when you talk about peripherals, especially in gaming, is build quality. Does it feel well made? Does it feel well constructed? Is it going to last? Is it going to take all the abuse that us Gamers give through years, and what I like about this is Its really solid its heavier than I expected it to be for this little unit here. So its got some weight to it. Like I said, the magnetic clip on here is nice. You can obviously adjust it a little bit if you want to you know, depending on the angle, but its just really well made a very nice action on the keys. These switches are very professional. This is a mute button here. So if you need to mute your mic quickly, you can just tap it um, its just its just nice, its just a nice product. If I have one small complaint, which Im going to provide feedback to Nordic game Supply on its that currently theres no adjustability in height, so as you can see, theres four padded feet here, like I said, a nice weight and, generally speaking, I like the angle as It is, I dont, have any problems with the angle, but I know for a lot of people.

They do adjust their keyboard at various different angles. You know they may want to do something like this and you just dont have that option today. Obviously I can put something under here and rest it if I, but generally speaking, itd be nice if there was some kind of adjustable height at the back of this that you could put so there is not a lot to cover here in terms of what I Can show you obviously Im not going to have you sit here, looking at my hand, pressing keys while Im playing a game um, I will plug it in here, so that you can see kind of the the way it lights up and the RGB stuff um Ive Had no problems with this in terms of a usability standpoint, its performed well on PC. You know I do most of my gaming on Console, but on PC I like to play games, for instance like World of Tanks, and if you played World of Tanks on PC, you want know how ridiculously competitive it can be, but also how precise it is and How quick you have to be and how you know, like I said its just a very competitive, detailed game, and I had no problems with this whatsoever using this, I just it. It fit kind of everything I was attempting to do and, like I said, theyre full size, keys, theyre, not anything compact Keys, it just everything works. Well, I dont really know what else to say about it.

I um Ill go ahead and switch over lets. Go ahead and switch so I can show you what this looks like plugged in so lets go ahead and do that all right so currently plugged into my PC and, like I said, theres a lot of secondary functions here. So if you use the FN key, you can turn on your RGB and, as you can see, it can alternate through a number of different things. You can flip through Cycles where its all colors, a single color. You know faster slower, your typical kind of RGB implementation um, but its uh. You know again its its just one of those things. As you can see, it looks really cool um its just. You know for fun, customization thats about all um, like I said, theres really not too much else to say on it per se. The uh LED brightness can be controlled here, so you can turn it up or down. You know, depending on the kind of environment youre in and what youd like to see. You can also click these buttons in and do it like that and have it switch back and forth. You also have this control here. This is your audio volume. So if youre, you know, if you want to turn up your mic or anything like that, you have this here. It can also, if you push this itll open your multimedia software on your actual PC. So if youve got it configured through streaming or OBS, or what have you where youre using different things, you can click this open and close that and then theres your auto mute.

So if you just want a rapid mute without touching your headset, you can do that. Like I said so, um you know theres your your color variations and all your different things. So thats, really it as you can imagine its pretty straightforward. All of us have gamed youve used the keyboard youve. You know if youre a content, creator youve used mechanical keyboards and things like this uh before so no surprises. But I would again just like to compliment uh Nordic games to play on what theyve built here itll be very, very easy to travel with. If you unplug this here magnetize here, you take this off. You slide it right in your shrimp bag to take with you, you can put the the padded part on Top, which is what I was typically typically doing. You put your USBC that it came with and there you go youre good to go and travel, and that is, as you can imagine, when youre going to events and things thats a lot easier package to travel with with your mouse than say a full size. Mechanical keyboard, and, generally speaking because of the 25 key setup in the FN function, secondary function, um its going to be very easy to to play most games with that as well. So I dont really have anything further that the only last thing I would say is at this point in time, because it hasnt gone to official retail launch, yet they havent.

Given me a price point, so it was not uh in the press release yet and I think theyre still kind of working out. What that looks like the other thing to be aware of which is kind of neat, is theyre working with companies on customization. So on your screen as Im talking right now, Im going to put up some images for you, but theres going to be variations of colors, and you know licensing and Brands and other things going to work with this. So this is the number one model called the monochrome which is gray black and white, but as you can see, theres other colors, theyve, already kind of demoed, a crossover with Grand Theft, Auto 5, a crossover with um artist, Paul Frank, and so who knows what else Is coming, but I think part of their gameplay here for the future is customization and being able to kind of like have different models of the shrimp, depending on what game you like, what game you play, Etc, so thats about it uh. I want to thank Nordic games supply for sending this over. As always, we dont do paid promotions here, but I have to let you know they did send this for me to test um. But as always, I give you the honest opinion: if youve watched the channel for a while, you know you know Ive reviewed some products that uh you know havent been up to the task, but this one has been Ive been very pleased with it.

If you have any further questions about this, that I can answer Im happy to to do so. Just please leave me a comment. Otherwise, as always, I thank you for tuning in to season gaming and, as always, stay tuned for more podcast roundtables and further features in the near future.