You can take it anywhere where minimum power requires so were going to turn it on and were going to test it out and see what you get so lets go ahead and open it up and see whats included all right. First of all, they give you a lot of things right in front of you. They give you actually a cleaner instructions come and set it up in the actual monitor the monitor is pretty large, Monitor and included. Of course, the cables are always included in the bottom and lets see what kind of cables you require to set this up all right so, including an ear, is an actual stand right its. This is a little stand that Ive seen this before its pretty much its a its a spring stand right, so you could choose whatever you want and then you could pick it up and it goes back down so its not bad. You can use this for not just this stand its uh for this monitor, but you could actually use it for anything for a phone. I pretty, I have the same one. I just use it for a phone, so Im gon na put this on the side too. You get a HDMI to mic, eat steam, mine right. They can include that now they do give you type c to type c uh, including type a connection to type a to type c, so you can power it up. If you dont have a power now you could run one cable to manage the whole thing you dont have to have both systems, but if youre gon na play PlayStation 5 or anything uh like a switch, you are going to require a different Power, because other systems Cannot power the system itself, so Im gon na put this on the side and lets go ahead and test it out and lets take a look at the actual monitor all right.

The monitor is huge. I like that, they give you a cover with it and look how beautiful the actual monitor is its a large Monitor – and this is perfect. So if youre going to be going outdoors and stream or youre going to be streaming in a hotel or you dont have an extra monitor. This is a perfect way to actually take with you on the road, so lets go and put it together and see this uh the size of it too also so lets take a look at the side panel. First, all right, so this is magnetic it comes apart. You guys know, and the bezel is really thin its one of the thinnest ones that I see the only thick ones. Part is the bottom part here, but here this is where you actually power it up, and then you turn it on to. If you guys can see it and also audio, you have your contrast, control your uh, your power and then your your audio connection and your power on and off. On the other end, you have a micro, U HDMI, and then you have two type Cs, so you could power it up or you could run the whole system through the type C and one of two two scenarios. So you guys can see how it works. All right all right lets take a look at the actual monitor itself. Now the actual screen itself theres a couple indentations here – that you can actually have the actual system actually relying there, so it wont slip off anything and then back of it theres a magnet so youre not going to lose the connection on it.

So you could power this whole system up with one single wire to instead of two so right now we do have an HDMI to directly to it, but were going to power the actual unit itself with one single wire, so lets go ahead and do that just Power, the whole system display and power to the actual um screen and all right so were gon na grab one cable. This is one single cable all right and were gon na plug it in directly into the actual monitor itself so plugging it in, and this is going to do everything power up and actually display the system so lets give it a couple minutes its going to come In to itself and there it is when youre running one single cable into the system itself, just be aware that its going to drain off your battery out of your laptop too, all right so youre powering the system not just powering your laptop but youre, actually powering The system all right so now the system is running perfectly out of one cable with one single cable, so you could eliminate the HDMI. You can eliminate any other cable that you need and just carry one cable, your laptop and enough power for both systems, and you should be good. So all right so were going to start the game, and I want you to hear the audio so Im gon na put the microphone just a little bit closer and if youre going to be traveling and take maybe a hotel or something like that.

You want to be able to play games. Take your PlayStation 5 with you, one single monitor, you could be working, you could be watching movies and the audio comes out of here or the systems. You could do a watt audio. If you want to thats an option. Very simple, easy to use with PlayStation 5 on it. It works well, the audio is a little, so high in fact lets see how high it is so lets go to test grounds. The system itself, the quality of it, is very high and its as big as my laptop, its perfect makes sense to take it with you. It fits in the same bag, its as thin as it is. It has a great cover. It comes with all the accessories. You need you could do one cable or two and it works well.