This is an extended look i'm going to test out a few more titles than my in depth review by the way that's in the channel. And yes, as per the title of this video i'm, going to be giving away one poco x3 nfc, this is a worldwide giveaway. As you can see, i do have two units of this now sent out to me from xiaomi. So if you have not seen my full review, the spec of this phone is really quite something for the price snapdragon 732g. We have six gigabytes of ram that is lp ddr4 x spec across the two models. This guy here has 64 gigabytes of ufs, 2.1 storage. Also, the giveaway unit that i'll be sending out also has the 64. so i'm going to be taking a look at the fps using the inbuilt developer option frames per second monitor and our refresh rate, which is 120 hertz. Yes, this has 120 hertz screen. It is ips, sadly, and the touch sampling rate is 240 hertz. So these are the settings i'm going to go with here with pub g. So if you put it onto the hd graphics option, we've only got the high frame rate option. So i need to stick it on to balanced and then select ultra for our maximum fps. Now the gameplay is very good. It'S smooth, it still looks very good and in balance, as you can see here, but take a look at our frames per second, so it's running at 60 hertz.

The screen for some reason here, but that's fine, because it's only running, of course, at 40 frames per second it's kept out at 40.. So obviously we do need the developers to add support for higher frame rates with this particular game, so that'll be from 10 cents and it could also be maybe xiaomi needs to have a firmware update as well. For this you got to remember that the snapdragon 732 g is a very new chip, so it's going to be normal that a lot of games just won't support the higher frame rates. Mobile legends is running at 30 frames per second on average. Here i have seen it reach 60, but it does seem to be like it's kept at 30, even though it shouldn't be so i don't know why this is happening, but it is still very playable. This frame rate graphically looks good on the medium setting and changing it to high. It is still the same frame rate more or less so that's why i think it's actually being kept for some reason. Perhaps it just doesn't realize this chipset, yet it's, so new it's. Only you know just come out, so that could be the reason why we're stuck at 30 frames per second, basically with mobile legends. This title here is real racing, 3 and, unfortunately, again 60 frames per second but it's, a smooth, constant, 60 frames per second. I don't see any framelits, it just sits there.

Even with all these cars on screen right now, it's quite a light engine title i mean it is old. It is probably still android's best racing game definitely here and even with the various other views in the cockpit constant 60 frames per second, and with these loudspeakers dual loudspeakers it's quite immersive, and i roll very enjoyable gaming experience here. Applause. This title is war robot. So i was asked to review this particular one here, and the performance is good, but look at it. It'S kept at 30 frames per second. This is on the high setting and it's playable. It is smooth and because it's only 30 frames per second it's, certainly not getting warm at all. This title here is shadow fight 3 on the high settings. I always thought this one would actually run with an unkept frame rate, but you can see it's clearly being capped at 60 frames per. Second, i ended up losing the last two rounds last round, so hopefully i can win this one back, it's, a good graphics, excellent gameplay in this one, and you can duel other players too. If you've never tried this one out, it's actually been out for many years. It runs really good with the snapdragon 732g. Oh and i got lucky here so i've managed to win this particular duel. This title here is csr2 it's, a drag racing game, very good graphics, so right now i'm going to try and keep this in the green.

Here. Okay, good start and then i'm gon na shift at the green. Of course, perfect shift and yeah i've got my nitro got ta use that see. If i can win this one and an easy win right there, so that game 60 frames per second but it's, a constant 60, so that's great now, this is a more demanding game, shadowgun legends! This is on the high setting. If you set it to ultra you're, not actually going to get even 30 frames per second with this title, because i think it's poorly optimized now, this is a good way to demonstrate to you what is actually happening right now, it's running at 30 hertz. This is the power saving with the adaptive refresh rate and adaptive frame rate. So right now, as soon as i touched, the screen i pointed this out in the full review it's then gone up to 120 hertz, and now we can push a higher frame rate there. As well so in really intensive action parts here of this game, the frame rate does suffer a little bit it's stepping down. Now you can see and it will sometimes hit 30 frames per second, so a little bit of legs. You can see right now, 30.. Bit of leg is coming through and i'm experiencing this. You can see it, but just lower the settings down even further to low. If you don't want this and to push the highest frame rate so call of duty on the high setting with the max frame rate.

We'Re getting on average 50 frames per second, i would say this is just a guess. You can see right now, it's about 50 it's up to 60. 60 is the cap by the way, so this game, of course, doesn't support 120 frames per second, at least not yet. I hope that in the future the developers will at least unlock that. So this is playable it's, good and actually much better than i thought remember. This is on the high setting. So if you want to have a more steady frame rate, so it doesn't go down to 38 or ', then of course use a lower setting and i'm getting shot at already by someone all right got him just i need jazz, but someone else is shooting at Me so, okay, here he is not going to last long swap dead in this title here. This one's grim velar this circumvelo. This is another title here that does run at that 120 frames per. Second, you can see it's actually running about 90 frames per second here 100, so the gpu at times with a lot of enemies and lots going on the screen is struggling a tiny little bit here, but i mean this is still very good for the type of Chip, it is the snapdragon 732. It just seemed to really dip down when there was a lot on the screen, so right now, it's at 100 frames per second, so very, very smooth, as you can imagine, and this next title here is called critical ops and this one is a game that does Have also unlocked frame rates, so this will run at 120 frames per second, as you can see, and it will be more or less always about 120 frames per second, but let's jump into a little bit of action here to see if it will actually dip down.

At all, so it's getting normally always over 110 frames per second i'll see if i can get a kill with this game as well. So, look at that really really smooth, as you can imagine, running at 120 frames per second and there we go, got a kill and look at that frame rate still almost the whole time at 120 frames per second. This is on the high setting, so i did end up gaming in the end for one hour and it does get a little toasty and i'm talking about temperatures of up to 48 degrees. This is warm now remember. My ambient temperatures here are about actually 26 degrees and i'm, not using a case. If i was to use a case – and you were charging at the same time, then expect temperatures, i would say – of at least 50 degrees, which i would classify now then as hot and almost getting a little too hot. So if you're gon na game on this for extended periods definitely make sure you've already got a full charge, so you're not charging at the same time and take the case off so it remains cool. But i didn't see any really noticeable throttling frame rate dips due to this heat, so that's, a good thing, so at least it's pulling the heat away with that copper transfer heat pipe it's, just getting a little hot to the touch all right. So i think, for the price of this phone gaming performance is reasonable, it's very good with some titles, so for titles that support the 120 frames per second, an extremely smooth, pleasant gaming experience.

It is so good loudspeakers on this are very immersive. So for that title there grim valley, you saw it was most of the time very close to 120 frames per second and lovely gameplay, very, very good having it just so smooth other titles like mobile legends. What on earth was going on there it's the developers or the firmware is not supporting a higher frame rate. It was stuck for some silly reason at only just 30 frames per second. The resulting gameplay is what i wouldn't really call super smooth or anything like that. It'S acceptable for that type of game, it's, fine and then pub g pubg hovers around 45 frames per second to 40, which wasn't very good that's acceptable. Considering the chipset i would like to see. Hopefully, the developers and with firmware updates get at least 60 frames per. Second and later on, hopefully they do add 120 support with the smooth setting. I think we might actually be able to push somewhere around 90 frames per second with this particular chip. Here now the other titles tested out shadow gun legends on the ultra high setting it's, poorly optimized and it's very demanding graphics. You will see some lag well, not really lag, but frame dips down to ' and overall, a good experience from the game and other titles, of course, like call of duty that actually ran very well so about an average of 50 frames per second on the high Setting for this price tag of phone is very good.

That is excellent, so it's all down to developer support, adding the higher frame rate options will be there in the future. Eventually, considering that this is qualcomm's newest chip, here, a 732 g, it is so new that developers just haven't added that option yet so, overall thermals, this was probably the gray area here. So when you're going for extended periods, my temperatures right now are about 25. They were about 25 26 degrees. It gets up to 48 degrees celsius, okay, so that's getting warm now. I didn't have the case on and i was not charging if you intend to do both of those at the same time expect it to get then to at least i would say, 50 degrees celsius. It'S gon na build up a bit of heat. The good thing out of this, though the positive we can take from that is. It looks like that. Copper thermal transfer pipe and the graphite is definitely pulling the heat away from the system on a chip, so the snapdragon 732g wasn't, actually showing or exhibiting any serious throttling at all that's the good thing there. I didn't see it throttle down in performance. I couldn't detect or see any real change in our fps, so that is the positive assets. Thank you so much for watching this gaming review check out my in depth full detailed review, which covers charging time battery life and various other tests that's up here.