This is eta prime back here again today, we’re going to be taking a look at the performance of the all new poco m3. Now this is a budget offering from poco, but when you really think about it, most of the poco phones are pretty budget when you compare them to flagship devices, but this is actually coming in as the cheapest poco phone to date. At 150 now i’m in the us, so i did have to pay a little bit more for this. I got this on ebay for 167, and that was really because the people i usually buy, my phones from especially xiaomi don’t, have these in stock in the states. Just yet, in this video i’m going to do an unboxing we’re going to take a look at the phone itself, we’re going to check out the specs, then i’m going to get right into some benchmarks, native android gaming and even emulation. I really want to see how this thing performs. So aside from the phone charger and usb cable inside the box, you’re also going to get your user manual and they also provide a silicone case, it’s just a clear silicone case. But i really like the fact that they do include one of these just to protect it until you can get one that you really like when it comes to color choices for the m3, they offer three different variants. You can pick this up in blue, black and yellow, which i have here.

I personally think it looks really good. As for cameras on the m3, the front is an eight megapixel and we have three around the rear: a 48 megapixel, a two megapixel macro and a two megapixel depth camera, but unfortunately, for video. This will only shoot up to 1080p 30fps on the rear or the front cameras due to the chipset limitation. So the design of the phone is basically like all of the other xiaomi phones. We have that teardrop camera up top here. One thing i don’t like about the unit itself is the back camera panel. As you can see here, it’s got this big black border here and it looks like this could get scratched up pretty easily in your pocket, but the material. The back of the phone is made out of is really awesome, it’s kind of got these little grippies on it. So it’s super easy to hold on to now over here. On the right hand, side we do have our volume control and our side mounted fingerprint reader, which actually works really well. This does use usb type c, unfortunately, it’s 2.1, so we can’t do display out over it up top here. They’Ve left us that headphone jack – and you might have noticed that we do have speakers on each side of this, so it is stereo sound, coming out of this phone, so i’ve had a chance to mess around with the poco m3 for the last four days, and Overall usability has been great.

I did notice a few hang ups here and there, but the one major flaw that i see in the user interface here or the ui is it’s not running at a complete 60 fps, which does make it feel a little laggy. I do have an fps counter on screen. It’S the built in xiaomi power monitor and it’s actually hovering around 54 to 57 fps. I have seen it drop as low as 21 fps here so that’s, going to be a big letdown for a lot of people and that’s definitely what’s, causing the delays that i’ve seen in the ui here. Hopefully, this can be fixed with a software update down the road, but the way it’s sitting right now out of the box, the ui isn’t running at 60fps, which does make it feel laggy every once in a while moving over to some benchmarks. Here we have geekbench 5 single core 317 multi 1’8. I ran each of these three times and just took the best score from it. Next up, we have 3d mark slingshot with 1192 and finally antutu total score 182. 313. These scores definitely don’t stack up against the more expensive flagship phones, but for a hundred and fifty dollar phone i think it’s definitely holding its own here now when it comes to launching apps on the poco m3, i haven’t experienced any issues. I mean it’ll launch them right up and as long as the ui inside of the app is running at 60fps, this phone can handle it and, as for video playback from apps, like netflix, youtube, hulu and amazon prime it’s going to handle it just fine.

Here we have netflix running and the speakers on this actually sound pretty good for his budget phone. We have those dual stereo speakers and uh. It does get pretty loud moving over to youtube everything loads up quickly. I mean you’re able to play your favorite youtube videos on this phone, so as for media on the go, the poco m3 definitely has you covered Music moving over to some native android gaming. Here we have rebel racing and just like i showed you in the beginning, i do have that fps counter on screen. This is the built in xiaomi counter, and i find that most of these android games do run at 30 fps. Some of them do run at 45. I personally haven’t been able to find anything that runs at a constant 60 here, but when it comes to most games from the google play store, you’re actually going to get some pretty decent performance. Next up we have pubg – and i do have this set to medium settings and the fps set to high. But as you can see, it’s just going to stick at 30 with this one, but overall it’s definitely playable on the poco m3 and the final android game. That i wanted to test was call of duty, mobile and just like pubg. I have this set to medium with the fps set to high and most of the time we’re sitting around 40 fps. Sometimes i see it trying to creep up to that 60 mark, but this chipset just can’t, handle it all right so now, it’s time for some emulation i’m using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth.

First up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator and i’m upscale. The 1280×960., when it comes to dreamcast on the poco m3, as long as the game’s compatible with the emulator you’re gon na, be able to run it at full speed, even upscale and with some of the easier ones to run like the first one. We just saw sonic adventure, 2 there’s, a chance. We could upscale a little more, but i think 1280×960 looks great with these games on this screen. Moving over to n64 i’m using the mupin 64 plus fz standalone emulator from the google play store, we have beetle adventure, racing i’m upscaled to 800×600 and it’s running pretty decently here, taking it up a bit to psp using the standalone version of ppsspp i’m at 3x Resolution using the vulcan back end, we have ridge racer here running at a constant 60. psp performance on the poco m3 has been really great here and by the way i did test the opengl back in, i was getting similar performance. I mean there was really no difference between opengl and vulcan, at least with the first two games we’re seeing here. But when we get to the last game, which is chains of olympus, we did have to take it down to 1x and it was only working well with that vulcan back in. But overall, if you did pick up the m3 just note that psp is definitely possible. On a device like this, even the harder to run games like chains of olympus, ghost of sparta and even midnight club at 1x, Music and finally, for the emulation test.

We have some gamecube first up, wind waker using dolphin mmj. This game’s running great it’s running at 30fps that’s. What it originally ran at on the original gamecube hardware and as you can see, performance is pretty decent, but this doesn’t mean that every gamecube’s gon na run great on this device. Now i personally would not pick up the poco m3 if you’re, looking specifically for higher end emulation like ps2, gamecube and weave, because really when it comes down to it, wind waker is one of the easier ones to emulate. So let’s go ahead and test out a couple more and just check out the performance here and keep in mind. I am using the mmj build from github, which is a bit old, but it does work much better on lower end devices and the way the mmj emulator is set up. It actually makes it a little more playable, even though we can’t hit 60fps, but overall performance. Isn’T great with this one and finally, we have smash again kind of the same thing here, just like soul, calibur it’s trying its hardest, but this chip just isn’t powerful enough to push these games at 16. Music. So, in the end, i think the poco m3 does perform great for 150 phone. Now, when this was originally announced, it was actually going for 130, but they’ve raised the price since then for the 64 gigabyte model. But when we start getting up in this price range, it’s really hard for me to recommend the poco m3 over something like the redmi note, 8 pro, which is a really great performer i’ve, done a full review on it.

It’S. Actually one of my favorite phones of 2020 – and this can be had for around 60, more dollars than the poco m3, or if you have a little extra cash to throw on top. You could go with something like the redmi note 9s, which is another great performer powered by snapdragon 720. If this phone was still sitting at that 120 to 130 price, mark i’d tell you to jump all over it every day. But since the price has been up to around 150 for the 64 gigabyte model – and i think 180 for the 128 gigabyte model, it’s kind of hard for me to recommend this over the other budget, xiaomi and redmi phones, so that’s going to wrap it up. For this video, i really appreciate you watching. I will leave a few links in the description in case you’re interested in checking out the phones that i mentioned in this video.