So much for tuning in today were going to talk about this one. The plimpat p50 were going to take a look at the features and see how user friendly it is. The plinpad p50 box is wrapped in a plastic protection film. The box has two additional security seals on top. We have a quick start guide. The tablet is really well protected, but before we take it out, lets take a look. What else is in the box? In the small box we do have a usb to usbc cable and we get a power adapter and thats, not even included when youre buying an expensive ipad. In the large box, we find a quick start guide, a pin to open the micro sd card slot and a user manual holding it for the first time it feels nice and solid, not plasticky at all. The aluminum back has a nice finish. Theres a protection film over the display and its very satisfying to remove it using the supplemented pin. I opened the microsd card slot and i wanted to insert a 64gb card its really nice that you can expand the storage to power on the blimp head. You have to press and hold the power button for about two to three seconds, and here we are ready to set it up tap the start button connect to your wi fi and then just follow the steps until youre, ready to sign into your google account and Voila just a few more final steps and your tablet is ready to go.

The tablet comes with pretty impressive specs an 8 core processor 4gb ram 64gb memory, expandable 1080p ips class display and the list goes on. Now you can install all kinds of apps from the play store. Lets talk about audio in the top left corner. You could connect your headphones with a 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the bottom of the device. We have the connector for an external keyboard and left, and right from that, we have our stereo speakers. The sound coming from those is more on the high side without the presence of any bass on the left side. On top, we have the power button. Underneath is the volume button and then theres a little pin, hole and thats, where you could reset the tablet and on the bottom we have a usbc connector with the help of my assistant kiwi. Now it was time to test how this tablet performs in the real world. First lets talk about the display. It is bright enough, so you could use the tablet outside in the morning or in the evening hours, but during day time in the bright florida sun. You wouldnt see a thing. You wont have any problems using it inside. You can calibrate the display to a certain extent, so you can change the colors and the color temperature and you can change brightness on a critical note. It is a decent 1080p display. It just lacks a little bit details in the shadows.

The rear camera is equipped with a 13 megapixel sony sensor lets take a look, how it performs for photos and heres video footage using the blimpton p50 rear camera. As expected in this price range, we dont have any stabilization. We have a 5 megapixel front camera that gives us 720p footage Music. What i found most impressive is that in an area with a very weak wifi reception, this tablet connected to the local wi fi much faster than my iphone 12 pro max equipped with a powerful 8 core processor. This tablet is super snappy, theres, absolutely no lag when youre opening apps or when youre browsing through things, its really very responsive. It handled even graphic intense games. Without any problems. There was absolutely no lag or stutter the plimpad p50, currently retails below 150 and especially giving this low price tag. I find the performance more than impressive, so now that youve seen the review.