This is a second monitor, a portable monitor you could take with you on the road. Okay, and what that means to me is, am i from like at a con willing to edit some video or playing video games at a friend’s house, or you know, on vacation want to have an extra mile for the laptop i mean there’s, so many great uses For this and i wouldn’t rule out, a lot of people are working from home or working remotely. If you’re at starbucks need two monitors boom, there you go, you got two monitors, and so this is how it comes into this beautiful little box. Here, okay, this is available on amazon. I will have a link for you down below so be sure and click that link okay um, as mentioned before. This is a type c like a vhs, i’m sorry vhs, a usb type c plug and play monitor so very easily adaptable to different situations. I should mention this model number evp, 304, okay and again just really nice. Looking box, very sleek, very beautiful let’s go ahead and open this bad boy up, i’ll, pull off the little top part here and just very nice classy white box. I always like that very presentable, very giftable to someone else and on the inside let’s check it out. Oh there, it is guys check that out very beautiful cool cool cool um let’s go ahead and pull this off there’s like a little foam pad, so they keep it.

Nice protected. Okay, let’s see there’s some instructions here, we’ll pull this stuff up. I’Ll go through. They have a little manual for you very cool. It is the 16 inch portable monitor and i think most people generally know how to use, monitors or plug and play. But you can see there is a speaker, hdmi port, hdmi, that’s, good mini hdmi, um type c. Okay and a 3.5 headphone port, which i really didn’t, expect that so that’s pretty cool, um let’s go ahead and we’ll just go check out the actual monitor if you have any questions about the instructions or how to plug in a monitor. Please, just let me know in the comments shoot me: email, tuxtoys, and i’m happy to help. Okay, all right, we’ll put this to the side here and it looks like here: we have. It looks like a screen protector, so that’s very cool um. They actually stand behind their product with a little bonus. Let me uh to get a screen protector for a monitor, uh. It could be kind of expensive. You know it’s the extra add on they give you for free. So this could be another 10. 20 bucks. A lot of places i’m not going to pull this out, but you can see it has a kind of a cell phone screen protector where you peel off the layers and push out the bubbles, but very cool to include that for free. I i totally did not expect that so very, very nice and let’s pull up the monitor here and oh tell you what, before we look at this let’s look at the accessories.

This is everything comes with it. We have a standard uh little plug. This is like your normal cell phone plug, okay, so usb on one end and then normal plug on the other side. Okay, here we have um. This is usb to usbc. Let me show you the ends a little closer in case you’re, curious or not quite sure. What we’re talking about here? This is what a lot of cell phones use right now this is usbc, so here we go. You can see this is standard usb to usbc. So this goes into your device, and this goes into the monitor. Usbc, okay makes sense, and i love the fact they actually include a cord with that. I love new cords with new devices. You guys know this so very cool um. They actually include uh hdmi, okay um. This is the cable full size to the tv or whatever computer, and this is the micro one that goes into the monitor, so very cool. They include that as well, and then let’s see what we have here. They also include a full usbc cord, so that’s very cool, so this plug here is usb um that’s. What you can use for this one – and this is usbc to usbc so really great. They include all this stuff, man very complete. You get a little pack, a lens cleaning kit, so very good. You can keep your your screen, nice and clean. Maybe before you put that screen protector on, and here we have like a little screwdriver, it looks like or what is this? Let me see.

Oh, this is a pen. What on earth is that that is very interesting. I was not expecting this um i’m, not really sure i’m gon na have to get back to you on the use of this. If you guys know, let me know in the comments um. Maybe this is meant to press out the air bubbles or something um. This is a rubber. Oh, is this touch sensitive well, we’ll check that out it’s interesting um. This is like a rubber tip pen, so i did not expect that this. This really boils down to. This is a lot of great accessories, and this is like you know, extra seven bucks, extra five bucks, extra 10 bucks, two or three bucks. I mean the screen protector, an extra 10 or 20. like this is a lot of accessories. You get with this, so it’s, really really a nice complete set okay, so here we go guys we’re gon na go ahead and pull out the monitor out of the nice little safety factory plastic. I usually save these too. This is actually really handy, and oh look at that guys. That is slick. This has a really good weight to. It feels very good quality let’s go ahead and check it out. We have a little screen protector i’m gon na leave this plastic on for right now, but again it does come with that screen protector over there, but very black, very glossy. We have kind of like a brushed aluminum look right here, very cool on the back side.

Here you can see oops we have, the back is kind of a matte black and over here we have the controls which are power, and then there is a plus volume. It looks like you have volume, spinner and then usb. So you can see right here. There is a little power button. There is a dial here for plus minus and then here is the power like usbc and there’s a little vent right there, too, okay, so on the other side here we have a hdmi a little usb and a headphone jack and here’s. What it looks like on the side, you can see there’s the hdmi, which is the mini hdmi uh, usbc, okay, i went ahead and plugged it in real quick, and i just want to show you comparison. This is my go to laptop. This is asus strikes laptop. I use all the time, it’s really really nice and this monitor actually looking at it. You can compare the two pictures. This meyer is just beautiful look at how great that looks, definitely high gloss, very bright, vivid colors, looking really really sharp for all sorts of applications. My dove agrees she’s cooing with excitement. You can see this really good. If you compare this screen the laptop screen versus the screen, i would say this screen is as good or even better than the actual asus screen. This is like really sharp, looking very, very vivid, beautiful colors. Definitely pops so i’m.

Definitely loving that it just looks slick man with this brushed aluminum bottom to it. It’S, just really good quality and i’m gon na put the screen protector on later, but just looks so so nice guys, okay to recap: this is a 16 inch. Portable type c monitor this is model number evp 304 and just really a beautiful screen. I’M. Really digging it um love the look to it, love all the accessory. You get all the cords you need. Some monitors don’t include all the cords and that’s more money, but this is like the complete package guys. This is a great way to go. Just really stunning. Looking screen as good or better, i think better it’s showing up my lcs laptop man, it’s. Just a really nice looking screen, definitely bright vivid pops great for gaming. You can use it horizontal. You can flip it to the vertical style if you like. Just so many great uses, no matter if you’re on the go on vacation, if you’re working remotely you want to play games away from the house like definitely a great little screen to have and there’s a lot of great applications for it. So if you have any questions, guys please reach out to me: tux toys, but i can’t say enough good things about this package. I’M, really blown away with all the accessories like that’s such a bonus to me. When you get all the cords you need and then some free screen protector on top of this beautiful screen, that’s really of value like i would say, the price of this and i’ll have the best price for you in the link down below.

But the price of this is really competitive and i would say this is actually better than buying a full monitor. You can buy a few of these and mount them on the wall or you know, put them into your room or use them as a gaming monitor. On the side like whatever you want to do, this is a great way to go. Click the links guys, if you have any questions, tuck toys at – and i want to thank you for watching this video um, now i’m gon na go play some games.