com for this video, i wanted to do a quick screen comparison review with the new pocketbook era on the right, so this was just released this month. Its got a asymmetrical design. Seven inch ink screen its got the new car to 1200 screen, but what i noticed is the screen: doesnt look nearly uh the contrast isnt nearly as good as it is on, like the kobo uh libra 2 and the kindle paperwhite uh 5 here uh. They all have this theyre supposed to have the same car to 1200 screen um, but i just noticed that the pocketbook screen the text looks a lot more washed out uh it doesnt look nearly as dark, so um thats definitely disappointing, because everything else about the device Is pretty nice, as you notice in here, we have the font selection menu uh. You have the option to use regular italic and bold. So one thing with the pocketbook: they dont allow any fine tuning of the boldness setting like you can with the kindles and kobos, where you can kind of fine tune. The thickness of the text to, however, you like it the bold, its really really bold. I think its just too bold for me personally, but i know we all have different preferences here. I like how the kindle you can customize it just get a little bit of darker edges to the text here, um. So when were comparing the super, bold font on the um pocketbook, i mean it does look a little bit better, but when you kind of look at it up close it kind of has like a fuzzy appearance to it.

But you know i mean it still. You know gets the text darker uh gives you a little bit better contrast, but for whatever reason, especially when youre using the regular setting here, it just looks a lot more washed out than it does on the kindle ill show here on the kobo libra 2. Here, in a second im kind of mess with the font size here, a little bit give you a better look um but yeah. I dont know i dont know what the deal is. I think its just with this flush front layer and they have this anti glare layer on top of the screen. I think it just allows less light to go through to the actual ink screen, so it just makes it look a little bit less clear, a little bit less dark im trying to get the camera to focus here. The autofocus doesnt work great, so im. Sorry about that, but im trying to get you a good, close up. Look at the text here. Heres the koba libra 2 has the same its supposed to have the same exact screen. 7 inch 1200 card screen, so the text just stands out way more on the kobo uh way. Darker now the kobo has a lot more settings where you can kind of customize the weight of the um text. You know where you cant really do that at all. On the pocketbook, but i mean the text just jumps out a lot more on the um kovalev 2 here, so even when youre using the boldness setting.

So it does have definitely increased the darkness here, a lot when youre using the boldness setting on the pocketbook, like i said, though kind of gives it a fuzzier appearance, its not quite as clear, but it i mean it just sort of your personal preference. If you like that or not, i wish we had more uh bold settings on the pocket, but we could kind of fine tune it like you can on the kindles and the kobos, but um. I just kind of wanted to show the screen here, its not quite um as good as it is on the kobo and the kindle the kobo with this white border. It does kind of give the screen more of a darker appearance, uh the background, its just kind of a effect of the white border um its kind of an optical illusion, but um either way the text definitely noticeably darker on these other devices than the pocketbook, so That was with the lights on over the top of the device uh. This is with natural lighting, no overhead lights, just with light coming through a window here, so it seems to stand out a little bit more with natural lighting, the camera isnt, focusing on the right side as well as it should so thats. Definitely one thing to note, but even when youre doing the close ups, you can tell that the even with the kindle here with no boldness at all sort of more of a level playing field with no boldness on the pocketbook text definitely stands out.

More definitely darker uh, so thats. Definitely the just most disappointing part about the pocketbook era screen. I was just hoping for a better contrast. It doesnt really look like an upgrade at all, even though the car 1200 screens supposed to be an upgrade. But you know they do have this anti glare coating on the top of this, and it does show reflections just a little bit less here. As you can see here, when i tilt it its just a little bit clearer the reflection on the kobo, so they do have a little bit more anti glare on the pocketbook screen, so thats, probably whats, leading to not as much light being able to pass through. But i just kind of wanted to show this. Thank you guys for watching check out the main review.