The last thing I want to do is a big job and then lose it through drive. Failure before I backed it up throughout the years Ive bought quite a couple of these drives and Ive never had a problem with any of them. Ive bought and used the Toshiba canva connect to the canva connect one. The four terabyte can view advance and now Im using Im gon na do the unboxing of this two terabyte Cambio basic Toshiba just makes your life easy when youre getting a canvia Basics portable drive, the drive is ready to use right out of the box. This traditional hard disk has a lot of merits and its still a valid choice for many situations. Not only are they cheaper than their SSD Brothers, but they also come with a higher capacity option. As a result, today were gon na review and decide whether this portable hard drive will meet your expectations. Music, hey everyone, Im, shababs and welcome to my channel and before we jump into the unboxing were going to see the specs right on the box. So here we have drag and drop used with uh plug and play on this side of the Box. Weve got the same thing, drag and drop use and plug and play, and on this side, weve got compatibility. Formatted NTFS for Windows, 10 Windows, 8.11 amp using Windows, 11 and Im sure there is no problem with it. If youre going to use a Mac, laptop youre gon na have to reformat it before using it.

Compatibility may vary depending on users, Hardware, configuration and operating system, and here at the back, weve got some other specifics: okay in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, so weve got all the specifics here in were just gon na dive straight in and then unbox Music, Music, foreign Music Music, so the hard disk comes with three things: the USB cable, its a 3.2 USB cable weve, got the user manual. This user manual is in here, weve got Portuguese weve got English. Spanish and weve got French four languages. It also comes with a declaration of Conformity information and, finally, the unit Music Im gon na compare it. This is an old Toshiba that I have glossy finish also, but look at the size. This is a two terabyte, and this is also a two terabyte, but look at the size of this thing, foreign Music, but this is even smaller. In short, this hard disk is pocket sized and very lightweight with a nice finish to it, with its smooth size of just about lets, see how much it measures lets see. The width is about three inches and a little bit something and in centimeters thats about eight centimeters. The length is about four and a half, almost 4.5 inches or about 11, almost 11 centimeters and the depth is not even up to one inch, its about half an inch 0.5 inches or about 1.3 1.5 centimeters. This will easily and comfortably fit into most pocket and even palm of your hand, talking about power being a portable hard disk.

It doesnt require any power just plug it into your system. Your computer, your laptop your Xbox, your desktop with ease thats, it just plug it. In and it detects it that fast, the hard disk also has a small LED indicator which is located on the top right corner to let you know when file, transfer or processing and also battery status. So when it comes to hard drives, one of the worst things you can experience is unboxing it and realizing it is isnt compatible with your laptop or PC. This device is compatible with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 and it works perfectly fine for Windows devices. However, if you think of using it with a Mac, youll have to reformat the drive before connecting it lets, go, connect this dude and see what other internal features there are now when it comes to Performance, this drive isnt as fast as an SSD, but its much More cheaper and, most importantly, its very reliable. So this is a 5400 RPM hard drive, which means that it will usually transfer files at the rate of well lets just go to confirm exactly Im going to transfer a two gigab file so lets get this bar copy. This file and Im going to come here and Im going to paste so that we see what the rate is. So we can see 120. a hundred megabytes per second 120 megabytes per second, roughly Music thats the amount of time it takes to transfer every file.

But for now it transfers at a rate of approximately 120 megabytes per second, which is reasonable for an HDD as opposed to an SSD, but the speed changes depending on the free disk space. How much of this is fragmented and whether there are many or there are any back sectors on this now were going to talk a little bit about the functionality of this external hard disk using the crystal disk info? This is what I have on my computer right now. These are my two hard drives. You know 33 degrees Celsius and 47 degrees Celsius, but this that I have already installed on the computers, but before we talk about the temperature were going to look at the free space available upon connecting the disc. So if we come here, we see first, we dont have anything. This is the basic Cameo, its basic, but you dont have you know to connect to the internet. You dont have anything. You just have your one year, standard limited warranty. So if we come here lets go, we we click, we right click properties, you can see. Weve got two terabyte, but of the two terabyte and 162 megabyte is used space. This is the space used by the formatting of the desk, which stores you know. The disk geometry and allows the disk to accept, store or retrieve data, so what we have really available is 1.8 terabyte but thats. The first thing now lets go back to see what the hidden issue we might have is.

If we come here to the crystal disk info, we can see. This is the description. The Toshiba 2 terabyte its at 31 degrees Celsius temperature. Of course there are a lot of things that might be happening here. You know the disc is quite new. I havent used it before, but all in all Ive always used Toshiba hard disk, and I can really tell you that theyre good, so Ive never really had any hidden issues with any other Toshiba. Nevertheless, even under heavy rights in room temperature, around 27 degrees Celsius. This should be well under 37 degrees Celsius. Now most of you might ask what the difference is between a Toshiba Cambio advance and a basic. Well, essentially, the cambium basic Drive is a Cambio Advanced, but without the included software everything else about it is exactly the same. Even right down to the physical dimensions of the drive overall, the Toshiba canva Basics is an easy hard drive to use because it does not require software to be installed. Although reformatting may happen, sometimes it can fit in your pocket and it is very resistant.