5 inch screen uh 2500 Mega amp hour battery backup um basically plays any video format out there and uh. I could put in like an SD card card up to like 38 gigabytes, plays that too photos videos, whatever you got on there so initial. The first little box here is going to have this little remote and its got pretty much everything on there. Um, all kinds of play Reverse fast forward, all that good stuff. All right also, we have a video car a cord also. So if you want to play, if you have a bigger screen and you dont, you can use this as a DVD player, you plug this into your TV from the DVD player here and put it up on a bigger screen. If you want to, if you have that and you dont have a DVD player heres a wall plug in and then if you want to go on a trip, have the kids watch out video or something keep them entertained, heres a nice little plug in for cigarette Adapter or lighter there, okay, I like this. Look at this packaging here, nothings gon na get hurt in here drop this from us from the International Space Station. Its got this nice little bubble. Wrap here well well protected! I like it all right here. We have the users manual right there and what weve all been waiting for? Dun dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun dun there. We have it all right, so it has a input here for games in the back um.

Its got nice little pads here on the bottom. So its non its not going to slide around if you put it on a car seat or something, and then here we go nice big screen its got these bright silver buttons. Here you can open it up with just a press of a button, and then this also rotates around like that. This, I believe, can just be mounted on the back of a seat as well. This can fold all the way like that. Probably a couple just velcro straps on here well hold that right to the back of the seat. This can turn around all kinds of different ways: there thats pretty cool, and we have two pretty decent sized speakers here as well all right Im going to pop in a DVD and lets check it out all right, my friends so well um, as you can see, Let me turn the volume down here, a little bit: Applause, okay, so Im playing a movie right on here. Right now, I did forget to point out that it has an SD card reader here, USB uh Jack for headphones. You got AV out, AVN and heres an on off switch and then heres your charge report right here um. So, as you can see, thats uh working really good. There um just popped it in there. You have a remote with everything you can pause or play with the remote um skip through all the channels, a bunch of different things switch to USB card here.

We also have the instructions in there to show you how all the buttons thats a lot of buttons for a remote there and then um. You can pause it here, volume up and down on this as well just hold it down turn it down there. We can skip forward times. Two okay play pause, all that stuff there, so good quality, video here um, definitely loud enough. The sound is good. Also I like that you can turn up quite a bit here, so you could almost just like watch a little. You could definitely watch a little movie. The kids could put this in the back seat or something and its not going to be super loud, its going to bother you but its loud enough, so they can hear it. Um sit back its just good quality, uh picture there and its collapsible. I like that it can. It has this battery also, if you just turn it off and turn it back on its got that memory there itll start right where you left off. So if I just turn it off and then they want to pick up the video where you started Im watching where you left off itll start just playing right from there thats the battery backup probably has a battery indicator there to like how much is left. But I like that you dont have to plug it in or anything just be a portable DVD player, take it camping or to wherever you want to go to a picnic or something.

If you wanted to watch a little movie, there thats kind of cool um, but yeah for as far as just like a nice little portable DVD player, this thing is really pretty handy. Actually um. I like the screen its a good size screen. Also, I mean good picture quality and, like it says, pretty much play any format thats out there, so yeah um, definitely something that the kids would like.