This thing is super quick. Now it does come with 32 gigabytes of ram, which is ddr4. Spec weve got two slots of them in there so sodium you can upgrade that ram if you wanted to, and it comes with a one. Terabyte nvme drive, wi fi, six e with bluetooth five, and we do have up to three displays that it can run so in this review ill, be testing it out ill. Let you know all the pros and the cons of the mn59 here, and this is the box it comes in and what we get with this mini pc, pretty straightforward. So weve got a sata connector two wi fi antennas power, cable power, brick, which is 100 whats, that one and then our user manual, which is just basically a windows, 10 user manual. At the back of this mini pc, we have two wireless antennas, external ones high gain that ive already screwed in you can see right here. Weve got two 3.5 millimeter separate audio jacks here, which is good to see gigabit lan two usb 3 ports, two usb 2. Full spec usb 3.1, but this does not take power actually so its not full spec, so dont plug in power delivery because its not going to work and you could end up damaging it, but 4k 60 out of that 4k, 60 from the display port. And then our hdmi port here at the bottom, is hdmi 2.0 thats our dcn for power, so either side.

There are just these vents here, so its sucking in a bit of fresh air and then up the front here. Ive got two usb 2s, which i really wish were usb 3 ports, but i guess its good for a mouse and keyboard power button with status led. You see theres more vents here on that side on the top weve just got where the fan is so its another vent here and then on the bottom more vents. But there is no mounting points here for a visa mounting bracket, which is unfortunate, so you cant mount this on the back of a monitor or a tv. Now the internals very easy to access. Youve just got two screws that you remove from the back of it and then the whole top of it pops right off. So you can see our cooler here plenty of fins in there and weve got two transfer. Thermal copper transfer pipes there for it. Two sodium slots, so you can upgrade the memory with this now it does come with ddr4 3200 megahertz spec and we get 32 gigabytes, so both of these are 16 gigabyte sticks that they have installed now. The timing is typical for amd its cl22. So its not amazing timing, i mean in my intel pc im currently running in a laptop cl 16 with xmp right, but we dont get it here with amd. Our nvme drive thats right in there. Now you can easily upgrade that too and youll see that we do have room for a sata, 3 2.

5 inch drive which is going to go in here. Weve got two connectors, but they only supply the one cable to us, because really we can only fit one of them in here. You can see that these antennas go to where the wireless card is just below the nvme ssd. You can upgrade that one too, which is great and heres that wi fi card, so the model is a mediatek one, its the mt 7921k. So it is a wi fi, six card which is great to see, but i wish theyd gone with intels ax 200 or the 200 and one wi fi six card. Why? Because you get better driver support if youre looking to run linux. That is, if you do have a keynote. You would have noticed that theres this too, as well an empty fan header, so you could run another fan if you wanted to to call the insides of this mini pc, because that one of course that its connected up right now is designated to the cpu fan. First up our bias, so we do have some settings that are open to us under advanced youve got a lot that you can tweak. Most of those settings will be in this one, so amd cbs, cpu options. Youve got the mbio common options where you can go and adjust power limits and things like that even dedicate more ram to the vega 8 graphics. This has with this chipset, of course, so i wont go into all of that, because theres a lot of different settings that can get you into a bit of trouble so really experienced users only for that then youve got your boot set up there.

Of course, you can go and change your boot order and thats, basically it for our bios okay. So here in windows now it did originally come with windows 10 home right, but i didnt like it because it was already set up. You went straight into the desktop and i dont think for security reasons, thats a good idea so im on windows 11 here, which does work without a problem on this mini pc. Now, looking at the device manager youll see that, yes, we do have that ryzen. 9. 5900 hx listed 16 times because it has 8 cores and 16 threads maximum turbo. With this one is 4.65 gigahertz and its a seven nanometer chip, and it has vega eight graphics so with our internet. Here we do have, of course, the gigabit lan port. I pointed out, and then the mediatek chipset, which is wi fi 6e, now its very quick im, getting really good speeds around 1.35 gigabits per second, which is kind of typical for the azus router, that i have a wi, fi, six router, of course, to to match It there so the performance of the system, i wont, go into general things like chrome documents or spreadsheets, its very fast everythings, quick loads up, quick, internets working, quick, all good. There ill get onto some benchmarks here. So cinebench start out with this one first. So its done the 10 minute stress test here and its got some excellent scores. Here i mean this things: a monster over 12 000 points here with cinebench r23 thats, a really good score.

You can see thats a lot better than the eight core previous gen. Now, uh with the intels okay, so the 11 800 h, i can actually skip higher than that with my own unit, if you increase the wattage, but this is running stock. Okay, this is ive, not changed. Anything here so very, very good here, even the single core score is excellent. Now, taking a look, then at some other benchmarks: geekbench 5 single core score because of that 4.65 gigahertz turbo on this chip very good and an absolute rock solid here, multi core score over 9 000 points because of the 16 threads there, its a monster, its very Very quick now when it comes to our integrated graphics, knight ride night raid here sorry is the one they do recommend for integrated graphics, so its getting almost 17 000 points and the graphics score here, you can see almost 18 000. cpu score is really strong. You take a look at comparing that then to the iris xe, with a 96 executional cores similar, but its falling behind a little bit. You can see the iris xc graphics certainly does a bit better theyre, getting almost uh, 2 000 points or so more okay, and that does happen with fire strike extreme here. That is a similar kind of score to the what youd get on the iris, xc graphics, but the iris, exe graphics can actually pull around 2 000 points here, theres, not too much of a difference in it, but i do find the slight edge going to the Iris xc graphics from intel, which is actually newer too, newer, architect architecture there that one, then our mvme drive speeds here.

So this is pci 3.0 spec we dont have pci for spec with amd, yet lets see what happens with the 6000 series anyway, these scores. Okay. For an as int one terabyte drive, i was expecting a little bit better with the rights considering it is one terabyte. So if you want quicker, get something like samsungs, 970 or 970 evo put one of those in and then you get around 3500 sequential reads and writes. They are very quick and bitter random, 4ks too, but its its fast okay, a lot faster than sata 3. There, of course, speaking of fast and great performance, is this: video playback okay. So this is my test. Clip 10 bit hevc 4k 140 megabits per second absolute, no problems, absolute ease that can play it: okay, the vega 8 graphics. There then, an hdr file 60 frames per second. It runs at 60 frames per second no lag again, just not a problem there, so anything you throw at it. Video wise. This thing is going to handle with ease this ones come up a few times. Thats 4k. 60 streaming performance with youtube, so im going to set it onto that highest possible setting there enable our stats and well see. Is it going to drop frames? I dont think its going to drop many okay, 2, but im not actually looking at this full screen. So, im going to full screen this now and its steadily dropping frames, as you can see here in chrome now, if you do the same test and edge its so much better, but its disappointing to see its really look at that its just continually dropping frames.

Although im not really seeing it too much its only a few frames, it seems around seven frames, a second which no thats not actually too good. Is it so theres disappointing performance here with 4k 60 chrome youtube streaming now we do have that powerful. Eight core 16 thread ryzen 9 in here right, so video, editing, 4k with adobe premiere pro, should be very good im getting about six hours. You can see. The timeline has just a few little drop frames there at a quarter, playback resolution now on full. It definitely feels to me a little bit laggy at times. It doesnt seem that bad, but youll, see when i hit play not quite 30 frames per second there, but its fearing a lot better than the ir60 graphics and the core i5 that i just recently reviewed the 11320h doing a much better job at that. So what about our export times so going into just the option of the youtube? One is what i want here so its h.264 and down to youtube youtube 4k there and well set this then to a minute just to confirm there, one minute of footage: the 4k preset so im gon na hit start on the timer and export and wow wow. Its absolutely tearing through this this is blazing quick, probably going to be around 35 40 seconds. So this is a lot quicker than the iris xc graphics, with the 96 executional units, its probably because of the 8 cores 16 threads, its definitely helping out with the export performance here so only around seven seconds to go once this disappears.

I will hit pause here on my timer and we can get the exact time: okay, so thats, roughly 33 seconds, thats impressive, the ir60 graphics and the last mini pc. I reviewed took 51 seconds so thats a lot quicker here now. Look at this! This is cyberpunk! 2077 and its running at 40 frames per second 720p. This is really impressive, so thats even faster than the ir60 graphics, which was getting around 30 34 35 – and i still have you know a bit of traffic going on here. So the performance you could say is almost better than what youd get on a playstation 4. Definitely not the playstation 4 pro, but a playstation 4.. Look at this 40 frames per second here, thats really good! Now, if i start to just attack people, it will get a little bit laggy with the action going on. You can see, but hey still, 40 frames per second, so this is really impressive for such a demanding game like cyberpunk 2077. The gta 5 performance here is looking very good for integrated graphics, 1080p, normal settings so normal in the middle really view distance and pedestrian density and inside the car here getting 70 frames per second, which is on average, now a little bit higher than what ive seen With the iris, xc graphics, so thats good, to see when i get out of the car youll see that that frame rate is going to increase now to around 90 frames per second 92.

So thats very good, and even with this, all this action going on still very playable. Finally, the witches, so this is running at 1080p on the lowest settings were getting around 40 frames per second on average, which is good considering its 1080p. Now, if you lower it down to 720p, the frame rate will then jump up to about 60 to 70 frames per second, which is a lot better than this and its probably my recommended. You really want to actually play this game at 720p on degraded graphics here, but if you can put up with just getting 40 frames per second at 1080p, then its doable now remember im in the dense built up town here. So when you get out into the countryside with the witcher 3 here, the frame rate is going to increase a lot and it will go up about 20 frames per second on average, so thats excellent there. So, overall, im impressed with this graphics performance, considering that its just integrated remember no dedicated gpu now looking at our temperatures, so it did get up to 100 degrees celsius, thats, very hot thats when stress testing it, but normally its only peaking around when gaming youre, probably Seeing with my gaming performance tests that its around 70 degrees and when you run cinebench thats really when it gets up to this temperature, otherwise with normal kind of use, im not seeing those tens, but still it shouldnt, get this hot.

Now what about the power consumption? So around 10 watts at idle and then up to about 92 watts is what im seeing under full load. Now the fan noise. It does get a little loud when you push it really hard, so heres a sample of it under full load and as for linux, support, because i know a lot of you out. There do like to run linux on these kind of machines and tech. They the same issue that ive had with other models with this mediatek chipset in here that rt wi fi 6e card. Unfortunately, the build that im using of linux mint, maybe theres other distros out there that will support it, uh its its not running the wireless card. So thats the only issue there you got the gigabit lan, which is real tech, not a problem, the rest of it. Everything else seems to be running just fine, so thats, good and linux just absolutely flies, of course, on such a speck of machine even with windows. So i am really impressed with this model here that vega 8 graphics for some reason. Well, this model seems to be a lot better than some of the other mini pcs, ive reviewed so its surpassing iris, xc, graphics at the well, the 96 executional unit versions of them its better than those and its probably being helped. Of course, definitely on the cpu side that weve got eight cores 16 threads immense power. Out of this thing, its super powerful, considering the size, the chipset is fantastic and i know we do have the 6000 series coming so should you buy this or hold off? Well, it depends on your needs, of course, if you need something thats powerful now and you want a reasonably powerful integrated gpu, you dont need a dedicated gpu for, say, editing, 4k videos or aaa games, whatever youre just going to do light gaming, then this definitely covers And if you think about waiting for the 6000 series, which will of course be better than this, you might even get things like pci, 4 spec and bit integrated graphics.

However, it will be – at least i would say almost a year before were going to see them in models like this here now. The cons of this machine for me uh, the definite one is the price tag at the moment. At the time of this video, its around a thousand euro so well over a thousand us dollars and i think thats a huge ask really considering okay. Yes, it does have 32 gigabytes of ram one terabyte, nvme storage, thats, good and its very powerful, but you can build your own mini pc, your own little small form factor set up uh, probably for less and probably a lot well. I dont know about more powerful, but well, maybe actually so thats, something they need to work on. Is the pricing there now, if i do find a coupon for it for banggood there to get it for less ill, certainly put that down in the description of this video and in the comments there ill probably pin it if i find that the other is the Other two is the fan: noise um its actually very good, most of the time youre using this, especially when youre hardly doing anything demanding its great okay. You cant even hear it its just a little humming whooshing noise going on in there, but when you do push it really hard. So when i was running cinebench r23 for about like 20 minutes and then gaming and then doing lots of other things, it did eventually peak at 100 degrees celsius, so its its a little too hot.

Now, im ive actually seen it in a lot of units with the 8 cores and 16 threads, both amd and intel side getting up to those kind of temperatures with this type of cooler on there. Now, the cooling, i think, is pretty good. The fan noise is just when you push it really hard, it gets a little irritating. Then it does become a little bit loud from that sample. I gave you the other is well maybe a bit of a minor for some people, or maybe not okay, but i really think we should have more usb3 ports on them. Okay, weve got two usb 3 type as and then the type c port with usb 3.1. With the data and the video out thats good and we can run the other displays, but i would have liked to have seen i think all of the usb ports on this should be usb 3 spec, who needs four usb 2 ports. I mean come on and a powerful system like this, not great theres, no sd card reader, theres, no secondary mvme slot, which would have made this really great, because that means you could hook up an external gpu, which you can still do with this model mind you, You can hook up an external gpu to it, but i would have preferred to just to have the two nvme slots in this. I think instead of the sata youve got the two sata ports. There say three thats, okay, so all up it is one of the most powerful mini pcs that ive covered.

It holds the vega 8 graphics that 2 100 megahertz turbo just rock solid the whole time, and that delivers fantastic performance. As you saw cyberpunk 40 over 40 frames per second and around that average at 720p is impressive and gta 5 runs runs really well better than iris, xc graphics, its good when its paired up with some decent ram and this kind of spec great.