It is very powerful because it has the ryzen 9 5 900 hx within this with vega 8 graphics. Now this configuration they sent out to me has 32 gigabytes of storage with 500 gigabytes of pcie, fast storage. There too, as well. However, you can expand upon the storage because theres an empty sata, 3m.2 slot and room for a 2.5 inch drive. Even though the pc is very small, has a top fingerprint reader. It can run three display outs, which is very good, so 4k 60 and even a single display, hdmi 4k 120 hertz. I have tested that is also working. It has two 2.5 gigabit lan ports on this and wi fi 6e, and no this rtx 3080 ti. I have here isnt just for show im going to test it out and see if i can get it to work with the b link gtr5 here pcie to pcie, m.2 included in the box, youll find a user manual now thats in various languages. We have a power supply, cable, short, hdmi, cable, thats, handy if youre going to be visa, mounting it, a normal sized hdmi cable, the power supply, which is 90 watts, and then some screws here for a 2.5 inch, sata drive and the mount this mini pc has A typical build quality that ive come to know with blink, which is very good, so weve got middle around the outside 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support. This is usb 3.

1 gen 2 usb 3.1 clear the cmos. So you might need this because the bias is completely unlocked if you do happen to mess up any of the settings and it wont boot thats, what its there for and dual array microphones on, the mini pc itself is quite handy and then on the back here. Thats, the exit vents for the fan inside the fans that are in there thats going to be blowing out the hot air of this powerful ryzen. 9 5 900 hx with its eight cores 16 threads. So this is power in and weve got two displays here that they can support, so that is 4k 60 on both of these hdmi 2.0 and then displayport 1.4 with them so another two usb 3.1s, two usb 2s there, which is good for mouse and keyboard. Of course, and then weve got two 2.5 gigabit lands there, which is very good, because not only are they fast, but weve got two of them either side. We do have these vents there, so thats just to help with the airflow and the cooling. So we have plastic along the top here fingerprint reader. This is the mesh over the top, so intake for the fans which then blow out the back and the underside theres just some notes here, which is quite good. That tells you how to get into the bios, and here we do have the two mounting points for the visa mount bracket which is included in the box.

So there are rubber feet here and then these four screws, which ill remove to show the internals then to get the back off theres a little tab here and you simply just need to pull up on that. And this will come up. But you do have to be careful because we have our sata mount there, so theres, a cable thats connected on this side that you do have to be careful of so crucial ram, kingston drive and the wireless card real tech. The only thing i dont like here is those antennas have been glued on. I do like it when companies just put that adhesive plastic over the top to stop the wireless antennas coming loose in transit in typical b link fashion. The bias is completely unlocked, so weve got a lot of advanced options that you can tweak ram. This configuration the one that you want to go into: isnt the amd overclocking, its amd cbs, and this one, which is the mbio comment options. You can adjust the allocated memory there, so the igpu configuration is for the vega 8.. Now you can set this to game. Optimized and thats going to give us, i believe, two gigabytes of ram dedicated to the vega 8.. Now im, not gon na mess with this im gon na keep it all default, as is as you get it out of the box for the purposes of my review. But thats, where you wan na, make any changes.

If you do now, you can tweak other things like ram timings and whatnot, but i do not recommend it because its never taken for me with amd. You end up breaking it and you have to reset the bias. So just dont go there. Those are really the only settings you want and you can even configure it to detect the power state and automatically power on so it could be run as a server. This mini pc is running windows 11, as you can see, and it is all activated no problems now. The general performance very quick, as you can imagine, with 32 gigabytes of ram and the ryzen 9. 5. 900 hx. So i wont go over this in detail because general day to day performance, spreadsheets documents all very quick, so internal storage, we have 512 gigabytes that ssd that i showed you well 500 gigabytes and the speeds here: theyre, not bad. Under the devices we have an aegis tech touch, fingerprint sensor, so thats the one on the top that you press down and you can use it for windows, hello just to log in straight away, no passwords required. You see that we do have both of these real tech, that is the two lan ports theyre, very quick, these ones 2.5 gigabits per second, and they are working just fine, no problems with them, and this too so its an rz, 608 wi fi 6e. For our wireless chip – and that does have bluetooth 5.

, so geekbench 5 score single core score there and then the multi core, especially that is a great score and what i kind of expect out of this with the 16 threads, so excellent performance multitasking on this is Great, not a problem, i dont see any slowdowns or anything whatever im throwing at it, so graphics from the vega 8., its not too bad. I mean for integrated graphics. These scores here for time spy. I have seen a little bit faster, but its good okay. For this type of chip, and then our fire strike score, getting almost 4 000 points is what i would expect. Yes out of vega 8 here and running this ram, and this configuration with the ryzen 9 cinebench r23. We do get a very respectable score, considering how small this mini pc is so over 11 000 points here is excellent and nearing 1500 for the single core score very powerful. What is also excellent is its playback support here so for hevc vp9, and i have a test file here, which is 10 bit. This is 4k 140 megabits per second, and this is not a problem at all for the vega 8 graphics, no drop frames here, thats very smooth. That, of course, is 4k 30. So i will step it up now to a 4k 60 file and again no issues playing this 4k 60 sony swordsmith file. That is not dropping any frames, so it is an absolute beast really when it comes to media playback, video files, anything you throw at it.

It will be able to handle just fine 4k 60 frames per second streaming with youtube here. This is in chrome, and i will enable these stats for nerds, so it just dropped a couple of frames at the start and thats, probably because of my internet connection, which is terrible, but now as it is playing, there is no problem here with it at all. Oh its dropping a few here: okay, its just a bit random. I think thats, my internet, why this is happening, but normally it is flawless, but chrome could be the issue here. Ive noticed that with edge it didnt seem to drop any frames at all gaming. Now. So this is the gta 5 on the low kind of settings, well, actually its normal settings right here and 1080p resolution getting around 80 frames per second. What i do like is that the clock there for the vega, 8, graphics or gpu clock always at a solid maximum 2 100 megahertz. This means we are getting peak performance here and you can see that even at 1080p, with the normal or medium settings, thats pedestrian density, population and uh, the view density distance. Sorry, it means its playable here. So this is great for integrated graphics performance. I think this is excellent. Vega 8 is still almost about the same, if not ahead, of the iris xc at least or the 11th gen that i have been testing out and even when theres a bit of action going on really good frame rate cyberpunk 2077.

This is a very demanding game. I have it set to 720p lowest possible settings and the frame rate in the lower 30s – here, i dont, think, is too bad. Now there are not a lot of npcs around just randomly shoot at people and see that, yes doing so and with more action, it will drop down more the frame rate, but its not bad at all. Vega 8 is holding up well here and look at that clock again. The gpu clock is stable at the 2100 megahertz, its not budging its, not throttling down at all and the temperatures when gaming are normally in the mid 70s. Another positive. And yes, there is a lot of tearing around. As you can see, i probably need to turn on vsync thermals and power consumption, so ive seen 76.8 watts is the highest that it has pulled and the lowest has been 6 watts exactly. But right now i do have a couple of applications open and a usb drive plugged in its using 13, 14 and sometimes 12 watts, which is fine for a mini pc like this. So the thermals are good. There is no thermal throttling. It gets up to 85 degrees, 86 and thats. It all right its not going to go over that. However, the fans that is my only real complaint of this mini pc, the fans when it is under load, can get a little loud and theyre on all the time.

And can you run an external gpu? The answer is yes. This is an rtx 3080 ti the azus, tough gaming, and you see it does all right. This is the time spy score, getting close to 19 000 on the graphics score, which is exactly the same well, almost identical to what i run with my desktop. The only difference is the cpu score is lower, so it is the ryzen 5900 hx thats limiting my score with this. So its simply just a m.2 pci adapter to then a pci gpu, so weve got the slot there and it runs just fine perfect. No real tweaks, i just have to use the sata 3. As my boot drive, 4k video editing is possible with this vega, 8 graphics and the ryzen 9 here 5900 hx. Now i do have a playback that is set to just a quarter resolution. You can probably run half, but with 4k files like this, i dont think its wise to really go over that considering we dont have a dedicated gpu here now, im not really noticing any slowdown or any problems with just a simple basic edit here. But what about our export times? Just? How fast will one minute of footage be lets find out, and it is about to finish up so there we go. You can say approximately 42 seconds for one minute of 4k footage to be encoded at the youtube preset. Thats really good finding linux support just very quickly that, yes, it will run it, it will boot.

However, i ran into issues with the wireless cards and then the two lan ports on this. So you do need to hunt around for drivers in order to fix that. Okay, so final verdict on the gtr5 here is that it is a really good mini pc ample power there, thanks to the eight cores 16 threads vega, 8 graphics for integrated graphics does perform really well and it does not throttle down theres no throttling whatsoever. With this build quality is excellent. I really like the fact that b link do give us an unlocked bias. We have even things labeled like how to get into the bios, and all the parts inside are laid out quite good for easy access there to install more storage. If you wanted to do so, you can run three displays. At 4k60 has two lan ports, which we dont often see and wi fi 6e, with bluetooth 5.. There is only one thing i dont like about this mini pc, and that is the trade off that so much power. There generates a lot of heat. They have to run the fans quite high rpm, so you do hear it often, especially if youre pushing it hard sounds a little bit like a gaming laptop there. So its not the quietest, mini pc i have tested out and then, if you want to do a bit of a hack there, like my frankenstein gaming mini pc that i did with this, you can do this connect up an external gpu.

So it has to give up, of course, one of the m.2 slots that well the pcie, the only one we have on there to then an external pcie gpu set up like this, and that does mean the boot drive has to become one of the sata 3 Drives but it did not seem to throttle or affect the performance of my rtx 3080 ti the time spy score was pretty much identical to my desktop, which is really good to see that a mobile ryzen, 9 apu is not really limiting, at least with that test. This external gpu setup, if you were going to go down that path but its a bit ugly and you do need an external power supply, depending of course on your gpu. So, thank you so much for watching my review here of the b link.