This is a 15.6 inch external monitor or additional monitor whatever you want to call it. Let’S do a quick, unboxing, ac power, adapter usb type c, cable. Let’S see you got a little piece of foam here, protecting your display. You got a screen protector here, but i completely bombed it. I installed in those bubbles everywhere, so you got some accessories here. You can buy all right guys, let’s, set the monitor aside and see what else is inside the box. All right looks like we got a mini hdmi to hdmi, cable and a usbc to usbc cable. You got some cleaning and sticker wipes here user guide and a faq on the bottom, all right. Let’S. Look at this monitor, ladies and gentlemen, the lapel z1 gamut. Oh check out this beautiful case kind of reminds me like a surface case wow. This monitor looks gorgeous. It comes in at 1.7 pounds which is extremely light and 0.3 inches thick, alright guys so let’s go over the pricing here. The lapel z1 gamut starts at 199, but amazon occasionally runs really good deals here. Sometimes they’ll have up to 40 off, so that’s pretty good. So let me show you guys the functionality of this monitor this comes in at 0.3. Inches thick, look how thin that is! Wow, this is pretty impressive for on the go situations where you want to play your ps4 nintendo switch or just have additional monitor for your laptop without adding too much bulk.

I can see it as being a very hot item and popular item for a lot of business. People on the go all right, let’s take a look at the back. Here. Has a very nice finish good thing about this monitor it has a matte finish, it’s also an ips display. The exterior of this portable monitor feels very durable and strong it’s made out of black aluminum, and it looks really solid. The cool thing about this portable lightweight monitor is it’s so easy to take on the go you just plug it in with your iphone with the hdmi to lightning connector and just start streaming. It makes this very seamless. Let me show you a youtube video clip to see how the video quality looks. This will also work on android phones using the usb type c cable, but let’s test out here on the iphone let’s see how the video quality works. This is an all new laptop which features the amd ryzen 5 4600h mobile processor having a secondary monitor, can improve workflow and make it tremendously easy on the go, especially with this monitor being so lightweight and compact. It makes it a breeze. Let’S see here i’m scrolling here, let me make a quick test. Scrolling response feels really smooth there’s, hardly any lag. Lapel claims very minimal input lag as well, especially with video games like ps4 nintendo switch we’ll test on just a moment, but let’s look at the color accuracy here, surprisingly, at this price point, this monitor has very accurate colors.

Just look at the colorful balloons here see that it just looks gorgeous all right, guys, let’s test out the nintendo switch running on the lapel z1 gamut. Unless right now, we’re going to test out mario kart 8., all right let’s go all right. Guys here goes mario kart 8 in action here, as you can see, there’s variable input lag. It looks really smooth, especially for monitor at this price point. You can’t really complain again. This monitor retails at 199 is a 15.6 inch full hd panel, usb c external monitor. That’S compatible with many external accessories, like nintendo switch ps4, anything with an hdmi port. Basically, you get good color accuracy, the mats it’s a matte screen, so you’re not going to get too much glare and it’s ips. So you get very good viewing angles, and amazon has a 40 off coupon right now, bringing it down to 160, which is pretty incredible. If you ask me, but back to the video game. Look at this! Do you guys see any kind of input lag, looks really smooth in my eye here’s a quick image. I can show you guys at the beautiful colors here on the z1 color gamut, all right, guys, let’s, look at the viewing angles here. This isn’t 15.6 inch full hd ips panel. Let me rotate it and it’s matte, so you’re not going to get too much glare, but you’re going to get a really wide viewing angle. Take a look at that i’m rotating all the way to the left.

Lapel claims. 170 degrees of visible viewing angles, which is really impressive. Also the brightness levels were good overall. This monitor is a solid buy at this price point all right, so let’s, look at the ports here on this external monitor. First port is a 3.5 millimeter headset jack either. Use your headphones or plug in some better external speakers, usb type c mini hdmi and your speaker all right. Moving along to the right side. Here you got your speaker usb type c, keep in mind this one’s. Only for power, no data, you got your volume rocker, as well as main menu switch and your power button. One of the cool things about the z1 lipo monitor is you: can power a nintendo switch using the usb type c port without using the dock? How cool is that now? You can also power this monitor using the port of the ps4, so that was a cool trick that i learned all right guys. Let me get you a better view here: we’re going to test out super mario 3d world, which is the brand new mario game, that’s, really impressive, all right, lapel claims, this new monitor, has been improved compared to the previous generation, has a 100 srgb rating and i Believe it just look how beautiful the colors look let’s see here. Do you guys see any kind of input lag? I don’t see any little powder did an excellent job at this price point all right guys.

So let’s start with the review of the little pal z1 gamut. This new monitor is super lightweight coming in at 1.7 pounds and 0.3 inches thick, the aluminum build quality, looks impressive and feels really durable, and the price point is 199. However, keep an eye on sales that they run on amazon i’ve, seen up to 40 off of 200, so basically brings it down to 160 bucks. This monitor has a high color gamut. Brightness levels are good, input, lag, is very minimal and the overall value of this package is pretty hard to beat at this price. The carrying case is a pretty cool design that keeps it protected yet stylish and practical, the only knock is the weak speakers, but that was kind of a given given the size of this unit. The good news here is, you can plug in a 3.5 millimeter headset or external speakers to up the sound quality for portability and on the go.