I liked it so much that i bought two of them this year. Espresso sent me their version 2 display to keep this time. Thank you to espresso dont tell them, but i would have bought one and reviewed it anyway, because im really excited about this product. On a daily basis. On my desk, i use the surface studio a 28 inch surface with a 5k display when im running training over teams thats far too many pixels to share. So i would use my espresso display, alongside of my surface studio, with its lower 1080p resolution, to share my screen with my old asus portable monitor. I constantly touched the screen and put fingerprints on it for no reason, because it wasnt a touchscreen. The espresso filled that void a portable lightweight, extremely thin, touchscreen display that ran on usbc and had touch input when the new version 2 espresso display turned up on my desk. I immediately noticed that the package included a pen in a separate box, so i took it all out of the box and i plugged it in as quickly as i could – and i grabbed my surface pen to see if it would work on the v2 espresso display. I didnt expect it to work, but i was blown away when i realized that the new espresso v2 actually uses the microsoft pen protocol that we associate with devices like the surface pro surface laptop studio, surface duo, 2 and even the regular surface laptop for reference.

The microsoft pen protocol started life as a company called entry from israel in around 2015. Microsoft bought intrigue which, by that stage, was the standard pen technology used on the surface pro 3. ntrig pioneered new touchscreen and pen technologies that were licensed to many manufacturers, including microsoft, and fortunately, microsoft, continued that tradition, even though they have their own surface devices, they still License the microsoft pen protocol, so mpp is used by companies like lenovo, hp, acer and more, and you can now find it on the espresso, 13 and 15 inch displays. This is really cool news, because my surface pen now works on this portable display and that opens up some incredible possibilities for working across all sorts of devices. My surface pro 8 pro x studio. Well, they all had pen support already and its nice that i can now have a second screen that supports the same pin input. But what, if we had a high end, desktop gaming, computer or a video editing rig well with this screen? That device can gain the same capabilities as a surface pro or through a single usbc cable. So you might have a workstation laptop that doesnt have a touchscreen or pen input. It can now effectively work just like a surface pro with this external screen. You can take notes on it. You can design 3d objects with shaper 3d, using the pen way cooler and more natural than using a mouse you could sketch in the brilliant concepts app.

You could even use this with photoshop or lightroom. Have a proper whiteboarding session sign a pdf mark up a word document or a powerpoint presentation. The possibilities are endless. I even plugged in my surface duo 2 to see how that might work. It didnt work immediately and ill. Explain why, in a minute, but with a quick fix, this monitor became an extension of my surface 202 that even supports pan input, so i could actually write notes in onenote on this 15 inch external screen directly connected to my surface duo. 2.. How cool is that? I mean with this setup i could run a one to one powerpoint presentation with ink directly from my phone, and the interesting thing is that this espresso display – i mean you, can see by looking at it that it was designed for apple products and anybody whos watched This channel knows that i dont think much of apple max type. I mean laptops because they dont have touch and pen input, and i think that in 2022 thats like getting around on a horse and cart that is until now because grabbing one of these espresso displays. For your mac would suddenly open up the possibilities of touch and pen input now, of course, apple havent really developed touch or pen input for mac os, but espresso have put a fair bit of effort into developing software that enables touch and pin gestures on the display. In mac os, so if you have a macbook now you could add an electric engine to your horse and cart with the espresso display v2 on the windows side, of course, touch and pen input is all supported baked into the operating system.

So all youd need to do is simply plug in the display to any device running windows, 10 or windows 11 and start working away. Espresso do have some software for windows. However, at this stage it doesnt really add much in terms of functionality. You can adjust the screen brightness and the sound level for the display using the software, but theres not much else on offer. Just yet now speaking about volume, there are speakers inbuilt in the display to be honest, im not sure why theyre there theyre not the greatest when compared to the speakers on my surface pro 8, for example. So personally id never use these. The display has a 1920×1080 resolution, also known as 1080p or full hd, and it runs at 60 hertz. The standard color setup has been tweaked nicely to give it a slightly more blue tinge. The display supports at least 10 simultaneous points of touch and it even supports tilt with the espresso pen as well as any one of the more recent surface pens from 2017 on it. Doesnt appear to support haptic feedback with the surface limp pen 2, but the slim pen, 2 does work quite well on the screen on the right hand, side of the device the ports have been greatly simplified. On the previous generation, there was a mini hdmi port, which is an uncommon cable, and i think that was a little bit problematic on this version. Espresso have dispensed with that mini hdmi port and just given us two usb c ports, you can plug your device into either one of those two usb c ports.

For my surface pro or surface studio, i could put enough power through that single usb c connection to power the display and show a picture. It couldnt be simpler. Just one cable comes in the box and im up and running. On the other hand, with my surface duo, 2 phone, the usbc power output – wasnt sufficient to run the monitor, so i had to power the monitor up with a second usb c power cable. I happened to have a surface pro charger on my desk, so i plugged in a usb c to usb a cable and i plugged that into the usb port on the surface pros charging brick and then i plugged it into the monitor and it immediately powered up. So, judging by that, the espresso display doesnt need much power to run, but the output from my phone wasnt sufficient a battery pack or a simple usb charger into that second port and thatll get you up and running now. If you do have an older device, that doesnt have usb c on board or perhaps have a hdmi cable that you need to use to get output from your computer espresso do sell an adapter cable that converts usbc into hdmi or mini displayport. It also has a usb connector so that you can use both the display and the touch and pen inputs on your older pc. Now, one of the reasons that i really love the espresso display on the last generation is that theyve really invested in accessories its not enough just to make a portable monitor.

You need to think about the way its used and how it fits into peoples workflow, and i think thats, where espresso have done a really great job with the new generation theyve refined their accessories nicely. For example, the new espresso case is much simpler. It covers a single side of the display, so it acts like a cover for the glass when youre transporting it in your bag. It magnetically attaches to the top and when you fold it around to the back kind of like a surface pro keyboard, the cover folds in half to turn into a very surface pro like kickstand. The old cover kind of did the same, but it had two sides and it was just a bit heavier, so it just didnt sit as stable on the desk, as the new version does theyve also revised what they call the espresso stand. The design concept is the same. However, the hinge mechanisms appear to be beefed up to make it even more stable. Once you figure out how it fits together, the magnets hold it in place nicely and firmly its very easy to set up, and they still have the magnetic vesa mount option for a semi permanent display setup. What i really like about the visa mount option is that you could have this monitor, set up at a point of sale, stand in a public place and at the end of the day, you could very quickly unplug that usbc cable, remove the monitor and store it Away in a locked cabinet, so i can see huge potential for this display in retail or a point of sale situation.

Personally, i use that mount that i can use the espresso display as an external monitor for my camera or teams meeting in certain situations too. The espresso pen for the display is a great example of a microsoft pen protocol pen. It has a very apple pencil like hard plastic tip, but i didnt find it overly noisy it magnetically attaches to the top of the display theres, a right click button on the side, just like a surface pen and an eraser on the back theres, a usbc port. At the top of the pen that allows you to recharge it, and so yes, this pen is a new alternative to any of the other surface pens. It works on any surface devices that support the recent surface, pens from surface pro 3 on and i think, with its recharging capabilities, its an interesting alternative to the renaissa pens that we reviewed on this channel previously. If we take anything out of the last two years, its that for many of us, the place we work has changed forever sure a lot of us are getting back into the office, but many many companies are embracing a hybrid model of working that sees us continuing To work from our kitchen table, a bedroom study cafe or hotel room and a display like this espresso v2, enables you to work productively from any of those locations even better than that it can go with you on the journey too. Well.