This model number is gxivr8060a8. I purchased this pc to do my video editing. In fact, this video was edited using this pc. However, i will use it for some light gaming time to time i’m gon na scroll around here and let you check out the specs and some of what’s on this amazon listing a few of the key features was the fact that it came with the i5 9400 F, processor and it had the gtx 1660 six gig graphics card, and i knew these would be good for what i am using it for one of the biggest benefits was the price. At 7.46. I was even able to take advantage of the payment system on amazon. Prime monitor we decided to go with was the hp 23.8 inch it’s vh240a. It is an led monitor at 60 hertz and the price of the monitor was 124, so that was a good deal and it’s been a good match for this setup. I was impressed they packaged things well and everything was really nice quality i’m going to save us some trouble and fast forward through the unboxing. But i wanted people to get a chance to see what they’re gon na get in one of these pre built packages. So i put it all in here for you to see Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, oh it’s, like here. I have a lot of power in this, because this pre built pc is amazing.

Got my extra slots. Everything’S super clean this panel. Look at that thing that is boss. So all these fans in the front clear side case and look at these it’s got thumb knobs and they have a screw in the center. So you could use your fingers just to get it off real, quick, really cool man that gtx 1660 board back. There is pretty nice, too impressed so far more to go a few cool things about the keyboard i just unboxed it is. It has headphone function, play mute internet button and the gamer keys for standard pc games, w a s d highlighted pretty sweet and i’m looking forward to playing on it and it come with came with this gaming mouse from cyber power pc. So man, you really can’t, beat this setup with the keyboard pc the mouse and the hundred dollar 23 inch awesome, monitor, let’s check it all out, roxy babe, all right right back, okay, this one’s nifty all right. We got power up. Oh, the video’s all grainy, like that’s, weird that’s, what it looks like in the light there’s that screen the 23 inch just to give you perspective, it’s, still pretty big talking about what the freak, not bad. Combo huh yeah that’s super crazy here’s, a tiny bit of gameplay some starcraft one of my all time, favorite games. Just so you can see the image and how fast it moves through the game menu. I haven’t had any issues at all: i’ve been the load, speeds have been minimal and i’ve been impressed.

One cool feature is the fans around the light are led and they have a controller and are fully programmable with that you can cycle through solid colors, or it has sequence of changing, colors and it’s really cool feature. This is actually hella cool. One thing to add is that the gaming pcs i found out often don’t, come with a disk drive or optic drive. This one was like 35 bucks, we’re gon na check it out. It’S got a 3.0 fast speeds, cheap there’s, a bunch of them on there. Some name brand ones not ranging from low to about 150., so we’ll plug this in and get it set up. But you will need some type of optic drive if you want to put discs in there and download older programs that you can’t find files for gotega. Usb 3.0 external disk drive that’s.