So we have a 64 megapixel main sensor in here. That is a sony imx682. It has an aperture of f 1.89. We have an ultra wide 13 megapixels aperture on that one is f, 2.4 and two kind of well useless cameras that are two megapixels dedicated, one of them to macro shots and another for just depth information honestly, we could have done without them front facing camera, and This one is a cut out, so it's not a pop up at all, and it is 20 megapixels. It does have some pixel bending technology and that one has an aperture of f 2.2, so let's jump into the application. Okay. So let me walk you through the app here so out of the box by default. It should not actually be on. Is the ai camera mode? So i highly recommend you turn this off, because it gives you way too saturated reds and greens and blue sky. It just does not look natural, so i don't actually use that myself. So when you tap down here, you get the 0.6 times, which is our ultra wide 13 megapixels. It does actually take quite a decent photo. I'Ll show you samples of that later on. This is the main camera, of course, so 64 megapixels, we do have two times digital zoom with it as well, which is handy to have, because there is no optical zoom with this hdr mode. I prefer to actually just keep this one on auto and let it decide which is best so in the video mode.

Once you start recording you cannot swap over to the other cameras. All you have is a little bit of digital zoom. On that lens, you start recording on so unfortunately with xiaomi, we can't just swap over to the ultra wide. If you wanted to do so, you have to stop recording to do that so tapping over on the left, which i will do now, is the super steady mode. So this is 1080p only it's, some very aggressive electronic image stabilization to give you that super steady footage and if you tap it off again, we go back to 4k, so 4k 30 frames per second is the maximum. You can record for video quality moving on now to the pro mode, so this is actually quite good for a cheaper kind of phone like this to have a video pro mode, so we have our iso. This goes up to 6400 shutter rate up to 30 seconds white balance. Is there focus you can select the lenses you want to use as well now, with the camera pro mode, we can also shoot in raw, and we have the same basic settings here. So shutter rate iso up to 6400 focus can be set. There is also the 64 megapixel mode and there is our portrait mode, of course, so you can set the beautify levels. I disable this for my videos and then finally, under the more tab, you will find our rest of our options here, night modes listed and also just a few other handy options.

So this is our front facing camera. We don't have any electronic image stabilization at all. So that means the footage is going to shake around a bit and the audio bit right here, like on the xiaomi's that i've been previously reviewing up until lately, has the 96 kilobit per second audio bitrate. So the audio to me sounds a little bit scratchy. At times – and i hope with a firmware update that xiaomi or the poco team can improve this bitrate to, of course, improve that audio quality overall for 1080p video. It does look very good, but you are really going to need a gimbal with this to get the best absolute possible vlog quality. So this is a sample of 4k 30 frames per second. So i have noticed that often it does have a quite a lot actually of stutter jutter, even i'm stuttering myself coming through when you pan around with the 4k video due to the electronic image stabilization. So yes, it does have a bit of a crop on the sensor because of the electronic image stabilization and pointing straight at the castle, walking at a brisk pace right now you can see that the electronic image stabilization is doing an excellent job here i will start Jogging you can see now it does shake around a little bit, but overall, this image stabilization is good. 4K, video quality looks reasonably sharp, it's, just the jutter that sometimes comes through, and you can use a little bit of digital zoom, but have a look at the lights right now.

Something funny happens with the frequency of the lights, causing flicker to come through on our video quality and pull that back now, the zoom. We can also shoot 4k 30 frames per second, with the ultra wide camera you pan around really slowly. You don't tend to see too much of that terrible electronic image. Stabilization java that often comes through with xiaomi's phones and the stabilization is excellent, seems to be a little bit better than the main camera, but the quality of the actual video itself isn't it's, not as sharp that's, understandable, because we're talking about a 13 megapixel sensor with A different lens versus the 64 megapixel, which is quite a capable sensor and overall, i think, for the price of this phone. This quality for 4k ultrawide is not bad it's, definitely better than the real me phones. I often review in the channel, so here we have 4k low light and yeah. It doesn't look as good, but it's, not too bad with these kind of conditions. But when you do start to pixel peep you crop in 200 percent. You notice a lot of noise and the electronic image stabilization. Of course, these kind of conditions is not as good. You do see a bit of jarring come through, but overall i mean it's, okay, considering the price of this phonier to be able to record like this. A few years back, this would all be completely dark and you wouldn't actually see much at all, no problems here with the lights flickering either.

It really depends on the frequency, whether they're, 50 or 60 hertz, but these street lights at the moment seem to be all right and if you do want to shoot some vlogs with the front facing camera 1080p, you can see the quality now, not so great here. In these difficult conditions, of course, lots of grain lots of blur lots of noise that's to be expected – Music, Music, all right. So what did you think of those samples there? So everything was shot in auto mode. The lower light was in night mode and that's it. I just left it. I turned off the ai mode that's. The only thing i did ai mode gives you ridiculously over saturated photos, so greens look way too green red super bright red. The blue is just too blue. You get the idea, so i wouldn't actually bowl out with that particular mode. There it's, i don't, know it's just a bit of a gimmick, but some people actually do like it out there. So i'll start out first with the portrait photos on the selfie camera, so selfie camera very detailed photos and even in low light, you can capture an acceptable kind of photo from that example. I showed you but a lot of grain to it, but daylight photos. It did render, i think, the skin tones quite well. They didn't look too red or didn't look pinkish and i think there's, a good kind of color that's, going on there with the stitching as well, was also very good.

Some areas, maybe yeah a little bit of hair coming out it didn't, quite get it perfectly, but overall, very good. Now a very pleasant background blur as well. It looked like, i was using, say a lens with an f 1.4 aperture, so it was very blurred and it gives it a nice effect too, as well, very professional looking and okay, what about the rear camera so 64 megapixels imx, 682. Portraits again, i think, are very good. I do like the portrait photos coming out of this camera and the stitching again, i think, was good. Yes, the harder to get areas like the loose hairs coming out in the wind. Of course, it cut them off and didn't stitch around that perfectly that's to be expected, but they're bright, they're good now the main sensor. This is probably one area that i feel needs a little bit of a tweak. The white balance is sometimes off. I also notice that the focus is sometimes not quite where you'd want it so that photo i took of vera is good that's, my cat, the black and white cat there, but i didn't actually focus really where it caught her, where it was in focus. It tends to be just off a little bit there and i noticed that it could actually have a little bit more detail there for a uh, a pixel bend shot from the 64.. I feel it just should be a tad bit better there, but remember we're on an early firmware here, so hopefully they can tweak and improve that so let's get on to the 4k video quality 4k 30 max good electronic image stabilization.

If you take it easy that is, and what i mean by that is two hands don't run around try not to shake too much you get very good footage. Great amount of detail is captured. It looks sharp, i think, overall it's good, just like the ultra wide performance. The only thing is that, if you pan around quite fast, depending on your conditions, that order exposure when it changes and chops, it does tend to trigger a little bit of jutter in the video now rolling shutter seems to be fine, not too much of an issue. It'S, just really the jutter that comes through there's, a way around that and you tap and you hold to lock the exposure. So no more auto exposure, you keep it on manual there. You can also lock your focus too now focus seems to be good. Sometimes, a little off, but overall not bad and in video mode it's tap to focus, i think, that's a good decision there. It stops any pulsing and if you want to focus on your dog in front of you, you just simply tap and get the focus there. So all up all round good now. What did surprise me are the macro cameras it's two megapixel, but they're using some sort of up sampling there and – and it actually looks all right if you're into your macro photos it's not going to be the best out there. But to me personally, when they add 2 2 megapixel cameras, i would rather them put the money towards a main sensor with optical image, stabilization that would have really helped out.

I know it's not a lot of money, but it would have really helped out with our night shots now the night shots it did. Do an excellent job, come on. Let'S admit it. When you look at the sample that i showed you it's actually quite bright, captures a lot of detail now, if you do zoom in with a 200 crop, you see a little bit of blur that blur is caused by a lack of optical image. Stabilization for low light photos that's what we really need, that's, where electronic is not going to give us anything there, so that's very minor for the price of this phone. I do think overall i've got to give it a thumbs up that it takes excellent photos and i believe anyone that buys this, especially for the price the phone is selling for, is going to be pleased and happy with the performance. So i have a camera comparison. It is the x3 nfc up against the poco f2 pro and the redmi k30 ultra it's, an interesting video. This guy here actually wins in a couple of categories, so make sure you do check that out and of course, my full detailed in depth review of the poco x3 nfc.