Now this is the one netbook a1 pro and whats immediately. Special about this laptop is the fact that its so compact in size weighing only 550 grams making it one of the lightest laptops i have tested in recent times. You have a 7 inch ips capacitive touchscreen its full hd resolution and supports a sensitivity level of 2048, which means you can pick up an optional stylus to go with it. Now the display can be rotated, 180 degrees clockwise, and it can even be folded back flat for a tablet, like experience also the dimensions of this little beast: 173 millimeters in width millimeters in height its 19 millimeters thick, and it weighs only 550 grams. Now, quick! Look! What you get inside the box, so youve got an envelope which contains your user manual and quick start guide. Youve got a high quality, braided type c, to type c cable and a 45 watt type c charger included. And last but not least, you get the a1 pro mini laptop itself. Now the a1 pro is made from a combination of aluminium and plastic, and the overall build quality does feel quite robust and very well made. Now there is no branding or logos anywhere on the unit, which can be a good thing. It means you can stick your own stickers on the back. Now quick, look at the ports, you have a speaker, grille micro, sd card slot and a headphone jack, and on the back we have a native rs232 serial port, some ventilation, a micro, hdmi port thats, hdmi 1.

4 theres, two full size. Usb 3 ports youve got a gigabit lan youve got a lanyard hole on the corner of the unit and on the other side you have a usb type c 4.0 port, which supports fast charging. Data transfer and 4k output and youve got another speaker grille. So this laptop does display 4k output and you can do it via the micro hdmi or the usb type c on the side. Now, on the back of the unit, you will find some ventilation some rubber feet and youll also see two holes, so you can hook up a standard, ves amount, so 75 millimeters times 75 millimeters. Now we do have a qwerty keyboard, but the keys are quite crammed together. I definitely cant touch type on this and im still getting used to the keys, but the keys themselves do feel quite comfortable to type on giving you plenty of travel and its also a backlit keyboard, which is another plus point, and you can switch off those lights. Quite easily and youve got other various multimedia functions, so you can turn the fan on and off from the keyboard as well. So i just switched the fan on right there and while we do have those fans going, we might as well test the fan noise out. So here is my sound meter, so you can expect around 47 to 48 decibels of fan noise. You are also getting a built in infrared mouse button, which is very usable and responsive with left and right mouse buttons to go with it, and the power button itself has a very useful built in fingerprint reader, which lets you log in super fast without needing to Type in passwords now there is one piece of hardware thats missing from this laptop, which would have been very useful to have and thats a web camera.

I wish they included even a basic web camera, even in the bezels or in between the hinges, definitely useful to be able to do. Your zoom and skype calls um on a mini laptop of this type. Yes, of course, ive got full size usb ports. I can plug in a webcam, but it just would have been so much more convenient to have a webcam built in now. The 7 inch ips panel is bright and sharp nice to look at, but you do have some bezels going all the way around, but aesthetically. I do like the design and look of this laptop now. The a1 pro is powered by the intel core i5 1130, g7 quad core clocked at 1.1 gigahertz and with a turbo of up to 4 gigahertz. You have integrated graphics with the intel iris xe, and this unit has 8 gigs of ddr4 ram and a 512 gig ssd. Now you also have the option to pick this up with an i7 with up to 16 gigs and one terabyte ssd. So a few different options are available now. General performance of the i5 version is very good. Ive experienced no lag at any point during my tests and the laptop is good for general office applications, gaming, web browsing, social media, watching videos and movies and even light editing work. The 1130 g7 is pretty capable chip and it handled everything i threw at it with ease. Now my gaming experience was also not bad.

I was able to play gtav in hd resolution with graphics set to normal, and i was achieving around 40 to 45 fps and the game was actually quite playable, with no issues and to further test the performance were going to do a bit of emulation, beginning with Switch so lets see what happens so, as you guys just saw, nintendo switch emulation works but its a little bit slow a little bit laggy, so you can see frame drops as well, so i think its struggling with nintendo switch or specifically this game that ive chosen Now this is not designed to be a gaming laptop. I was simply testing its performance, so that should give you an idea what this is capable of. I also like the fact that you can attach a single usb c cable which will allow you to mirror your display on the big screen. So this opens the doors to many possibilities. You can attach an external keyboard and mouse wireless and then youve got a full pc experience on the big screen. Now i especially enjoyed game streaming on this mini laptop um, as you do have a solid wi, fi connection. Youve got wi fi, six and theres. Also, bluetooth version five, so you can attach your bluetooth controllers, so quick demo of game streaming, im actually going to start with playstation remote play so were going to try connecting to our playstation 5. got my dualshock 4 attached im remote playing my playstation 5 directly to This laptop connected to a big screen monitor and there you go and its working absolutely fine ill load up a game very quickly.

The franks dried our yard syndrick from his bed and gutted him like a coward at the end beneath his ielts moves. He hates them. Almost as much as i do you place the carving in similarly, you can also play your playstation now games on this mini laptop and again hook it up to the big screen, so you can use any game streaming service on this. Exactly how i am that includes. Google stadia and the xbox game streaming service theyre all going to work, fine im not going to show you all of them working but ive. Given you a few examples now, this laptop also has a built in cooling system consisting of a copper heat, conductive pipe and a cooling fan to optimize the airflow. You have intelligent temperature control, offering efficient heat dissipation, keeping the system running cool and yes, you can hear that fan noise, but it does turn itself on and off as required, and you also have the controls on the keyboard to switch off that fan noise when you Dont need it now. The a1 pro has a 6 000 milliamp hour battery and whilst playing games like gta 5, i managed around 2 hours of battery life now, with normal use, a web browsing office application or watching videos on youtube. You can expect around 4 hours of battery life and, if you put the laptop in battery saver mode, you can then achieve up to six hours of battery life, depending on what youre doing now the a1 pro does support fast charging and a 45 watt fast charger Is included in the box for your convenience and you can also use a power bank to charge this laptop now throughout all my tests.

I experience a solid wi fi connection with wi fi six, and there is also bluetooth version 5.0 built in and as a bonus. Youre also getting that gigabit lan, so very good connectivity and expansion windows, 11 comes pre, installed, activated and ready for you to use, and the os does feel very well defined and snappy in operation. I have not experienced any lag whilst using this laptop. Apart from when i tried to emulate, nintendo switch games a little bit of lag in that situation as the graphics chipped is a bit underpowered to emulate something like the nintendo switch other than that for everyday tasks. This laptop does perform very well now. I have surfed the web ive shopped online ive watched lots of online videos and movies. So overall experience for multimedia is quite nice, but i do have to mention that the speaker volume does not get very loud so slightly underwhelmed by the speakers, but i do find myself using bluetooth, earbuds or headphones for a better sound experience. So lets quickly check out some benchmarks, so on cinebench we achieved a multi core score of 2213 and this mini laptop achieved. A cpu pass mark score of 10 226. So there you have it guys. That was the one netbook a1 pro. This is their most recent latest model, and here are my thoughts. I really do like the build quality, design and performance this mini laptop offers. I love the display and the really nice rotating hinge.

I was able to use this laptop for more or less any task. It handled gaming, 1080p, video, editing and general office applications very well. Now i really like how lightweight portable and compact this unit is, and also the responsiveness of that touchscreen hinge feels very solid. Nothing feels cheap or flimsy its a very well made laptop. Now. The few issues i found that could be deal breakers for some are the poor speaker, quality and volume. Now, fortunately, you can hook up your own sound system via the audio jack or you have the built in bluetooth. So its a shame that importance was not given to the speaker quality now its quite strange to see a new generation laptop with no webcam included, so that is a bit of a letdown. It means you need to connect a usb webcam. If you want to do any sort of video conferencing other than that display, is nice, youve got backlit keyboard and i also like the ir mouse button, which is very responsive. Cooling system is quite efficient and effective, and the fingerprint reader is absolutely spot on. So, im really glad they included that so bottom line. This mini laptop is good if youre, someone who needs portability and performance to handle everyday tasks with the added benefit of full size, usb 3 and a native rs232 serial port, which i have not seen on any laptop of this size so generally a good everyday laptop For office, business, students, etc, if you want something small, this is a great little unit.

However, if youre into multimedia and webcam streaming, then lack of webcam and speaker volume may not impress you battery life is also average six thousand milliamp hours and around three to four hours of typical use, and also i do need to mention that the price is also On the higher side, yes, this is a special niche product and theres, not much competition right now in this small powerful network market. But, needless to say, for this price you can certainly get a more powerful gaming laptop or pc, although it wont be small and cute, like the one netbook a1 pro. So that concludes my review. I hope you found it useful any questions. You know what to do.