So i have actually posted a video on the review of that one in the unboxing so do check that out in the channel, but it's now time to see how these cameras compare against the other phones from xiaomi, the poco f2 pro and the k30 ultra as Well, so all of these have 20 megapixel front facing cameras here. Front facing quality is 1080p maximum. Here no electronic image stabilization, as you can see when i walk down these steps here, that it does go kind of all over the place. So in these kind of conditions, let me know in the comments which one you think is best here: can the x3 compete with the better performing k30 ultra and the poker f2 pro with these kind of conditions, audio wise? It doesn't actually sound as good, because it's using a lower 96 kilobit bit rate without audio, unfortunately, and in this review here, while comparison i'll be checking out the rear cameras. Of course, low light ultra wide video quality and you name it it's, going to be all compared now, just to point out that all of these phones are on the latest firmware i clean the lenses every time i take photos to make sure none of them are At any sort of disadvantage, so this is now 4k video we'll have a look at the stabilization so moving around here they both seem quite similar, but it looks like the k30 ultra and the poco f2 pro are just a little smoother right here with their electronic Image stabilization so focus i notice the x3 doesn't seem to focus sometimes as good as the other two.

They all seem to exhibit a little bit of panning jutter when i pan around probably see that coming through, and so you do have to take it really. Quite nice and slow – and i will do a little test of the stabilization here, just jogging ahead. So again, let us know in the comments which one here do you think is the best has the best stabilization with the 4k 30 frames per second video ultrawide. Now 4k 30 frames per second are supported on all three of these phones right here: the x3, the k30 ultra and the poco f2 pro, so very good electronic image stabilization across all three of them. It does seem quite good, difficult conditions. The sun is starting to set right now but i'm, going to step into the shadow here and i'll do another pan now normally with the ultrawides, is where we're going to see some of that painting stutter so which one here is going to have the stutter. The most it's going to be the weaker chipset with the snapdragon 732, or is it going to be that mediatek, demensity, 1000 plus or the snapdragon 865? We have in the poco f2 pro so i'm, going to jog ahead now too just to test the stability Music. All right, so this is now the video super steady mode on all three of them. They do support this and it looks like we are using a different lens here with poco f2 pro, because it's got much more of a crop compared to the k30 ultra and the x3 nfc here's a running jogging ahead.

One is the most stable right here pointing at the castle. You can see that sometimes the lights in the background, they do exhibit a bit of flicker here with these xiaomi. Well, poco phones. So here we have the front facing camera now in low light on all three of these phones. Here it is 20 megapixels and they're doing all a reasonable job here, considering it is quite difficult, there's, a little bit more grain, of course, coming through. They seem very similar, but i think maybe the poco f2 pro or the k30 ultra is slightly marginally better here, i believe low light 4k i'm at the markets here that they still have. Of course, everyone's got masks on not much distancing going on, but you know that's just the way it is here. So they look similar here, but i can see already looking at this market store that we're getting so much more details on the poco f2 pro and the k30 ultra and it's struggling here. I can see the pogo x3 walking ahead. There are more trimmers coming through with our electronic image stabilization as to be expected very difficult conditions for such tiny little sensors without any optical image. Stabilization. Finally, now ultra wide low light footage, definitely doesn't. Look so good on all of these, of course, very difficult conditions. Again, the sky does look a lot brighter than what it really is so panning around one of these phones has a little bit more jutter than the other.

I think Music, so Music, Music, all right. So that was a fun comparison to make a very close in some areas and others, no so the front facing video quality. Let me start out with that that it's poor across all three of them not happy with the performance because there's no electronic image stabilization. So if you shoot a lot of vlog video, you are going to need a gimbal. But if i have to pick a winner out of those three, it would be the k30 ultra and just to point out that the colors were way off on the poco f2. Pro with the front facing video quality, my face looked a little red. This is an issue that was seen before in some other xiaomi phones and then okay, audio quality. This is subjective, but the poco f2 pro definitely had the clearest audio, but at the same time it picked up. I feel at times too much in terms of ambient noise, so i actually preferred the k30 ultra's audio now, both the poco f2 pro and the k30 ultra have a 320 kilo bit per second bit rate, but only 96 on the poco x3. So xiaomi does need to fix that just increase it, because the audio quality i find to be scratchy now the main video cameras here due to the stability from its great electronic image stabilization, i think the winner there was the f2 pro overall now the x3, the Poco x3 did actually have the sharpest and brightest video, but the stabilization there, just wasn't as good so that's.

Why i can't pick it as the winner. Now, the ultra wide 4k video, the poco f2 pro, had the best electronic image stabilization. But again i felt that the x3 was actually sharper and brighter there, but then the electronic image stabilization, the k30 ultra's ultra wide – was a bit darker there for some reason and taking a look at the color across video, i think definitely the k for the ultra Has the best color, including photos as well now, the other thing that was not probably a surprise was the poco f2 pro it didn't have very good ultra steady mode. In fact, the poker x3 had the better ultra steady mode. I didn't expect this, but hey it's, good, to see the poke x3 winning there was something so for stills hands down. This was very easy. The k30 ultra did a fantastic job, so it had the best colors. It always captured more details and just the more pleasant overall, better looking photos. I felt including night time the colors were better. However, the poco f2 pro was disappointing with the daylight shots just across the board. However, i did actually like the low light. I think the low light was the wind there for the poker f2 pro, so it did claw back and get a win here and it redeemed itself. So that is the camera comparison. I hope you did like it do you agree with what i feel was the best degree where i put the trophies as well.